[STATION : NCT LAB] JAEHYUN 재현 'Forever Only' MV



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    JAEHYUN's new single "Forever Only - SM STATION : NCT LAB" is out!
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    [STATION : NCT LAB] JAEHYUN 재현 'Forever Only' MV ℗ SM Entertainment

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    1. You're my Star

      Jaehyun's vocals are no joke. From ballads to powerful songs, he can sing literally anything and change his vocal range with ease. This song captures Jaehyun's aura from start to finish and that's why it's so ADDICTIVE

      1. Rosita Balani

        Yes Jaehyun is the best in Korean

      2. bts lover 💜

        Same as jungkook

      3. Rakshita Singh

        We know .. stop getting attention by writing essays !

      4. Kelly Ritz

        This no joke phrase is too old

    2. I see you Confession

      우리 재현이~~

    3. 별바람

      에스엠의 숨은 보석 재현군....그만 숨기고 좀 팍팍 밀어주기를ㅠ

    4. Pau

      내가 제일 좋아하는 노래

    5. Jungyunohae

      Ketika semua kekacauan yang terjadi pada comeback ilichil kali ini, hanya suara Jaehyun yang membuatku healing dan kembali semangat. Selamat 5 juta Forever Only Jaehyun

    6. Restya Rae

      Suaranya emang sebagus ituu. Tenang, adem, enak bgt masuk telinga

    7. jaeminsexyyy

      This song is just like HIM! this MV explains who is jaehyun.. what is his taste, and style ..... Yes I'll be your forever onlYYYYYYYY jaehyunahhh!!!

    8. lonjunlucu

      Tiap scene mv yg cakep terus lagunya ga kalah enak, top dijadiin playlist

    9. NDong

      Im not even a jaehyun' stan. But i like to listen this song and repeated on my playlist. It's soo soothing

    10. slowS

      재현이 목소리 너무 좋아✨☺️

    11. BrownSugarMilkTea

      Jaehyun + sinar matahari + angin + gitar = perfect!

    12. Neslee's Wish 花

      Aahhhhhhhh our Jaehyun like always.

    13. J L

      뜰 때마다 들어오는데 계속 조회수 늘어있네

    14. Alinda Harahap

      Jeong jaehyun voice is art

    15. Vantae~

      재현이 장난해??? 그는 정말 훌륭한 목소리를 가지고 있고 완전히 다른 우주처럼 초현실적인 느낌을 주며 놀라운 비주얼을 가지고 있습니다. 맙소사 그는 진정으로 전설입니다. 나는 당신을 모든 것으로 존경합니다

    16. Wahyuni Laura

      Sumpahh vokal jaehyun bagus bangettt!!! YOU'RE DOING GREAT JAEHYUNNN!!! HWAITINGGG

    17. 티

      I really like this song! i love you jaehyun

    18. Reece Graham

      Coming back here after witnessing how Jaehyun demolished 2 Baddies. Jaehyun our ultimate all rounder!!!

    19. DaBoi Austino Dorito

      Can’t See anything bad about this song Everything fitted perfectly & Is Up there for Song of Month at least for Me, Overall Rating 10/10

    20. Elizabeth P.R.

      me encanta la voz de Jaehyun

    21. Stephanie

      This mv is not extravagant but it suits him sooooo well. simple, chic and it screams JUNG JAEHYUN vibes

      1. María José Villalobos Alfaro


      2. Junahbie Reas

        I agree.

      3. 12 k

        One of the cheapest MV that SM made. Haha. But Jaehyun's voice 💋

    22. 문태일이좋다면어쩔셈이지

      아니 진짜 뭐임 나 이런 뮤비 좋아하는구나...? 노을이 물들 때와 밤의 시간이 대비되어서 나오는게 너무 좋음 그리고 그냥 정재현의 무심한 눈빛이 너무 좋아 미쳐버릴 것 같음 진짜 명작이다...

    23. Ria Zulita

      Tidak perlu diragukan lagi, suara Jaehyun benar-benar candu! Love it

    24. n o t

      Setiap hari wajib banget ngeplay sih kek kecanduan gitu wkwk

    25. baexsrene


    26. Pumpkin Cookies

      I need people to realize that Jaehyun is more than his looks. He's an all-rounder indeed

      1. Pumpkin Cookies

        @abcdefg? hijklmn! opqrstu, vwxyz ;) EXACTLY😍

      2. abcdefg? hijklmn! opqrstu, vwxyz ;)

        More like an ace

      3. Bells

        to be fair, when you look like THAT, its hard to see anything else 😍personally, i actually became his fan because of his voice before i even realized how handsome he is

      4. Maria

        YES!! HE'S A MULTITALENTED KING SAY IT LOUDER!!!!!!!! I love his voice this deserves more views he deserves a win!!

      5. luv4linz


    27. Patricia lopez

      Me encanta esta canción estoy feliz por los 5M se lo merece jaehyun

    28. aripocari

      not just a pretty face but also a pretty voice

    29. Ana V

      This is such a soothing and romantic song with sweet lyrics. Jaehyun's voice suits rnb a lot. I'm in love with his music!

    30. JAEHYUN Source

      Make sure to keep talking about the song! Just sharing clips and talking about his talents will get people interested naturally. We're all new to supporting Jaehyun's music so don't stress and just put in the work to spread it by word of mouth whenever you can! Screenshots of the MV, anything really

    31. airikyo

      the song, the lyrics, the melody, jaehyun and literally everything is PERFECT. stream forever only :D

      1. Semehate Hahrullahi


      2. Bariq Siregar

        Aaaaa ganteng banget 😍😍😍

      3. Bariq Siregar


      4. rose sanchez

        IKR this song makes me feel so POWERFUl LIKE YASS SLAY

      5. Forzi R

        kzsection.info/green/bejne/3Gh4boSlmqyAa3A.html support der Afro beat REMIX

    32. baexsrene


    33. yoss garcia

      sm yo te exijo le des un álbum en solitario para este chico hermoso 😅 me encanta su voz💖😍

    34. 현지

      아이돌 별로 안 좋아하는데 알바 하다가 이 노래 나오길래 진심 넘 좋아서 찾아봄.. 재현님 잘생기셨네요 노래 진심 존좋 ㅠ....

    35. Sara So

      King jaehyun slay

    36. Snowflake

      THIS IS AN ABSOLUTE BOP... So pretty and heart touching, calming beautiful vibe

      1. Giordana Brasil

        A what?

    37. Hersi Rihadatulaisi

      Enak banget loh lagunya😭😖

    38. 하늬바람

      이게... 뮤비만 띡 내고 끝낼 노래냐??? 어????? 스엠 대답해 봐 이런 노래는 대대적으로 홍보해서 음원차트 1위에 올리고 음악방송 활동해서 1위 타야 되는 그런 노래라고... 연말 무대든 어디든 라이브로 하는 거 보여줘라 꼭..

    39. Devi Faramida

      Enak banget woy ...suaranya jaehyun candu banget

    40. 가비$uh

      🥺❤️🤦‍♀️💯 simplesmente perfeito 👌

    41. rachdeecity

      I thought this was going to be a ballad... I did not expect to be assaulted by 90s R&B groove and 90s MV aesthetic to match. As a noona fan, I am loving it!💚

    42. Luciana Murillo

      Jaehyun tiene una voz muy seductora... 💚💚💚

    43. Jae llya

      Omg dah 1 month lagu ni ㅠㅠ

    44. Louisa Marvelous

      Laguny candu bat woy!uda berapa bulan ini gw selalu dengerin nih lagu!uda orngny bikin candu,suaranya,laguny lagi😻

      1. Louisa Marvelous

        Iy!tapi berasa 1 bulan!soalny kan release tgl 22.08.16

      2. Emiiriin Second

        T-tapi kan rilisnya baru 2 minggu yll... Canda rilis ^^

    45. Annisa Berliana

      aku udah siap kalo disuruh dengerin lagu solo kamu se album pak jaee

    46. Dara Kim

      This song is perfect more than perfect...the visual, sweet voice , melody...

    47. Lilizul

      Si me gustoo ✨💚 jae y su voz 😌

    48. Belle Ame

      Who is still listening to Jaehyun's angelic voice?

      1. amesphere


      2. Sharon Simba

        This and Rain day

      3. Mariee


    49. Jacqueline Barreto

      Amei linda música 💚💚😍😍

    50. jenslee ਏਓ

      playing this song 24/7

    51. Young Young

      Only a few K-Pop Male Groups have a Vocalist of the Baritone type voice (usually a lot of Rapp Line has. Jaehyun is also a Rapper) But Jaehyun's voice is not just Baritone, he can do Tenor Vocal ranges, Whistle + he has a Deep Low Tone. That's why we feel healing when he singing. Seriously, NCT 127 is lucky to have a Vocalist like Jaehyun

      1. i am still in 2019

        @iamJEREMY I don't think sehun is a baritone. I feel V and chanyeol

      2. Caratblink🥰

        @iamJEREMY I'm sorry but sehun is not a baritone

      3. Nana Yuuki

        Jaehyun was a rapper during his training period... And a lot of people thought that he gonna debut as a rapper,, but now he's the vocal line!!. Maybe they see his voice more suitable as a vocal line, and glad that it's happen.

      4. Lunafreya Nox

        Ahmmm his not a rapper emo!. hes one of the vocalist in NCTs.. Btw Jaehyun is the most sexiest kpop male idol vocals FOR ME. His style the way he sing even Korean nor english it's laidback and pretty melancholy,also Jaehyun speaking voice is soft it's kind of bedroom voice when he speak.. Argh stop that!.. I lover his vocal so much.

      5. shyura

        @iamJEREMY why not a higher baritone?😅

    52. GoodLuckMel

      This song is definition of timeless ~ its sounds like an older rnb slow song and in a couple of years it will still be effortless

      1. Mataan

        @JAEHYUN Source its a classic

      2. JAEHYUN Source

        Agreed, it aint going anywhere and won't date

    53. Asteria Noeke

      Jamal, please makes more songs like this, the song that reflect of your true colours, your genre : pop/jazz alternative.

    54. Edward Rafael

      Hwaaaa lagu nya bgs bngt!!!

    55. 자말

      정재현 따랑해

    56. Alfiah Fiah

      suaranya jaehyun indah banget+instrumental nya juga bagus, lagunya cocok banget buat jaehyun 100%

      1. Lenny Bright 🍆????

        Here finally kzsection.info/green/bejne/zJCHg3KDgHV8hJ8.html

      2. salsa neomi enjellina

        Aslii jaehyun vibe bangettt! Keren

      3. Aziiim

        Setuju bat!!!

      4. Sushi Wong

        Vibes nya tuh jae bgt, ala ala wine boy (?) Wkwk

    57. Phoenix_ 26

      Спасибо за эту песню

    58. Sheilla Afrilya

      Nyesel baru nonton skrg. Gila woyy jaehyun suaranya ganteng bangetttt😭😭😭 Konsepnya cocok sm jaehyun. Jadi gantengnya makin nambahhhh

    59. Lia Auliya

      Kecanduan lagu ini , gada obat emang suara jaehyun ..

    60. skalwnn

      listen in everyday❤

    61. Black Diomond

      Ngga nyangka lagu nya bikin aku terngiang-ngiang, sampe ikutan nyanyi juga(be my.. Be my...be my forever only) Wah.. Mas jamal keren bgt... Aku bangga mas, wkwk

    62. delena

      jaehyun our all rounder will never disappoint 🫶🏻

    63. koothv

      Jaehyun te amo cantame en la cara porfis

    64. zulfa cantik


    65. Google Community Team

      Hits differently with headphones

    66. Lestari Raka

      Suaramu melemahkanku. Semua orang menyukai kualitas vokal Jaehyun yang lembut. Ini sebuah masterpiece. Kirim banyak cinta untuk Jaehyun

      1. Absolute Success Guidance

        Wkwkwk semangat kak

    67. 냥

      와 진짜 재현보면 딱 왕자같음...꾸미지않아도 위엄이 느껴진달까 여유로움+잘생김=재현💚

    68. marwan alaaeldin

      This feels soooo 2000s I really like it!!!!! Didn’t expect him to make a song like this tbh

      1. JAEHYUN Source

        His musical direction has always leaned old school R&B ❤️

    69. Freddy Salazar

      Increíble por que es tan lindo?? La gente de Asia es hermosa que envidia :((

    70. JannieD Kim

      nice song i love it

    71. Ananda Fazilatul Nisa

      Sukak banget sama lagu nya 💐💗💗💗 Semangat ayang Jaehyun 💗💗💗

      1. nctt


    72. Anu

      와 정재현 음색, 얼굴 미쳤다!! 노래 너무 좋고 뮤비 색감도 너무 좋고 정재현이 제일 좋아😭💚

    73. Peach

      people will never understand the love i have for him and this song

    74. Denis Crisafi

      Voce stupenda!!!!!

    75. Farsya Nadhifa

      syg keren bgt huhu syg

    76. privacy jigeum

      ga cuma muka yang ganteng, suara nya juga ganteng. TERUS LAGUNYA JUGA ENAK BANGETT 💚💚💚

      1. nctt

        @mika ayani ..

      2. Shafira Nur Badriyah


      3. Wulan

        Tru min

      4. mika ayani

        Bener bgt.. 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

      5. nctt


    77. Jovielyn Princess Comendador

      jaehyun's voice is so beautiful 😩😩

    78. Kpop,Pop,Chill & more playlists

      This song was so catchy and beautiful. Songs with catchy soft choruses and melodies like this is what people like me love.

    79. Aisyah Siti

      Masih bersama dengan Forever Only ( ◜‿◝ )♡

    80. Mechabrain

      I like how naturally stoic and chill Jaehyun is, he never tries too hard, he's just naturally simple yet elegant.

    81. Run5234

      Jaehyun =100% Forever Only=100% King =100% Outfits =100% Vocals =100% Hair =100% Dance =100% Guitar=100% Pretty =100% Sexy =100% Charming =100% Perfect =100% Voice =100% Handsome =100% Song =100% Beautiful =100% Visuals =100% MV =100%

      1. i love you~

        jaehyun is such a talented person

      2. 🔥PRESS ME 😍

        Here finally kzsection.info/green/bejne/zJCHg3KDgHV8hJ8.html

    82. Aveliena Jane지은


    83. Elly Lingle

      wow love this genre !! reminds me of GEMINI, if you like this, you should check him out ~ jaehyun really delivered with this one (like always), but really enjoyed this side of him and hope to see more like this !

    84. ReVeluv! We were born to dazzle!

      honey like voice and handsome features...Jaehyunnie ♡

    85. Katarina Febri

      Kangen jaehyun

    86. June Shin

      이 센치한 느낌,, 노래 스킬,, 음색,, 다 넘 좋아서 맨날 듣는 중입니다 ㅜ 정재현씨,, 오래오래 노래해주세요,,

    87. Neo Ara

      i love his style and vibe. soft, cute, but also sexy and masculine. the song, his voice, and MV are all perfect!

    88. Jert Patrick Llera

      His vocal is beautiful,stop sleeping on jaehyun!!

    89. JAEHYUN Source

      Jaehyun's so talented, let's keep streaming valentines! This is just the start and what an amazing one

    90. Esme

      Amo mucho a Jaehyun, su voz es muy hermosa

    91. cheonlaxy

      Jaehyun never disappoints. He is truly an ace. The song is very nice. Can't wait for his live performance on Music Space

    92. Skyela

      Enak bgt lagunya buat pagi2 siap2 berangkat kuliah atau Lg ngerjain tugas

    93. sukin teraserda

      keren banget mereka 😍😍

    94. Peachy Rose

      Forver only jaehyun

    95. vannnn


    96. Ninie’sMeal

      Jaehyun’s voice and this song take me back to the early 2000 R&B. This MV and everything about it scream perfection!

    97. Nhật Hoa

      Jaehyun tuyệt lắm anh

    98. curlydee

      His voice is totally sweet. I love the second verse the most. RnB surely suits Jaehyun's vocal tone. Also the MV is simple but aesthetic. The color tone of the MV is so nice to watch.

    99. Lucky Sarker

      Jaehyun's vocal is so soothing!

    100. Sanyati Htwe

      This song is perfect