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    1. leonnidas

      i think we all agree that SM has the best artists in kpop industry

      1. jmjcross


      2. Kimberly Vuong

        Yes sm

      3. Maria..g

        @mie97 girl

      4. Maria..g

        @aespa forever tf

      5. mie97

        @Maria..g how about other idol copy SM? Ouh that call hahaha

    2. Kov Vanlong🤍EXO & ExoL🤍


    3. simplistic_ya

      SM, home to great vocalists, unreal visuals, strong performers and humble personalities💙

      1. Liv

        You rly said it all

    4. dilynenylid

      no one do it like SMTOWN concert!!! such a fun family concert!

      1. hulihuli gaming

        さとみくんよく生還しました😊✨ 木の器作ったらキノコの牛からスープ作れますよ。(う゜д゜し)

      2. Colourful Colours

        @Robin Skull They're here because their music tastes are not your music genres.

      3. Robin Skull


      4. Ronaldo

        Yo 🔥 ,

    5. please whip me jung jaehyun

      sm is the homeground for legendary artists for real

      1. mbmd


      2. Ronaldo

        Yo 🔥 ,

    6. 양치는 소중한 거예요

      18년차에도 한없이 반짝이는 우리는 슈퍼주니어예요!💙 우리는 엘프예요!💙

      1. KIM SANGTAE

        I love super Junior 💙👑

    7. Najwa Irdina

      No one can be like SMTOWN stage with all these MULTITALENTED ARTISTS. Every concert is insane!! You made a whole kpop industry. Thank you SM

    8. Anzz will marry Mark Lee next week

      Favorite melody in the bgm.. The way I gasped as soon as I heard it.. Gurl you're my favourite 😭🦋💘

      1. Gurín Sakura

        Absolutely yess💚

      2. r.y.e.n.


      3. Cacacahya Watty

        Me too

    9. D4RK WC

      SMTOWN is the best stage of all easily! Only SM can make such event, bringing all gen together. See the fans,see the legends,see the vibe,see the love,see the energy! SM the best,SM FAMILY FOREVER!!!

      1. seer daf

        @Robin Skull umm, nope

      2. hulihuli gaming

        1:13 サイコパスで草 クリーパーとさとみくんの出会いはいつも突然で面白すぎる笑

      3. D4RK WC

        @Lami what's cringe about facts dude? Seriously..... 👀

      4. C P

        @Lami like you

      5. Robin Skull


    10. justine

      SM has everything. They can offer different genre and concepts. They will never get stuck. They will start the trend and everyone will follow. The reason why I only stan SM artists.

    11. syif 628

      I grew up with SNSD, SUJU, SHINEE, and TVXQ. They are my youth! 🤍

    12. Seunghanie

      The audio is NCT 127’s vampire intro. YESSSS love it so much 😍 the company’s future is bright

      1. Monica Agustina

        vampire era

    13. Kim Junmyeon

      SUHO's performance was so impressive. That HURDLE performance was creative and so much fun to watch!!! A perfect combination of Suho's strong vocals + overflowing visuals + cuteness!!! ❤️

      1. Kim Junmyeon

        @Na Jaemin you can check fancams here on youtube. Check this one for Suho. ❤️

      2. Kaying Vang

        Yes! Suho is amazing, love him so much!

      3. dark EXOL

        @Na Jaemin in youtube

      4. Na Jaemin

        Where can i watch their full performance??

    14. Nasrun Sj

      An all-rounded group with godly visuals, pleasing personalities, amazing dance & heavenly vocals. STAN SM ARTISTS.

      1. Robin Skull


      2. Lami

        Cringe af_

      3. neo lovers 💚

        PINKBLOOD FOREVER, STAN SM STAN TALENT, SM IDOLS not only multitalented but they are funny and entertaining 🤣💓

      4. Ronaldo

        Yo 🔥 ,

    15. 김서영

      비록 단체무대는 없었지만 그래도 울 엑소 봐서 너무너무 행복했던 하루였어 내가 엑소를 보고싶어한만큼 엑소도 엑소엘을 보고싶어했단 걸 느껴서 더더욱 소중했던 시간들이었어 역시 무대 위에 있을 때가 제일 빛나더라 정말 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 너무 예뻐서 반짝여서 눈물났어 진짜 ㅠㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 오래오래 무대해줘 얘들아 엑소엘로 오래오래 함께할게 사랑해♥️

    16. slaesparevenctluv

      whatever this company does turns into success, not a single “flop” group, each SM group has been the leader of its generation

    17. Chau Anh Phan

      SM dominates a whole K-pop industry. SM has always been the top entertainment company in my heart. SMTOWN CONCERT 💖

      1. Taengooyaa

        @Robin Skull self promotion lol. Desperate for attention

      2. Veleri Joy

        @Robin Skull i only find ur hate comment everywhere, not your name as credit song /singer

      3. Veleri Joy

        @Robin Skull whats ur song ?

      4. Bowery Mallow

        @Robin Skull lmao BYE

      5. Robin Skull


    18. Neo City

      OMG NCTzens and WayZennis, you guys are so many 💚 Btw the color of SHINee's lightstick is very bright, I saw on twitter they said each person brought 2 lightsticks, very cool, I was touched by their dedication even though only 2 SHINee members were there

      1. Jennifer G

        because when it come to lighstick shabat always become the winner and shawol will always did their best 😅

    19. seolvaille

      can't wait to see EXO PERFORMANCE TOGETHER (ofc complete members) once they finished their enlistment era :> they're always worth the wait.

      1. Cyy Abigail

        EXO Saranghaja!

      2. Kaying Vang

        Yes, will be waiting for their return... I miss them so much!

    20. Cade

      favorite intro 💚

      1. Ronaldo

        Yo 🔥 ,

    21. Ratih Puspitasari


    22. 툥프할미

      그래서 앵콜콘서트 언제입니까? 한국에 "수~~~~많"은 역이 있다는걸 잊지말아요

    23. Anne

      Seeing all those neo pearls in the crowd makes my heart so happy.

      1. Assyam l

        for real , they had difficult start and now seeing them dominating the crowd i'm very happy for nct

      2. r.y.e.n.


    24. green grass

      I really want to come to SMTOWN CONCERT even only once in a lifetime 😭😭😭 SARANGHAE SMTOWN 💖💖💖

      1. Yana Shvetsova

        me too! let's make a wish ✨✨

      2. r.y.e.n.

        Me too

      3. Sy ee

        sameee 😭

      4. Anzz will marry Mark Lee next week

        Sammmee bestie 😭😭😭

    25. 무양

      최민호 김기범 덕분에 행복했어💎 샤월들도 같이 응원해서 넘 행복했어!!

    26. ice

      it’s undeniable that sm artists are talented. they’d all be unstoppable if the company treats them better

      1. Ronaldo

        Yo 🔥 ,

    27. roxana pérez

      Shinee was AMAZING, key and Minho are super PRO! thanks to shawols for being there shining for them!

    28. Anzz will marry Mark Lee next week

      Sm got the best idols and best talents proud to be a fan of their artists

      1. Ronaldo

        Yo 🔥 ,

    29. Ana Marisol Choque blanco

      Guapísimo nuestros Bombones de EXO SUHO, XIUMIN, CHEN, KAI Y D.O brillando cómo siempre 👏👏😍😍😘😘

    30. 자쿰

      어쩌다보니 슴 소속 노래들 두루두루 알게돼서 가수분들 다 너무 좋았어요❤ 동방신기 짱❤❤

    31. KATEVN

      I love SM’s artists, my FAVORITE! Most beautiful, talented about singing and dancing… NCT 127’s music suits me really really really well!

    32. Yashuop

      I think we all agree that SM has the best artists in k-pop industry ❤️

      1. TimelessGap2

        Not like this statement is an opinion... it's straight facts.

    33. NovitaWulansari

      Nobody does a concert like SMTOWN!! what a fun concert

    34. Shazza C

      It's nice to see how the crowd changes colours over the years. Before it was a sea of white EXO-Ls and now it is full of green NCTzens. SM Groups are always successful. Wonder what the next colour change will be.

      1. Shazza C

        @purnima gurung yep. I am an erizen. when exo went on hiatus, nct kept us entertained and fed with content 🥰 when nct enlist, exo will be coming back

      2. purnima gurung

        Nowadays many Exols turn into NCTzens.

      3. cotton_bunny

        When exo as group will be back on stage silver ocean is gonna come back .

      4. sm stan

        @D4RK WC aespa and nct future of sm.,

      5. D4RK WC

        SKY BLUE....You know which group I mean? AESPA THE SM TORCH BEARER!!!

    35. Queeny Ice

      SMTOWN do this concert without take any profit since they will donate the concert profit to the few of NGO and most of the time to the Unicef. That is why SM always have a collaboration with Unicef since SM become the biggest contributer to them in Kpop. The home of legendery singer, from 1st Generation till 4th Generation can singing together in this event. Only SM can do this❤️

    36. 자말

      돌아가고싶어…. 20일로 돌려보내주세요…

    37. ChanisFoIVe

      So glad to finally see exo on the stage I hope to see all the members together soon Kings

      1. Cyy Abigail

        Yeah, just waiting for Chanyeol and Baekhyun then they will launch a new album, Suho said.

    38. Namira Dewi

      d.o. dan chen saya munculnya sepersekian detik aja saya dah seneng banget🥰 terimakaci SMku sayangg

    39. ᄋᄋᄋ

      비욘드로 봤지만 슴 1세대부터 4세대까지 활동하는 가수들이 많아서인지 너무 재밌었고 담엔 꼭 오프로 가고싶다ㅠㅠㅠ

    40. noviia prisilia


    41. Kpop Pastel

      Sm has the best idols I swearrr-

      1. Ronaldo

        Yo 🔥 ,

    42. D4RK WC

      SMTOWN 2022 was such a memorable event! From 1st gen to last,all joined. That last family photo and LSM hugging them all,such WARMING feeling. SM FAMILY FOREVER!!!

    43. Z00MERang #질주2baddies

      NCT is such a big successful group now. So proud 🥲

    44. Angela Col

      Not an sm stan but there's something powerful when they gather together.

      1. Teach Like Benni

        The talent speaks for itself n probably hits nostalgia

      2. Kristian manahan

        Maybe bc it's feels like home and they are true family.

    45. derisyah

      anyone can say whatever they want, me as a hardcore SM stan admitted that SM is surely not the best company in terms of management but is has the best artists from every generation in it. whether you like their music or not, you can't deny that the relationship between them are just so pure, genuine and precious and SMTOWN FAMILY WILL ALWAYS AND FOREVER FEEL LIKE HOME TO ME ILYSM 💗

      1. derisyah

        @U.R. lmao

      2. U.R.

        Even Key disagrees.

    46. BabySONEZen

      Thanks for bringing soshi back to the stage with full members , 15th annive with comeback album ,thank you so much SM perfect agency 🤌💗💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

    47. Spencer Oh

      저 당시에 현장 분위기가 굉장히 좋았구 스엠 아티스트분들도 다 잘생기고 예쁘게 나왔고 무대도 환상적이었습니다!!!💙💙 덕분에 너무 행복한 시간이었습니다!! 마이로써 정말 기뻤습니다!!

      1. EXO 10 anniversary


      2. Ronaldo

        Yo 🔥 ,

    48. Nour Al

      people really don't understand that not even one SM group is a flop since Generation one they are dominating !!! they are the most talented ever

    49. 밍

      와 샤월들~~ 대박 샤이니색 진짜 잘보인다 ㅎㅎㅎㅎㅎ 쨩쨩!!!

    50. Iris Y.

      The SM artists are all super talented and incredible performers, a 62 sec clip is waaaaaayyyy too short to highlight this night! Please make it at least 3 minutes like a MV ~

    51. kwangyacity

      SM artists all the best. Girl group, boy group, solo, mix group all the best

    52. 카이미감러 88

      카이넘멋있엇어 💛💛💛

    53. 다슬

      엑소 단체 무대는 없었지만 그래도 엑소 봐서 너무 행복했고❤️ 슴덕후라 에스엠 아티스트 무대를 한번에 봐서 좋은 경험이였고 또 가고싶다🥲💖

    54. g

      카이 만날 수 있어서 너무 행복했어!!

    55. 아마 dian

      Sungchan as the opening artist of the video tho 😍 Sungchan really has so much potential! Don't waste it SM! And please give him permanent unit ASAP

    56. Asty Ayuningsih

      i grow up with SJ, SNSD, TVXQ, and SHINee. they are my youth. and now, NCT is my adolescence

    57. Mila

      Super Generation 💙💗

    58. czenpl_


    59. loudyzen

      The amount of neobongs make me so happy! 💚💚 like most of the crowd was green it’s incredible I love it🌱

    60. Balanta, Rosemarie A.

      나는 사랑한다. SM Town 🌼🤍❣️😇 I feel my home there🤗

    61. 잘못했어 어쩌라고

      오마갓 성찬아ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

    62. KathyLuvSNSD

      Only SM have this power!!! Always SM stan here ..I tear up when I watch my girls....SNSD4EVA!!! Pinkblood in my veins forever 💕💟

    63. onna no secret uta

      I love how 127's Favorite whistle playing with this very scene 0:44 ... still can't move on how majestic NCT 2020 performance that night!

    64. I like my donuts with Jaem in the middle

      pinkblooded for over 10 years, proud to say im an SM stan 🥺💗

    65. Alexandra L

      Amor por siempre a Super Junior. 💖💙


      SM entertainment is unique and the trendsetter for sure . I ‘ve never seen something like that in other companies . SM is the best company ever because it maintains all generations together from 1 st gen to 4 gen and has the best CEO because when it comes to creativity and concepts he is the one

    67. Helen P

      even here you can see Suju hyping the crowd aaa so cool 💙💙💙💙

    68. Angie M

      Asombroso concierto, todo mi apoyo a Super Junior 💙 los amo!!!

    69. Rizka Yanda Fajri

      SM family terbaik, gaada yang bisa ngalahin 🥺🖤

    70. O.A.C. 워십댄스 채널!

      와 진짜 이 영상 뭔데… 레전드… 휘파람소리 날뛰는 소름…🙈💕

    71. Think before you click

      I am very thankful to EXO and I become EXOL and after that I become NCTzen, then become Elf, become SONE and so on and now I am 8 years PINK BLOODED. 💗💗💗💗

    72. Pupipi Papipu


    73. Nct trash

      The literal FOUNDATION of the industry itself… thank you so much for contributing to the success and popularity of K-Pop all around the world 💜

    74. Reni Atika

      SM, thankyou for bring all these amazing idols in my live. they are my life vitamin and energy

    75. me me

      The concert was a Neon Ocean💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚.🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 I am really happy with how far NCT has comeeee. They were called "flop" by some stupid articles, but look at this. Even among all of these wonderful SM artists , this neon ocean represents that NCT have now become one of the most popular groups of their time.

      1. me me

        @Kristian manahan no but you know what, many articles where written on how "NCT could never be popular, not even close to SM hits like TVXQ, Suju, Shinee or Exo in all times", but in this concert they finally showed that this is their time. It's very very difficult to like a group who has such a large number of members, and their songs are experimental, far from relatable. Still, they pull it off, and I am really proud of em

      2. Kristian manahan

        Now is their's normal bc every group has their own time. We should be greatfull that the older group just open the way for their junior. SM has started way before NCT and Aespa and hopefully will be continue for many years to come so we can expect for new SM artist that looks so proud to their sunbae NCT and Aespa. Damn! How silly for me to hold my tears while writing this comment.

      3. shifa tasya

        yes 💯 so proud of nct 💚

    76. Neo 펜💚

      The legendary SM ENTERTAINMENT 🔥🔥 House of kpop. From 1st generation to now SM ruled and still ruling the kpop. So proud to be an NCTZEN and an SM STAN💚❤

    77. Doyochii

      SM ENTERTAINMENT is the blue print. The company is one of the pillars of this industry. One thing you can guarantee, if the artists are from SM ENTERTAINMENT, it has the special thing that make them shine against other groups. Talented people and it's very rare to find.

    78. EXO 10 anniversary

      역시 SM

    79. GET HOT with Shannon Nadj

      저 당시에 현장 분위기가 굉장히 좋았구 스엠 아티스트분들도 다 잘생기고 예쁘게 나왔고 무대도 환상적이었습니다!!!💙💙 덕분에 너무 행복한 시간이었습니다!! 마이로써 정말 기뻤습니다!!

    80. 지성오빠저12년생이에요1912년생

      현장 분위기 ㄹㅈㄷ였던.... 역시 스엠은 스엠만의 단단한 뭔가가 있음 ㅠ 팬들끼리도

    81. ・your non favorite person 👍・

      저 당시에 현장 분위기가 굉장히 좋았구 스엠 아티스트분들도 다 잘생기고 예쁘게 나왔고 무대도 환상적이었습니다!!!💙💙 덕분에 너무 행복한 시간이었습니다!! 마이로써 정말 기뻤습니다!!

    82. Nct trash

      The literal FOUNDATION of the industry itself… thank you so much for contributing to the success and popularity of K-Pop all around the world 💜

    83. ᅳ


    84. 엑소는내인생의전부야♥︎

      다음에는 꼭 우리엑소오빠들🤍🤍 아직은 군백기가 끝나지 않아서 너무 슬프지만 완전체로 9명에서 다시 볼 수 있을때까지 기다릴게🥺🥺 단체무대를 못봐서 너무 아쉬워🙈🙈 위아원 우리엑소 사랑하자👍🏻👍🏻

      1. EXO 10 anniversary

        레이 나갔어. 첸 찬열도 나가야지

      2. Cyy Abigail

        Saranghaja 🤍

    85. 린

      nct's getting bigger and bigger huhu as 2016 nctzen im so happy and proud of them 🥺💚

    86. onna no secret uta

      as Haechan said, NCT is The SMARTIST! their stages as whole team just MAGNIFICENT!

    87. Kaying Vang

      The way Mr. Lee Soo Man take the time to hug his artists is the best! Especially the way he hug Suho, it just fill my heart... so happy! Thank you so much for everything!

    88. herni fitri

      Keren banget 💚

    89. Beau Beau Kim

      Only SM still have and gather their artist in every generations performing together. Proud to be SM family

    90. jennaucb

      ahhhh this whole vid is so great and the favorite (vampire) intro as bgm really made this more.. idk magnificent (?) i really hope smtown will held concert in my country

    91. Thorng Kham

      So proud of all sm artists especially my NCT boys 💚

    92. lensandgo

      I wish SMTown will have a concert here in PH someday🙏❤️

    93. Erika Kiy

      Favorite moment with Favorite song too

    94. Geoff Cabrera

      i need more girl groups from SM 😭😭😭😭😭😭

    95. Femil Okta Yolanda

      Just can't wait for the behind and rehearsal video 😌🤝🏻

    96. Maky TY

      Haz un SMTOWN en latinoamérica, chingada madreeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Mi pastozen siendo grande en smtwon C: como crece el fandom año tras año c: que bunito


      Me encanto, valió la pena desvelarse para verlo por linea, me encanto las presentaciones y como shawol formo ese océano radiactivo por nuestros SHINee, también incluyendo la presentación de Key y su nuevo álbum, SM mis favoritos

    98. npisshin

      텐아 ㅠㅠㅠ 이영흠 또 보고싶어

    99. mysvrhy

      The cinematography of this 1 minute video is insane and the whistle, Favorite 👏

    100. DJFatih93 _ver2

      This is what we called the TRUE LEGACY. THE REAL HISTORY WITH REAL ORIGIN.