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    1. 쀵쀵귀염이

      Dayum, an official SM organised random play dance. That'd be a dream to be a part of.

      1. Kpop Sweet Lemon

        yup my dream to meet nct

      2. Noopy P

        ikr, I would have loved being there so much

      3. CaramelDeobi

        But they only ever have these events in Korea I think

      4. Tessïa Emard

        right^^it's so shocking to see entertainment companies now organising rpd's ahah but i think this is their second one, didn't they do one with GoToe before?

    2. haechan ace

      the girls with chicago 23 jersey, blue bandana top, and blue 90 jersey ate this up !! GO QUEENS !!

      1. Way Sa' Ani

        Yes, the only song the 23 girl didn’t join to dance is one 127 song 🤣 perhaps she just didn’t get the chance to get in, not forgetting the choreo hahah

      2. Phantom James

        also the girl in the pink t-shirt and black skirt

    3. GrayLifeZone

      14:26 This dude is legendary I need him to debut and then dance on stage with a drink in his hand lol

      1. Hot Yeolmae

        me too

      2. 백아렌 Baek Aaren

        i need his ig account ASAP

      3. hnm

        He is my favourite among all lol

      4. underlove ryz

        Their 2 hand were busy, respect

    4. 쵸코통통

      넉살 손에 컵 뺏고싶다는 댓글 뭔가했는데...계속보다보니ㅎㅎㅎ 넉살이 누군지알겠다 너무웃었다 넉살 혼자 운명추네ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    5. Megan

      The girl is the blue stripe-y shirt and jeans was awesome. Not just her dancing, but you could see her encouraging her friends to dance too and didn't always run straight for the center - she let other people shine ! That made her shine even brighter to me

    6. kberuti

      It's obvious that 3rd & 4th gen songs get more attention due to being newer/popular. I literally salute every fan who did the 1st/2nd gen songs

      1. Keldra Mealla

        it's cuz we're old and our knees pop 👵

      2. 엑소의Rach엘

        Tiktok and KZsection shorts make these newer songs’ dances more known. For the younger crowd they have to go out of their way to learn the older dances so yes props to those that knew them👏

      3. underlove ryz

        As I stan more second and third generation of K-Pop group in general, I can totally agree on this!

      4. Nimali Perera

        @Irene Gavidia SHINee songs got many dancers too ( Sherlock , view and move)

      5. hanjihanna ya

        Plus people tend to learn newer songs

    7. 이마크 프사 달고 세븐틴 사랑해 외치는 혼종

      90번 분이 진짜 잘츄시넹..

    8. Sara Kim Jonghyun

      SHINee songs 1:41 SHINee-Sherlock 11:11 Taemin-Move 13:54 SHINee-Ring Ding Dong 15:24 SHINee-View 18:21 SHINee- Replay 21:26 SHINee-Don't Call Me 24:01 SHINee-Lucifer

      1. Shabnam Faridy

        Few people came for Lucifer knowing that it has the most difficult dance.

      2. Mz Rennie

        Shout-out to all those who danced to SHINee songs

      3. &TEAMot15ot9

        Thankss I needed this 😇😇😇

      4. Vishnupriya Manoharan

        Thank you 💎

      5. Joseph Mandolese

        Move is literally stuck in my head rent free

    9. Newzinski

      Did anyone feel like at 22:30 those boys could've made their own boy group? lol felt like it how sharp they were with the moves

      1. i_amkinderjoy

        that's true. they're (except the guy with white cap) is one of the group dance cover called HRM, you can check their video dance cover on 4X4STUDIO KZsection channel :)

    10. Ohorat Kkaebsong

      The fanboy in brown has my heart! Especially during Mmmh, 10:00 him in the center surrounded by the girls that was just perfect

      1. Lia _mlp

        He is a member of 4x4 studio team hrm

      2. Ohorat Kkaebsong

        @Keldra Mealla oh haha. I agree!

      3. Keldra Mealla

        @Ohorat Kkaebsong i was just saying that he did really well, so it made it look like he was trying to audition because of his skill level

      4. Ohorat Kkaebsong

        @Keldra Mealla you mean &Audition by hybe??

      5. Keldra Mealla

        he came to AUDITION, bless

    11. lh7 trash

      The guy in the mocha t-shirt is a great dancer! Deserves to be at the front and props for knowing every EXO dance :))

      1. 백아렌 Baek Aaren

        he just literally acts like if he was Kai

      2. anonymous

        from what I see, I can assume that he is Kai's big fans

      3. fourteenjae

        I think, his bias is kai Exo

      4. Sathmi Thathsari

        I think his bias is kai

      5. Ulya Iza

        Like KAI lol

    12. Æspa Taking MYs to the Next Level

      I love how one brave girl went up on the stage in the back for BOA at 12:57 and everyone joins her around Feel My Rhythm! watching these spontaneous crowd interactions is so much fun

      1. Yo mama

        I wish they did girls on top by boa

    13. Pamela Venegas

      A la chaviza le gusta mucho los NCT 💚

    14. DaisyDarlingXO

      SHINee dances are just that difficult that not many people learned so I ain’t even mad at the small amount of people who danced their songs 😌❤️

      1. SHINee 5HINee


      2. marchy meow

        It is ok because im dancing to them at home all day

      3. Sara Kim Jonghyun


    15. Kishu Sharma

      The fact that these bops were released by the same company is mind blowing.

      1. Blooming Flowers official

        Bro this is conducted by sm

    16. The Charging Knight of Amarapura

      SM's songs are so diverse, and SM is the only one among big 4 with their extensively diverse music portfolio, thanks to them working with both in-house and outside composers and producers.

      1. Kyu

        @The Charging Knight of Amarapura PLS LOL Newjeans out here breaking and setting records. And their other groups are too

      2. Snake Arekat

        @Angelique The Potterhead You are entitled to your opinion about their music, but I fail to see the relevancy. Also, Seventeen is literally the considered the second most successful bg rn. TXT (along with Straykids) are the 4th gen bg leaders. NewJeans made a new record for girl group debuts if I remember correctly. So yeah, they're not at the same level of BTS, but then again, who is?

      3. Angelique The Potterhead

        @Snake Arekat That's true, but those groups are no where near as successful as BTS. Also, BTS's music has gotten pretty stale ngl. I like their older music more.

      4. Snake Arekat

        @Angelique The Potterhead As an ARMY, I have to respectfully disagree. Did BTS make HYBE what it is today? Absolutely. But HYBE has also proven that they are not to be underestimated, capable of bringing older groups to greater heights of success (Seventeen, Fromis_9) and also debuting two 4th gen million sellers (TXT and Enhypen).

      5. Angelique The Potterhead

        @Snake Arekat BTS

    17. Nini

      Wish they would've added more TVXQ songs in the playlist not only one song. I know if Mirotic came on everyone would've been dancing!! DBSK has so many iconic songs they are legends 🙌

      1. Chan Janie

        Agree!!! How could they not include rising sun and mirotic

      2. Fiari Larasati Putri Irawan


    18. j3j0

      11:22 SM has to urgently sign that boy in the black shirt and cap, he dances too well

    19. Rahee Muntaha

      9:16 they came on a huge group!! the power Growl holds!

    20. Kimiko Oendoro

      what agood chance for all dancers out there SM concept always perfect!!

    21. Matt Vesliño

      i legit thought this was a korean dance channel posting this, but nice to know sm actually does this sort of thing for stans of their artists!! the vibe must've been amazing live, and if you look closely, there's a second (much larger crowd) also doing RPD in the way way back! i love it

      1. Skyy Wong

        @Ryan T za truuuu HAHAHAJAHAHHA

      2. lunaria flora

        @aeri.EXO_n.city23 SM always setting the standard in kpop, i said what i said!!!

      3. Ryan T

        I bet they're scouting for talent so I'm sure it's not all just for fun

      4. Jisung's mom127

        @Shaiyya Kiky i was TVXQ during Mirotic era till now 😄 and got in to nct in 2019 but i i know atleast a few songs from other groups/ just that i only focus on my favs mostly.

      5. Shaiyya Kiky

        @Jisung's mom127 I've stanned SM since Boa's debut. Perhaps since TVXQ and until SuJu and SNSD

    22. 시은

      저 베이지모자 남자분 춤 ㅈㄴ 잘추네

    23. Bora Nam

      Move에서 센터에잇는 남성분의 춤선이 독보적이네요… 얼른 데뷔해서 우주대스타 되셨으면…

      1. joonjung


    24. 김민경

      아니 진짜 진지하게 신기하다 나는 전혀 못 추는데 저렇게 많은 안무 하이라이트를 다 외운다고???? 너무 신기하다 과학자들이 주기율표 100번까지 외우는 거 보는 느낌 다른 세상이야

    25. ARMY &EXO_L 👑🤘

      Wow, the concert was very beautiful and the songs of EXO wow

    26. baconlovwr22

      Popular opinion: Everyone agrees that seeing SM ARTISTS together can make our days better

      1. hehe


      2. Johnny Ponteh

        Here finally

      3. askvtbd

        yes SMARTISTS 💓

      4. Mamu Sita


    27. JinStreamTeam

      Red Velvet Songs 00:29 : Red Flavor 13:26 : Feel My Rhytm 23:00 : Peek-A-Boo 25:03 : Queendom

      1. kang_baechu 💗🐰


      2. ReVeluv! We were born to dazzle!

        low key sad they did not add psycho

    28. Clowneria Street (Swiftie's Version)

      The centre guy during Jopping his moves are so smooth and he's so great at dancing and it shows. Plus point the visuals

      1. Eugenia Anne Cabahug

        u can check him out on 4x4STUDIOS here on yt !!

    29. Nur Qodriah

      Lalu 3 atau 4 tahun kemudian ada idol SM yg pas ditanya "gimana ceritanya kamu bisa masuk SM?" Dan jawaban dia adalah: "aku direkrut stafnya SM waktu tahun 2022 pas lagi ikutan random play dance di konser smtown Suwon" 😂😂 pasti staf SM ada yg nandain mereka-mereka ini, mencari bibit2 utk di-scout 😂

    30. syazwina21

      Wow! 4x4 studio dancers debuted in SMTOWN channel! And an official random play dance by SM? They really know what's the trend. Anyway, it's quite rare that I know all of the songs played in a random play dance. SM stan since 2009 here!

    31. cnco writer

      Omg lot of people would come out to NCT 🥲🥲 So proud of my babies growth!

    32. Shazza C

      Shoutout to the people who danced to Kai and Taemin's songs. They are BRAVE and did well!

    33. jeejy

      Lee myeonggyeong!!!🐰💜💜💜

    34. Rahee Muntaha

      5:56 what a synchronized move by a crowd!!

    35. IZ The One

      for the 1st time in a random play dance video I enjoyed all the song choices lol! well done to those involved to make this a success! sm jjang!

      1. laura ☔


      2. Johnny Ponteh

        Here finally

      3. Ava R

        Did they do ko ko bop?

      4. Dee

        Same normally I check the track list and just click on the songs I want but this time I watched all and knew all songs

      5. Mai munah

        Me too

    36. MiRan Blooms

      Big applause to this one guy who danced TVXQ's song 👏😭

    37. peiruu clover

      Gegara 1 legend SM comeback... semua SM stan pada happy 🥰

    38. jaemin lee

      setelah aespa tampil gue fokusnya ke 4x4 terus, KEREN BGT GILAAㅜㅜ

    39. Suka SukaK

      wahhh geloo RPD nya masuk akun resmi SM huaaaaa proud of you guysss

    40. Zainab Rabiu Gamawa

      As an EXO-L I feel very proud.... SM you have done 🔥🔥🔥👏👏👏.... I love all the songs played...

    41. Letícia Licheta

      the guy in the beige cap and brown trousers really caught the attention, so badass holding the drink also the girl who carried Lucifer on her own, amazing the Kai's son in the green t-shirt is a trainee for sure

    42. viengsub

      Tiap random play dance, pasti pada makin maju. Dan aku sebagai yang nonton ngerasa terdorong hahaha.

    43. 집 가고 싶어요 집 보내주세요

      왹져 선글라스... 너무 웃기고 눈에 띔...

    44. 4X4 STUDIO

      SMTOWN 랜덤플레이댄스 함께해서 너무 즐거웠습니다! 다음에 또 불러주세요❤️ 저희 채널에 있는 SM아티스트 댄스커버영상들도 많은 사랑 부탁드립니다 We are honored to be part of the random play dance of smtown. Please show a lot of love for our channel, where there are many SM artists' dance videos!❤️

      1. Cookies


      2. Rizal Strato

        it's just like seeing another 4x4 Studio RPD Videos... hahaha.. it's so fun to see all member here..

      3. Տᗩᖇᗩ

        Proud of you 🤍🤍🤍

      4. Diya04

        You guys did amazing. So happy to see you all participate in this

      5. SHINee World💎

        어쩐지 잘생긴분들이 많다 싶더닣ㅋㅋ

    45. Alison Muñiz

      I loved the guy with beige cap 🧢 black tshirt and brown jeans, he was a really great dancer, specially cause he was the only one dancing H.O.T's choreo, that was so cool 🤌🏻

    46. star scar

      분명히 이중에서 캐스팅된 사람 있다

    47. taeoxo_nct

      Pas kick it langsung maju semua😂💚

    48. JassMine Boyx SAX Channel

      SM FAMILY это и вправду самое лучшее, что я видела в своей жизни

    49. D4RK WC

      FANS who put all the effort to learn these dance choreos are just AWESOME!!! They are better than any of us who can't do even a single step,lol! 🤣 SM Family FOREVER!!!

      1. Majes

        Or maybe most of them are actually trainees who learn most dances out there

      2. Johnny Ponteh

        Here finally

      3. D4RK WC

        @Azalea Correa yeah,it means a lot actually.

      4. D4RK WC

        @askvtbd lol 😂

      5. askvtbd

        I only mastered Dino ABC and happy with that 😂

    50. B - 03 Adiba Tabassum

      That guy in deep green t-shirt gives off a great aura...his moves, hair style reminds me of Jongin. Not to mention he danced in every Exo songs.

      1. qkiooq

        Hes seongmin from 4x4 studio

    51. cadangan ane

      Asik banget 😍

    52. virgro

      this was literally a nct event 😭😭💚 i love how basically all of them were dancing to kick it and sticker!! ICONIC

    53. taeilhyuck


    54. Samia Sharmin Ahmed

      *EXO Songs* 6:44 - Love Shot 9:14 - Growl 9:40 - Mmmh (Kai) 14:53 - Candy (Baekhyun) 22:23 - Call Me Baby 23:32 - Peaches (Kai)

      1. (Lipstick chateau) discovered by BaekSoo

        Hey thanks

      2. kaimi94


      3. Juani Melgarejo

        Thank you

      4. PraN

        Thank you💓

      5. Rummya Rahman


    55. Aisha Almaz

      the 23 jersey girl is such a great dancer 🫠❤️‍🔥

    56. Meaw exol

      😍💗💗💗💗 sm random dance!!

    57. Rusbelt APM

      El chico alto de camiseta verde sudada, baila súper bien, capturó mi atención de entre todos.

    58. Engelie Valenciano

      Hays once you'll stan one group from SM you'll end up loving everyone hahahaha

    59. Reece Graham

      This is such a cool event for SM to hold themselves, just wished they had a larger area for it next time

      1. Meme.random +62


      2. Johnny Ponteh

        Here finally

      3. Aloha Jinny Park

        I noticed that there were more than one area where they were doing it. If you look in the back near the main stage where aespa was they have another mob there dancing. It's outside of the venue so there's only so much space, can't really be helped.

    60. nooooodle

      I think they all can debut lol

    61. Саша Гернер

      По любому в этой толпище стоят менеджеры СМ и высматривают потенциальных трейни 🤔😂 умно, умно, СМ 🙌🏻

    62. Tikbookholic

      It's amazing how I know all of the song... it's been a super long time with SM I supposed

    63. Arica Yui

      Orang Korea pandai menari semua ya. Saya bahagia melihat nya sangat menghibur

    64. Anne

      i love how so many people came out to dance KICK IT! NCT 127 will forever be iconic!

      1. Ivy Joy Bañas

        I agree😎

      2. KATEVN

        All NCT 127’s songs, so many people came out, so proud!

    65. aeWinter

      Finally SM stan got debuted :D

    66. ᄋᄋᄋᄋ

      춤선이 정말 중요한거구나 ㅋㅋ 진심 모자쓴 남자분이랑 왼쪽 단발머리 여자분 나오면 독보적임 컴팩트한데 춤선 때문인지 일반인 눈에도 가장 깔끔하고 잘하는 댄서 느낌

      1. joonjung


    67. Hùng Lê

      SNSD FOREVER1 • 1PM KST: #5 MelOn TOP 100 (=) #5 FLO (=) #5 Genie (=) #6 Bugs (=)

    68. Drives to Work

      How much fun is that!!! ❤❤❤❣

    69. Karren Encio

      I can't deny the fact that SM stans were as talented as their artists, I love my fam so much!! PINKBLOODS raise our flags🥰🥰

    70. peiruu clover

      Big Heart to SM family 🥰🥰

    71. Athifah Salma

      Mantap 👍💕

    72. Hitema Goabu

      seru juga liatnya 😍

    73. Flavio Carlos

      I've just realized this is my first time watching a random play dance that actually took place in Korea, lmao.

    74. Fiari Larasati Putri Irawan

      The guy on 14.35 is an absolute legend. If only SM added more another TVXQ song, I believe the other will dance as well.

    75. dildil


    76. Hernindya Tiar

      all of SM song is fast to memorize and can make us dance all day long

    77. Yulia Anggraini

      Kece parahhh 🥳🥳

    78. with love, lizzie

      I love the person with black shirt and mocha(?) colored hat. He knows the old but gold songs 😍 Slays the dances with a drink in hand too lmfao.

      1. Charles Gabriel

        @Will__ that's a different person

      2. nothingg

        @Rose Tyong literally he was so annoying about it too

      3. Rose Tyong

        Too bad he always steps on the people behind him and beside him

      4. Alison Muñiz

        @jw jh I think he did 🤣 but it's okay I guess, didn't seem he cared about it

      5. jw jh

        @Alison Muñiz when he took the cup and danced I'm a bit worried he spilled some🥺

    79. JEN

      다음 슴콘에도... 꼭 열어주세요😭❤️

    80. Vera Vers

      Ini terlalu kereeeeennnnnn 😍😍

    81. laxmi thami

      Iam soooooooooo jealous of all of them😢😢😢 fans can just watch this vid online and dance alone in the room....Iam waving my Lightstick btw💚💚💚...Nctzens all the way from INDIA.....the fans are so cool and hype..and thank you for all the nct songs💚💚 💚 Doyong sarangeo🐰💜

    82. Ryan Christian Geroleo

      That girl wearing EXO Jersey is a legit fan of baekhyun! Love it

    83. Ifana Tungga

      5 years from now we will hear a story about an SM idol who gets scouted at SM Random Play Dance in SMTOWN Concert.

      1. abigail

        fr fr

      2. real__bu on wattpad

        I thought that exactly the idea of this random play..🧡🧡🧡

      3. R R

        or plot twist some of them are already trainees

      4. Han Seol

        are you from the future? cause I am 😆

      5. love rose

        some of them most likely are trainees from other companies they go there to get attention specially those who are not even wearing masks

    84. Rebecca L

      16:56 The girl at the front with blue crop top and jeans, damn she can dance! Had my eyes drawn to her everytime she went into the circle

    85. Prism SHINee

      와 저걸 보고 외우고 추는게 대단해

    86. Bebe Koko

      Super cool♥️🙌😍🎉🎉

    87. Raven Soulcatcher

      This was awesome...always enjoy watching RPD videos and love a lot of music by SM talent. (Nice to see some of 4x4 Studio members.)

    88. SPEx

      Okay but those 6 boys at 22:34 can be a group of their own. And that center has _presence_

      1. Sathmi Thathsari

        Exo songs hit different😫

      2. Zhongli

        Him and the boys who wear blue top always catch my eyes

      3. 채원

        @nurnissa ahanova that is not a girl

      4. jw jh

        @nurnissa ahanova his hand too muscular to be a girl

      5. nurnissa ahanova

        @Nanda Fikriadi um that's a girl

    89. mina's pinky toe

      yknow i wouldnt be surprised if some of these people got recruited theyre all beautiful/handsome and AWESOME dancers

    90. 김민서

      하...왼쪽에서나오는웅니들너무잘춤 댄서같은데 단발웅니는 살살추는데도 넘잘춤

      1. 땡

        @이은주84년생 오른쪽에서 나오는 팀이 4x4팀 입니다!!

      2. 이은주84년생

        4x4 댄서팀이예요 ㅎ

    91. Abigail Carcueva


      1. qkiooq

        The guy in the middle at 22:30 is seongmin from 4x4 studio if ur wondering

    92. uko chenlele

      The most awesome thing is All of them are synchronized well Damn not only SM idols but also pinkbloods are full of Talents 🔥

    93. EXO 10 anniversary

      NCT 노래가 제일 많다니 이런 ㅠㅠ

    94. Lucy	 🔥𝐆𝐨 𝐓𝐨 𝐌𝐲 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐥 [𝐋!𝐯𝐞]

      По любому в этой толпище стоят менеджеры СМ и высматривают потенциальных трейни 🤔😂 умно, умно, СМ

    95. Marie Raymonde Mussard


    96. Sadia

      I swear every time EXO, SHINee and SUPER JUNIOR song played, I looked forward to the guy with black mask, long hair, a coffee cup and long hair.

    97. 夏目セイヤ • Seiya

      15:24 el fanchant HAHAHAHAHA, soy Se ve que se divirtieron muchísimo, el SMTOWN en México para cuándo? 🤠🇲🇽

    98. Kadi's Clover

      SM 최고야 👍👍👍👍 So proud of being SM stan 🤍

      1. hallyu luva

        Yet here you are.

      2. Taeyong for cleansing your skin

        @Lami it's your problem. Why'd you coming here if it cringe? What a moron thing

      3. Taeyong for cleansing your skin

        @danndrii oh then it's your problem to come here

      4. danndrii oh

        don't like their music at all

      5. Lami

        Cringe af.

    99. 아임예섹

      전사의 후예, 마이네임, 넘버원 같은 오래된 곡들 추시는 분들 너무 멋져요!

    100. vIASv_Hanzo

      I see so many 4x4 studios dance members in here and I love it! 💙