Red Velvet 레드벨벳 'Bad Boy' MV



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    Red Velvet's 2nd Album Repackage "The Perfect Red Velvet" has been released.
    Listen and download on iTunes & Apple Music, Spotify, and Google Play Music
    01 Bad Boy
    02 All Right
    03 피카부 (Peek-A-Boo)
    04 봐 (Look)
    05 I Just
    06 Kingdom Come
    07 Time To Love
    08 두 번째 데이트 (My Second Date)
    09 Attaboy
    10 Perfect 10
    11 About Love
    12 달빛 소리 (Moonlight Melody)
    Red Velvet Official
    Red Velvet 레드벨벳 'Bad Boy' MV ℗ S.M.Entertainment

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    1. Porcelynne

      The fact that this song doesn't ever age, always sounds fresh..

      1. 1CE

        @bsbxvxz hdhshhs She does age Backwards

      2. Hentaex.x !

        @YOYO 3 years is already old wdym 😭✋

      3. YOYO

        @Hentaex.x ! Of course not, old definition in General, like more than/above 5 years

      4. Hentaex.x !

        @eneri maybe their definition of old is 100 years lmfao ☠️

      5. Magi__akakihyossideboo


    2. enlys ofc.

      Berharap RV bisa comback dengan tipe musik seperti ini lagi. TT_TT

    3. C̸ h̸ e̸ l̸ s̸ e̸ y̸

      Red velvet has literally no bad songs. They are worth stanning 😌

      1. idc leave

        @Owen’s Roblox stories. redvelvet AINT AND WOULD NEVER BE.. maybe the other one 4th gen, go embarrassed ur self there

      2. Owen’s Roblox stories.

        Red velvet bts blackpink are cringe.

      3. mikks

        Seriously dude other group keep having bad songs but red velvet are always at the topppp

      4. C̸ h̸ e̸ l̸ s̸ e̸ y̸

        @Aimi Nadiah IKR

      5. Aimi Nadiah

        Agree i keep replaying all their songs these days😭😭

    4. i'm Jennie

      Great song, I love it!! 💞🥺

    5. Zulfiah Zulfiah


    6. squirtle yerimie

      Like Psycho, this song ages like fine wine.

      1. 1CE

        These girls really dropped this bop then dipped like it was nothing only to release something better somehow Then dipped again like no dif, Kpop has fallen off since. No cap

      2. す すす

      3. Madel Banastas

        Absolutely 💓

      4. Peachyfroggyarmy


      5. Dino Rex

        So true

    7. Just another Alt account

      I didn't understand what it meant when people say something melts their heart but coming back to this song I now know.

    8. Farida Gaafar

      4 years later and this song is still iconic and sadly they don’t make songs like this anymore i miss old kpop

      1. 1CE

        Fr.....Kpop fell off STAYC, LE SSERAFIM and Billlie are my only hope at this point. Red Velvet too of course but bruh I though we were suppose to have a triple this year like last time Wtf SM :(

      2. margo

        @upintheabyss agree when i saw nwjns i had to go back to rv who were my old ults bc they reminded me of them sm🥲

      3. margo

        @Yoongi Jung yess stan nwjnsss

      4. upintheabyss

        @Yoongi Jung agree that New Jeans is the closest group to Red Velvet at this moment.

      5. Isha

        I agree, kpop has really changed since it started getting more popular.

    9. Taciani

      Eu amo amo

    10. Aris Risnandar

      Bisa nih. Mv gg sm pertama yang mencapai 400 jta😁

    11. Jungkook is my euphoria

      This song never gets annoying

      1. Ross


      2. jellybeans :D


      3. ♡Galaxine♡


      4. CakeDino


      5. Rosé Park

        Ikr it's so unannoying

    12. nobody

      proof that red velvet is obviouslyyy the best group. love yall

    13. Jeon TaeGgukies 태쿠키

      Some songs doesn't need a billion of views to be called a masterpiece.

      1. Mister A


      2. DrakenX77

        @애곰맘 I understand haha :)

      3. 애곰맘

        @DrakenX77 헉 노래듣다가 실수로 눌러졌어요

      4. DrakenX77

        @애곰맘 ?

      5. 애곰맘

        @DrakenX77 0

    14. HD Movies

      They are best indeed❤

    15. RvBestGG

      Still amazing.

    16. velsChannie

      Guys this is better than fine wine that ages

      1. chloe ♡


      2. aidahyun

        @Saluna ..m

      3. ★Cherry★


      4. 1CE

        It’s not even’s honey Literally will never even. Just ever

      5. Crystel

        Well said

    17. OurQueendom

      Bad Boy has surpassed 200m streams on Spotify, making Red Velvet the first and only SM Artist to have 2 songs above this mark, Psycho currently close to 310m! 🎉

      1. Jiya Jha

        @Peppa Pig wants to know your location FACTS! Red Velvet is THE standard ✨ my ult girl group for a reason~

      2. Stability

        Congratulations Red Velvet and ReVeluv 🎉

      3. Peppa Pig wants to know your location

        noone can do it like red velvet. Feel my rhythm has ORGANIC views with no ads. they are not following the trend of girl crush. They ARE the trend. Red velvet is a gem in Kpop and nobody can come close in concepts like them. Keep going RV!

    18. enlys ofc.


    19. Helen

      We are in 2022 and I still listening this song 24/7. Red Velvet songs are really catchy but that's not a problem because they are all a piece of art. REALLY QUEENS

      1. chaerfiles

        @cuppy cake same 😭

      2. Bianca Kim


      3. cuppy cake

        Me randomly starting a red velvet marathon without any reason coz they are catchy 💀💀

    20. Yuna itzy

      I love this song so much like psycho

    21. pau

      You can hate SM but they have one of the best groups in the industry.

      1. Pooja amazing short

        @karina no doubt

      2. Fatima Díaz


      3. mikks

        @Sebastian Palomino she told one of the best

      4. fatma suliman

        @stephanie vidal no they only have two well now it’s hype

      5. fatma suliman

        @eh. you sound pressed 💀

    22. Zulfiah Zulfiah


    23. baekhyun lovers

      I love this

    24. Andres Felipe Tarazona Holguin

      Chicas red velevet bad boy chico malo hace 4 años 2018 del pasado superviejisismo 2018 de su viejpo album el perfect bad boy 20218 el perfecto chico malo 2018 del pasado 2018 sm entertainment

    25. Dzaky Alif

      let's go 400M

    26. yurism

      Kpop has been around for quite a while now but Red Velvet is truly something we’ve never seen before.

      1. Jiya Jha


      2. remigal

        @1-800-multi girl nobody gaf 💀 shut tf up

      3. 1-800-multi

        @remigal stay mad at the truth. u mad bc ur favs don't have a diverse discography like rv lmfao cope

      4. remigal

        Lmao stop exaggerating.

      5. alertoo


    27. joohyun latte

      kangen tepepet, ayo comeback plis

    28. Gabriel TV


    29. oncepabo

      My top tier velvet's concept song ever

    30. BangVelvet

      Let's just agree to this fact that bad boy is really an ART of RED VELVET, one of the best TT, it's melody and harmonies are out of this world, NOBODY CAN OUTSING RED VELVET.

    31. Zen

      4 years later, this song is still timeless, and forever will be.

      1. hi my name


      2. Kamry Smith


      3. Kzandra Sebastian


      4. 24YEETMAN


      5. Kazza

        So true 👍

    32. zidney_ Ilma

      Aku fans red Velvet baru nih

    33. Sweet summer

      Can we have the sassy bad boy concept backkkkk plsss 2022 !!✨😩

      1. Stranger

        They don't bring concepts back. New concepts always appear when it's redvelvet

      2. SPD

        I've been waiting since last year 😭✨🛐

    34. moomoo chela

      Reinas es poco decir

    35. Lee Na Park

      lagu RedVelvet Pertama yg bikin gw ngestand mereka utk GB gen 3.

    36. Randy X

      Almost two years later and it still sounds FRESH. a timeless classic.

      1. Orblinkluv

        Now this comment is 2 years old but the song is still as fresh as ever!

      2. YFZ

        4 years now, and this comment still relate 😁

      3. rein

        Its been 4 years

      4. little spoon seokjin

        the fact now this very comment is 2 years old.,

      5. Shirin Kurrey

        Now 4 years🥺

    37.  Nīru of the 9 hostages

      😍🤩🙏🌹🙇thank you for the music omg!

    38. pym_2901

      it ages as fine as wine

    39. Cptn Gigi

      Forever my favorite

    40. l o v e

      I'm obsessed seriously

    41. Mots7 Outsold

      It's been 2 years and bad boy never gets boring. It's too powerful. A Timeless Red Velvet classic.

      1. oflostthings

        Preach ma'am!

      2. Autumn_Summer _

        yes..I still listen to this song EVERY SINGLE DAY since it released, but I still haven't got bored. It's crazy!!!

      3. Mots7 Outsold

        I just shared what was in my mind

      4. Mots7 Outsold

        @Waranya Thongsaeng I didn't copy tho. And I see which comment you are talking about. I'm Sorry if you think I copied.

    42. midzykt

      Red Velvet is beautiful

    43. Ânnavie

      They're so beautiful~

    44. yuri min



      Happy Birthday Joy✨💚

    46. Nasrul Zaffrey

      Congratulations to Red Velvet for being the only group that has Irene, Seulgi, Wendy, Joy and Yeri.

      1. Arnel Maghirang

        One of kpop gg where all members are visuals and all vocally talented.

      2. Hashibira Inosuke

        @dani They is lol It's used if you don't know someone's gender. If the person doesn't like they/them then you don't use those pronouns

      3. dani

        they isn't inclusive too, just avoid the use of pronouns.

      4. 𝗥𝘂𝗵𝗶𝗸𝗿𝗶•hiatus•

        Now Seulgi and Wendy is in **girls on top😌**

      5. minjulver

        @Row4n They're called "prounouns" not "prounounce", no one probably doesn't know them irl and they could have a set prounouns exm: they/them, she/her, he/him, etc, and obviously they would want people to respect their prounounce unless you wanna be rude.

    47. ⓘ moa bullshitter


    48. Kiwi Lemon

      Wendy aaahhh~

    49. Crazy woman👩🏻

      이 노래 들었던게 엊그제 같은데 벌써 4년전이네..

    50. Marielle perez

      My favorite is the same 😊❤️

    51. Anonymous

      This song ain't getting older, it just gets better and better each time you listen to it

      1. ningiezujeo

        just like wine lol

      2. GAZ WORLD

        Yes it does 😁👍🙏#gazworld 🌍

      3. alertoo


      4. Jelly fan

        Vote Queendom on Idol Champ. These girls deserve to win

      5. Jelly fan

        Stream queendom

    52. Reven🧛‍♀️

    53. Irene Rv

      Red Velvet is the Girl Grub in SM Entertainment who contributed the most points to Digital SM, both in the local and international markets. But lately I'm a little disappointed with SM's treatment of these girls, I think Red Velvet can get something more from the Company but it doesn't. Red Velvet you guys are great, you shine in your own way. It's so awesome 💗💛💙💚💜


        Red Velvet was also the first group in sme that achieved an overall billion views with only 197 videos wow.

    54. Maria Cristina Zuñiga

      Muy buena canción 👍

      1. Ya le dio la chiripiorca

        Ya le dio la chiripiorca

    55. 준형 JJOON


    56. s

      Red velvet songs never get boring they just keep getting better and better!

      1. hirai momo ily


      2. Fardowsa jama

        There fresh

      3. Shadan Hariri

        so trueee

      4. S K

        Stan Red velvet for a better life

      5. Lunafreya Nox

        Yup.... RELEVANT MUSIC in a world of KPOP today's. The only kpop R&B GRP in kpop Industry .

    57. reyra


    58. SISKA


    59. apjlaurie

      이 노래에 너무 많은 사랑

    60. rozhin asadinia

      Irene❤ Seulgi🧡 Wendy💙 Joy💚 Yeri💜

    61. Berserk___ _

      The producers and songwriters behind this song deserve way more praise...

      1. Swaggy Lalisa

        Aye, this became my favorite RV song

      2. Really

        Berserk___ _ either way they stay getting a lot of money

      3. onceorbitluvie ahgase

        @Viet Vu & So Good on rbb! Some of my favorites!!!

      4. Viet Vu

        The song writters also write Red Velvet's Kingdom Come. Damn, both songs are my top 2 favorite of Red Velvet. They are truly awesome.

      5. Osunetics!


    62. ry

      my national anthem

    63. melmelkat

      congrats 4M likes! #ReVeLuv

    64. 12 stem c john eduard grapes

      Man i really miss Red Velvet being active, where they give 3 comebacks every year and after school i would always listen to their songs album by album and by the time when im done with listening the albums, they come back again with new songs it all felt like heaven for reveluvs back then

    65. ruby reddion

      a song that more you listened more u get drown into the depth like everytime i listened i discover something new, like the beat, the vocal layering, and sound that they using

    66. your mine

      Their visual isn't joke.

      1. Kim Kardashian lost earring

        They never were ♥️✨

      2. somebody

        *aren't a

      3. José Ruiz Pérez

        Congrats for ur likeS- yeaH, queenz oF viSuaL inDeED-

      4. Dilak Shinonome

        800th like, congrats

      5. dami's slave

        700th like, congrats.

    67. Cris ladores

      The most sexiest mv, never gets old.

    68. Myriam Touil


    69. Pink Chocolate

      The song melody:🥰😇🤍🌼😄💝 The song concept:😈☠🖤🔪🔥😎

    70. ecrin nur

      400m for 8th anniversary

    71. Ioanna Mix

      I cannot believe this song is 3yrs old. It sounds so fresh

      1. Music legacy

      2. Jelly fan

        Vote Queendom on Idol Champ. These girls deserve to win

      3. Jelly fan

        Stream queendom

      4. SL K-POP MASHUP English version 😊

      5. bAEchU / irENE 😊😊

        Lets stream before new song this august 17

    72. 凌力


    73. highversion luviees

      Don’t stop streaming

    74. Po prostu Dawid

      this song aged so damn well

    75. filik wong

      Joy’s vocal very specific

    76. VJoy

      Man. Bad Boy really is THE SONG that never gets boring to listen.


        I hate it

      2. みず


      3. Callie Lincoln

        @Alexis D i got bored with psycho tho, but probably cuz i listened to it 8 times in a row

      4. Peach Seob

        @username_150 did your mom drop you on your head as a child?

      5. Sara Ali

        *Monster Joined the chat*

    77. Ami

      Wendy so pretty ♡.♡

    78. v95nte2

      400M goooooo

    79. Monika Palta

      Best flavoured song of season

    80. noona.condition EXO SHINEE RV NCT AESPA BTOB

      Red Velvet is an experience

    81. Marina Leffy

      Can we make this comment section more lively and happier like Happiness did? I get it, Bad boy is chilled song, not freezing comments :((

      1. Frinzethone Esteban

        Well no people are ruined KZsection bec of bots

      2. Sebastián Álvarez

        Marina Leffy I missed you

      3. Almina Berwasa


      4. hello

        Hmm ༎ຶ‿༎ຶ

      5. R A

        marina leffy yeah ;(

    82. Nguyễn Duy Khương

      Năm 2022 này cũng sắp kết thúc, nhưng tôi vẫn chưa vượt qua được kiệt tác này !!

    83. Pao Pao

      I love this song so much

    84. ૮ ˶ᵔ ᵕ ᵔ˶ ა

      this is really bopppppppp

    85. Ye-jun^^

      머리에서 떠나지 않는 노래 너무 좋아요♡

    86. no one

      this is the type of song that is no humanely possible to listen just once

      1. 24YEETMAN

        I’m addicted to it

      2. meh

        @Evan Hong ikr lmao

      3. pym_2901

        true story sis/bro

      4. Jodohnya Jodohku

        @Jisoo Gan first of all, Redvelvet debuted in 2014 and BP debuted in 2016, is that enough to stupid blonks like u? 🤘

      5. Jisoo Gan

        To all reveluvs:As a reveluv for almost 5 years,I noticed that red velvet has been copying blackpink ever since bp debuted.This is awfully wrong and we must stop them from doing it.Heres how we can stop them: 1.Email SM 2.Copy and paste this on red velvet’s instagram and twitter 3.Stop streaming their music 4.Spread this to all kpop fandoms (I’m a reveluv so I have all the rights)

    87. park lisa

      El volumen nunca es suficiente cuando suenan las rolitas de red velvet

    88. Nguyễn Duy Khương

      Hãy lắng nghe Feel my rhythm nhiều hơn và đi cho MV này 56M

    89. Kay Kat01

      This video is a masterpiece and such a treat to watch! ❤

    90. dennise bandala

      Slay wendy

    91. h h

      Red Velvet hits different when they go Dark Velvet. Untouchable.

      1. 21minute

        That's what made me like them. Peek-A-Boo will always have a special place in my heart.

      2. สําราญ ไวไธสง


      3. Ana Vitoria

        Let. Go. Red. Velvet

      4. 今晚吃什么o3o

        Red velvet我爱你们!!❤❤❤❤

      5. Ana Vitoria

        tambem. Gorta

    92. Sqinkuy

      Hey, who dat, who dat, who dat boy 수많은 사람 속 눈에 띈 무심한 그 표정 I like that 내 호기심을 자극하지 Oh 시크한 스타일은 덤 입은 옷은 신경 쓴 듯 안 쓴 듯 관심 없는 말투 I like that 외면해 봐도 끌려 Ooh 달라 도도한 날 웃게 하잖아 알잖아 요즘 내가 hot ah ah 날 보는 시선 너도 느껴봐 ooh 홀린 듯 날 따라와 모두 환호해 너도 곧 ooh ooh (oh-eh-oh-eh-oh) 아닌 척해도 넌 ooh ooh (oh-eh-oh-eh-oh) 한 번 내기를 해볼까 너무 쉽겐 오지 마 재미 없잖아 거기서 ooh ooh (oh-eh-oh-eh-oh) 밀고 당겨볼까 Ooh ooh (oh-eh-oh-eh-oh) 시작할게 bad boy down Whoa, whoa 지금부터 bad boy down Whoa, whoa, whoa 잠깐 이리 와봐 너에게만 할 말이 있어 가까이 좀 와 고갤 숙여 키를 낮춰봐 다른 건 신경 쓰지 마 내 목소리에 집중해 상황은 좀 달라져 주위를 맴도는 내가 궁금해 너도 알게 될 거야 (뭘까?) 알 거야 (말해) 이미 늦어버렸단 걸 맞아 (맞아) 사실 꽤나 자신 있어 난 지는 게임 하진 않아 ha ah ah 벌써 반쯤은 넘어왔잖아 홀린 듯 날 따라와 모두 환호해 너도 곧 ooh ooh (oh-eh-oh-eh-oh) 아닌 척해도 넌 ooh ooh (oh-eh-oh-eh-oh) 한 번 내기를 해볼까 너무 쉽겐 오지 마 재미없잖아 거기서 ooh ooh (oh-eh-oh-eh-oh) 밀고 당겨볼까 ooh ooh (oh-eh-oh-eh-oh) 시작할게 bad boy down 혼란스런 맘이겠지 상상조차 못할 거야 헤어나려 노력해도 어떤 작은 틈도 없어 정답은 정해져 있어 자연스럽게 넌 따라와 (넌 따라와) 난 널 선택해 난 널 선택했어 이미 홀린 듯 날 따라와 모두 환호해 말했지 ooh ooh (oh-eh-oh-eh-oh) 결관 항상 같아 ooh ooh (oh-eh-oh-eh-oh) 거봐 내가 또 이겼어 너무 쉽겐 오지 마 재미 없잖아 이제 넌 ooh ooh (oh-eh-oh-eh-oh) 벗어날 수 없어 ooh ooh (oh-eh-oh-eh-oh) 내겐 쉽지 bad boy down

    93. Doza Ra

      Обожнюю Ред Велвет!

    94. I like cats

      This song was a cultural gift

    95. 양솜

      케이팝 들은것중에서 제일 좋아했던 곡... ㅜㅜㅜ 진심 귀에 팍팍꽂히고 너무 좋은데 지금들어도 너무 좋다..

    96. Nicholas Louie

      Even if you're not a Reveluv, this song is amazing.

      1. SL K-POP MASHUP English remix 😊

      2. Mari Gogo the banana milk 😌💅

        @Sarada Kancherla IKRRR

      3. Sarada Kancherla

        Yes I became a reveluv recently they r really amazing 👏

      4. Mari Gogo the banana milk 😌💅

        This is actually the song who REALLY introduced me to kpop..

      5. Mari Gogo the banana milk 😌💅


    97. نصرالله مظفری

      I love this 🎵 🎶 🎵 ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    98. Surabi Shrestha

      Irene and Wendy with bangs🥺❤

    99. JOY

      Bad Boy hits different

    100. Beachy Bird

      I never get bored of listening to this