NCT 127 엔시티 127 'Cherry Bomb' MV



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    NCT 127’s 3rd Mini Album “NCT CHERRY BOMB” has been released.
    Listen and download on iTunes & Apple Music, Spotify, and Google Play Music
    01 Cherry Bomb
    02 Running 2 U
    03 0 Mile
    04 Sun & Moon
    05 Whiplash
    06 Summer 127
    07 Cherry Bomb (Performance Ver.)
    NCT 127 Official
    NCT 127 엔시티 127 'Cherry Bomb' MV ℗ S.M.Entertainment

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    1. damia qstna

      so here we are ignoring all our online assignments and watching nct instead

      1. 《 Moni :b 》

        YOO pero es tarea que ya revisan en presencial, mañana tengo una presentación a las 7 am y aquí estoy 👍😔


        Yess! Hahaha

      3. Siomai Trash

        Hehe redhanded, i do them with nct in the background

      4. Katherine Thompson

        could it be even more true 👍

      5. Bemine Mia 미아

        Lmao me rn.

    2. Yuna’s dairy

      요즘 가장 멋있다고 생각하는 팀입니다 👍

    3. ace Yang??

      if you're happy and you know it clap your hands

      1. Anie


      2. cienu


      3. cienu


      4. zheartzqt

        I just want u to make it clap 😼- YangYang

      5. Hufflepuff 💛 Broadway

        👏🏼 👏🏼

    4. sunny bunny

      it does sound similar to 2 Baddies, but both are unique

    5. ditaash

      Lets make it to 150 M gogogo

    6. good night moon

      "i'm the biggest hit on the stage" not only on the stage, sweetie... worldwide

      1. Andini Putrie

        lOL MOOD

      2. Carolina E. K. S.


      3. 100% WangYiren Biased


      4. vampnct

        mark lee in the house yo LETS GET ITTTT

      5. good night moon

        @yjnsheart oKAAAAAAY

    7. shyn light

      they are the biggest hit on the stage

    8. I have sweet tooth so I ate all the Skittles

      yes love you’re the biggest hit on the stage

    9. vale

      Almenos debería tener unos 200M 💚💚 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    10. tobias

      when this first came out, they were super popular in my school and everyone called them "the kpop guys who did the split in pink" everyone was in love with them

      1. Milly Ascencio

        Nah i wanna go to your school

      2. wonyxung

        @Joce 4:07-4:15

      3. Joce

        When did they do a split?

      4. Kpoptart

        @Akame that's soo cool!

      5. Akame

        I'm in Canada and everyone at school was like that lol

    11. daddyjaehyun:3

      feel so bad for people who don't stan the biggest hit on the stage.

      1. Moshiul Alam Mashuk

        i used to hate them today i might join the fandom

      2. CarolStar

        @KØMBAT コンバット What

      3. Anastacia

        I still prefer stray kids and ateez more ❤️

      4. chill_out_100%

        I started to Stan them 2 months ago is like why I didn't get interest on them before??? Cause I already knew this group but I was like "mmm I don't know" but know I regret 🙃

      5. aya younsy

        @Laila Farzana and I

    12. blue t.

      飽きないなぁー カッコいい!

    13. yizhuofly

      NCT nunca me decepciona

    14. ᄋᄋ

      지금 들어도 개까리하다

    15. 발바닥에 페페로니

      분홍머리 태용은 대한민국 문화유산이야

    16. my wallet cries in korean

      This is not just a song, this is a legendary song. PERIODT.

      1. Regner Sinconiegue


      2. Jjongslay


    17. Shark Reas

      Mark's rap is so iconic. The flow plus the clarity of words every time he rap is perfect

    18. Rayane

      Ei boy tá lindo isso boy

    19. Skies

      Tetep jadi favorite lagu ini mah

    20. Victor Nakano

      Con esta canción los conoci

    21. Aurora Peluso

      i remember when this song had like 20M views, now almost 100M . They deserve it.

      1. Carolina E. K. S.

        and now we did it. thank you for your hardwork nctzens

      2. Kerriana

        STR3@M PUNCH:

      3. Aurora Peluso

        @Peachy Novi haha omg

      4. Peachy Novi

        @Aurora Peluso omg me too.. I was a babyzen

      5. Melanni Salazar

        Agree :)

    22. Bella C.a.T

      This song became a traditional korean song! Just so popular and none can denied this!

    23. Melany Mendez

      Me gustas jaehyun ♡(> ਊ

    24. Tiffany's pink card

      Not a fan of NCT but this >>>>>> 2:34 This part is just, I don't know I just keep coming back for it

      1. K-TEEZ

        @sehjuni HAHA

      2. sehjuni

        its the mark lee effect

      3. K-TEEZ


      4. johnny's phat ass

        hahaha that's mark for you! he takes any rap and makes it his own, gives it spunk, character, flow, energy, all of it

    25. guante

      esta fue la primera coreografía de nct q me aprendí

    26. مرام


      1. Subha

        Actually they are not ahead but they are the trend of all time that doesn't changes

      2. Dani | Alpacasaurio dominará el mundo

        Czennie please go vote on mubeat for Nct: They're nominated on *Mv, song and group of the year*

      3. Fatima

        @JiJi Channel Zimzalabim, Obsession, and the 7th sense are masterpieces that simple brained people cannot understand.

      4. omar rouina


      5. hoe for sm groups

        Actually SM is ahead of time

    27. lvskgrl ¡!

      como m gusta esta cancion lpm

    28. millie

      tanta belleza me abruma

    29. Renjani

      Let's get 150M

    30. YASH

      Those Futuristic Vibes!

    31. amina__ 1

      3 years later and she is still NCT 127’s most *ELITE* song to date

      1. amina__ 1

        Grassy Zen_ this was legit one of my favourite eras! This era was such a vibe idk but I wish I could go back to it🤩

      2. grass in the zone

        This grab NCT 127 first win.

      3. Claris

        @cinnamon girl Agreee. With this comeback NCT have much recognition, esp in my country (Indonesia). If I'm not mistaken, they started getting invited to many event when they came back with this BOP. This will be legendary

      4. cinnamon girl

        She is the queen of all their songs tbh. This was a legendary era in K-pop history. Even though, this is not my favorite title track, this still is really special to me. Even my favorite NCT song doesn't come close to this. I don't know why, but I legit still can't seem to let go of this era.

    32. ェ ジ

      チェリボムほんま好きすぎる 中本パイセンビジュえぐいんよ

    33. 밍크

      엔시티 뮤비중에 이게 제일 간지임

    34. 이다더

      이때 감성... 그립다..ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

    35. Sy ee

      they got more attention now and brighter. they deserve it

    36. em

      This song would still be an absolute hit today

    37. nctea


    38. ᴀɴᴅʀɪᴜょ

      This song is still extraordinary in 2022

    39. chamin

      그들은 매우 재능있고, 나는 그들이 자랑스럽다 ㅠㅠ

    40. nævis we love you

      this era is THEE ERA. this is when they got their first win, got more recognition despite being completely different from the stationary songs during that time. this is what solidified nct’s music. six years in… 127 you’re still the biggest hit.

    41. Taeyong

      Honestly NCT127s songs are not for everyone. Like you either like it or hate it. They are not afraid to experiment and go for unique concepts and I honestly LOVE THAT about them. Idc that a lot of ppl (not in our fandom) dislike the song bcus most ppl in our fandom do like the song and thats what is more important. KEEP STREAMING NCTzens 💪.

      1. Jaem Nana

        Only their Title tracks are not for everyone but once you hear their b-sides it hits really different

      2. Doberman

        Before being a nctzen i've heard their song and i actually like it, i love all of the songs and their dance was lit🔥 it's really powerful and their visual💦 before i knew it i became a fan lol

      3. beatifictyong

        I think that goes for every sm group like red velvet they’re always experimenting but not complaining bc I love every bop NCT and red velvet release

      4. Diah Family Channel

        @Melina T I don't...if I read the comment section in every NCT MV's, My eyes will wet if I found anyone like their music. Automatically...I will thank them... Bc I love this bunch of talented boys so much

      5. Melina T

        Diah Family Channel no need to thank me. They are literally my life now lol.

    42. BBH * EXO * NCT * GOT7 *

      I am the biggest hit I am the biggest hit on the stage .... Yes you guys are the biggest hit

    43. Reb

      aí mano sério

    44. Elodie Tenshi

      GO 150M

    45. Avyne Aubrey

      Best title track...yet!

    46. Savage XOXO

      Your car will be on another swag level if u play NCT's song..welcome

      1. Multifandom Baby

        I do this. Like rn

      2. Charlene Guipo

        This comment is nothing but the truth.

      3. chochii Charlie

        Ohhh yes .

      4. ᴜʟᴛɪᴍᴀᴛᴇ ᴄʟᴏᴡɴᴢᴇɴ

        @Lata Sagar check out Regular, Simon Says and Chain. And if you wanna check out other subunits too, ask me

      5. Lata Sagar

        Plss suggest me their songs , I'm new here 😅

    47. sheza•ᴗ•

      what sign of SM in this era? didn't put subtitles on their videos. but i like it 👍🏻

    48. Thanh

      150M!!! KEEP STREAMING NCTzens!!!

    49. super doopa

      These guys are cool. Reminds me the intro of something from cardi b. Love these dancers groups making music videos. Really interesting to watch. Love how Jason Derulo paired with NCT 127. These dancers deserve their time in the spotlight.

    50. rasi

      the biggest hit on the stage fr

    51. jcore

      This era will forever remain iconic Sorry I don’t make the rules...

      1. Jin woo Kang

        @Idc Aboutlife WayV too

      2. Priyanka

        @peji well....for U Boss already did reach 100mil but yeah for the next target we have 7th sense

      3. peji

        @Idc Aboutlife and nct u

      4. Mohanambal A


      5. Mochi Bread


    52. como exclui o canal


    53. ace Yang?? #🕊️

      they are really biggest hit.

    54. L

      3:23 WinWin 매우 아름다운 완벽한 🥺💕

    55. 강규영


    56. hah's 하루

      this song still gave me the chills YES THEY THE BIGGEST HITT

    57. Gleyse #

      loving the beat

    58. Raissa Kern

      5 anos e o Mark não muda, continua a mesma coisa kkkk

    59. vee

      2022 but still watch this masterpiece

    60. Dar K


    61. sunroses :0

      "I'm the biggest hit on this stage" "I just made a million and i still not satisfied" Yeah, you made it boys, you are million seller now

      1. cheryl :D

        and now theyre triple million sellers ! :) i'm so proud

      2. Elish Garsula

        How come you have subtitles and I don't???

      3. FaZe DaRk

        Hate you

      4. carolina zeng

        And we proud :))

      5. Saiyuj Saies


    62. infinity M

      If you happy and you know it clap your hands

    63. como exclui o canal


    64. Random Land

      there outfits always hit diff


      This song have miracle voices 😍😍😍😘 I listen this song for 100000 times💜💜💜❤️❤️😍😍😍😻🤩

    66. Brianna Fitzpatrick

      mark: my name is mark, you can mark me in your heart sm: we gonna mark you in every group bro

      1. 《 Moni :b 》

        No veo la mentira JAJJA

      2. 《 Moni :b 》


      3. Alami Ouali Malak


      4. Alami Ouali Malak


      5. maambo


    67. Nhật Hoa

      Taeyong looks stunning

    68. Reece Graham

      Checking up on this masterpiece while waiting for 2 Baddies drops

    69. onyourm_ark

      This beat is insane!!

    70. Chelsea Khan

      Pleaseeee ... I love this choreo!!!!! 🔥🔥🔥

    71. Aly

      I am so proud of how far they’ve come as a group. They deserve way better.

      1. Aly


      2. eito!

        let’s str34m hard!!

      3. luvi

        I saw this comment and it has 127 likes

      4. 김종인 아내

        I still feel like they are underrated ...I mean they are so hardworking !! And soo unique !!

      5. Andy Tran

        Let’s keep working to spread the talent and name of our boys!

    72. K-TEEZ

      Still love this

    73. 2DEUN

      can't believe this song is almost 6 years old and they're still the biggest hit on this stage

    74. Snooy Woo

      Happy 5th Anniversary 🍒💣🎉💚

    75. mhsa

      Never gets old

    76. Lny Wo

      We got 99M in her birthday and taeil's. Let's get 100M now

      1. ojamajojo ً

        @Fathima Haseena 151 😁

      2. Fathima Haseena

        And now 150

      3. _staypressedhoney_

        Its 149 now hdhfhdh

      4. Lny Wo

        @rachel mujahid yess congrats

      5. rachel mujahid

        And now 100M

    77. Lea Taborda

      Mark's rap is also the biggest hit...

    78. angel

      2022 and they're still the biggest hit on the stage

    79. Isaac

      Too ahead of the time, new age music. Only SM stans get it

    80. Jessie Texas

      Felicidades, es un buen ejemplo. 4 sentadillas son unos Likeex.Uno muchas y un buen ejercicio. Se deja ver que hay muy buenos resultados 😍👍 Saludos desde la Cd.. de world 🌹😉💖 los mortalest abian apreciado tan hermosa mujer.

    81. mark koni


      1. d

        Pls don't say the word str3am in mv and don't use emoji's

      2. lisa_chogiwa

        I’m an exo-l but I still streamed this a bit :)

      3. maxturnus


      4. Janeva Rahman


      5. nur

        WE DID IT !! \(ㅠㅇㅠ)/

    82. banana puding

      it's already been half a decade since this came out yet this was peak.

    83. FarizA

      It makes me feel the most powerful person ever

    84. ditaash

      Chebomb has the best dance break part

    85. Naung Naung

      I so like you mct music ❤️❤️🎶🎵

    86. anna

      please SM johnny, yuta, and winwin deserves more line and screentime

      1. •°neo_trust°•

        I didn't know win-win is in nct- 127 as well but is just inactive wah thenks for telling me- atleast I got to know that from this lil drama✨👄✨ my rat cousin forgot to tell me that-

      2. CarolStar

        @NCT 127 songs are bops nope, he was featured as nct127 in smtown concert.

      3. Naega Byeonhae

        @NCT 127 songs are bops TF ARE U SAYING?

      4. NCT 127 songs are bops

        @ohhaa na most who stan 127 are not all unit stans. except dream stans who spread lies about members and are being sued by sm

      5. Hasna m.

        @NCT 127 songs are bops can you shut up you know? I'm tired of reading your comments. indeed if Winwin is still on NCT127 or not what's the problem?

    87. Daisy Lamigo


    88. 美玲 💙


    89. l

      back when they invented music... and then they forgot but i trust ya!! someday they'll come back 🙏🙏🙏

    90. lsya_xxy

      even though it's been a long time, i still like this mv 😍💚💚💚

    91. lindsey lumarque

      it’s hard to believe that this song is almost 3 years old now

      1. estie

        But i still love this song

      2. Alfina

        I feel like this song is released yesterday

      3. potato


      4. chocoball


      5. Aisleisy Concepción


    92. daniela °☆


    93. Muhammad Dzakwan Faaiz

      Sangat sedih . Tidak bisa melihat Winwin berada di NCT 127 lagi.

    94. Adinda Fitriani

      It's already 2022 and they're still the biggest hit on this stage

    95. Monica De La Cruz

      Esta canción es tan icónica ♡♡♡♡

    96. The green NCT


      1. saba

        Nctzens must love each other 😭😭

      2. Allyson Pit

        *Haechan and Xiaojun

      3. Anika Y

        Xiaojun and Haechan*

    97. j

      let's get this MV to 150M!!!

    98. Lucas♡

      اصواتهم واو

    99. nana

      incrível como o nct não tem NENHUMA música ruim, tudo obra de arte

    100. como exclui o canal