Girls' Generation 소녀시대 'The Boys' MV (KOR Ver.)



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    Girls' Generation 소녀시대 'The Boys' MV (KOR Ver.) ℗ S.M.Entertainment

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    1. ONEIZ

      *Some songs doesn't need a billion views to be called masterpiece.*

      1. Risini Mithara


      2. Momo-fficial SSRG

        @Ghofrane Haskouri china don't have KZsection lmao

      3. Fantasia xx

        If billions view means masterpiece than Rick roll song must be a legendary masterpiece😂💀

      4. Myriam Touil

        @Ghofrane Haskouri LMAO BICH WERE if they buy view don't you think they will have billions?! you probably a Stan from another company who come hate 🤣 its sm the big 3 they built their reputation as a big 3 before those view things

      5. Park Aciel


    2. 소녀월드♡


    3. 권sg

      이때 광야간건가…….

    4. john-paul jones

      Crazy that this song is 10yrs old and still bangs in 2022

      1. Winter Flower

        @Xu Chen it's already out ! Forever 1

      2. Xu Chen

        SNSD will be comeback in 5 August with the new full album, dont miss it

    5. um ser vivo

      eu quando toca esse hino

    6. NO NAME

      Its 2021,and no one can change the fact that Girls Generation are the legends of kpop

      1. kyu'swifey

        @Spilled Beans basic performers huh?when all the members are quite stable and have nailed complex choreographies and diverse concepts while your queens have stuck to one concept and have based their performances on rapping and stage presence only? You could have appreciated 2ne1 without bringing snsd down..both are legendary queens of kpop.

      2. dahyunnie

        @BANGTAN LOVE ARMY Girls generation can tbh 💁‍♀️

      3. Spilled Beans

        Nope. 2NE1 are the real queens. GG are basic performers and singers.

      4. STL Entertainment


      5. JB

        20.000+++ people agree with until now

    7. 병아리

      소시언니들 이젠 사랑하는분들이 생기면 결혼하고 자녀도 두고 남자분들 군대가듯 육아휴직 이라 생각하고 기다릴수 있을거같아요. 길게 오래 가길 바라는 마음이예요 .하고싶은거 다하세요 .응원할께요 ~

    8. asa

      pertamanya nonton MV comeback ini pas jaman ospek sma . skrg nonton lagi disaat diriku udah kerja dan punya anak. berasa flashback banget sihhh... berasa kaya masih sma lagi nonton para eonnie ini :")

    9. Claoeo

      i remember when this song was released and the whole kpop fandom reacted like a blockbuster hit came out. what a masterpiece.

      1. Samurai Sx

        @Lazy"S**E"stilltrolluntilnow goshh yea forgot SUJU MR SIMPLE

      2. Lazy

        yes many hit song in 2011 roly poly T-ARA, Be mine INFINITE, mr simple SUJU and battle of the 3 monster GG in the end 2011 The boys SNSD, Be my Baby WONDER GIRL, N cry cry T-ARA

      3. Samurai Sx

        at that time many were releasing hits, it was a really cool k-pop era! BEST K-POP ERA if you ask me. So many interesting concepts, great artists and various styles at the same time competing and enjoying the music thrill~ gosh, I couldn't decide if The boys by SNSD or I am the best by 2NE1 or This is war by MBLAQ or Fiction by B2ST or NEVERLAND by U-KISS, or STEP by KARA, or LOVE IS MOVE by Secret, would be my fav... miss it

    10. Laura Sainclair

      je ne me lasse pas d'écouter et voir encore et encore, j'adore trop

    11. Average Person

      This song aged like a fine wine, true goddesses of K-POP

      1. Esuchn


      2. The fear files

        @Lucia exactly

      3. jashan  drawings


      4. Wempy Setiajayag

        @Devilage 😎😎😎

      5. Wempy Setiajayag

        @Glenn Cooper 🎁

    12. Soraya Rodrigues

      minhas meninas

    13. Roro Chill

      They are coming back with their new album "FOREVER 1". Please, SONE, look forward to it and let's make our girls the happiest possible now that their comeback is ready. Let's show lots of love and support. "Girls' Generation make you feel the heat 🔥"

      1. Hafifi Chan

        @Momo A but the way she out, no I cant accept it.. poor jess.. stupiq sm

      2. Momo A

        @Eli Beth Jessica has been out of SNSD for 8 years and has been trying to create her own image outside of SNSD. We all love Jessica but she is no longer apart of GG so please support her new group in China

      3. Eli Beth

        9 girl but album forever 8 girl..?

      4. Rose Bae

        @lia yes!!

      5. Rose Bae


    14. ʏᴀᴋᴜᴢᴀᴀᴀ ᴄʜ

      MV terkeren sihh inii😎✌️

    15. Anything

      The original queens of kpop

      1. Pranathi Krishna


      2. Brenda Destiny Ackermann

        And Nation Girl Group💕✨️

      3. good vibes

        Women 👑

      4. angels burger🍔


      5. Fiofiioo

        And always today

    16. Girls Generation

      The iconic thing is that they debuted in a male dominated industry, climbed on top, ruled it and released this song at the peak of their career calling them boys to come out and show some courage. Girls' Generation do be making them feel the heat!

      1. good vibes

        Women moment 👑💪

      2. Kim

        @Mia kylie Schmidt industry back then didnt have groups to start off. It wasnt dominated by boy groups. Female fans heating over boy groups is a recent thing

      3. Mia kylie Schmidt

        @Kim the industry back then were full with popular boy groups. Ses disbanded already and the other girl groups you mentioned were still being dominated by boy groups

      4. Kim

        Like ses finkl baby vox didnt exist? Spreading lies

      5. Mia kylie Schmidt

        @Julia J 2nd gen bgs had alot of fans

    17. Rohyan Dompu

      Siapa yg mampir kesini karna kangen SNSD

    18. 헬로키티

      소녀시대 언니짱 멋있어요 ♥♥♥♥윤아언니.수영언니 유리언니. 티파니언니.효연언니태연언니 소연언니 너무 예뻐요 너무 멋져요 다들예뻐요

    19. Ben

      their vocals are no joke omg 464 likes

      1. FELIPE TORO

        Estoy loca o me miro

      2. Baejin

        They're coming back this Friday! 08.05 with Forever 1!! The physical album will be release next Monday 😄

      3. koala_syel


      4. Iam Me

        For real

      5. Night Time

        They will coming back with full album on 08.08.2022

    20. boss bsj


    21. Alberto Lezama

      Imagine SNSD coming back with a song like THIS.

      1. Lily Kim

        They did

      2. Gundam Music


      3. Coffee Baby

        Now, it can be true 😱

      4. the lord Naevis


      5. Real Kai Tv

        is gonna be blackpinck rival

    22. Helena Basilia

      jir lagu jaman gw SD-SMP wkwkw. SNSD 😍



    24. scarllatty Kawai

      Saudades desta época 😃 2022

    25. Elizabeth Raine Magdadaro

      if SNSD released this song this year, it would go viral on social media platforms. It'd go crazy viral on TikTok and literally in the whole world

      1. Geeah

        this song is a hit actually especially SNSD made a comeback after Japan promotions. This comeback made other group to push back their comeback stage too, Bigbang is one of them hahah

      2. ɪʜᴀᴛᴇ ᴍʏ ɴᴀᴍᴇ

        i don't want it to get viral on tik tok it's will get ruind

      3. Ajay Singh

        This song is actually bit viral

      4. DRAGO

        I can imagine Aespa singing this 🤯

    26. KR

      SNSD is still for me the most legendary girl group SM has ever created

      1. Ayelet


      2. Tijana Boskovic

        @eren it is

      3. eren

        @Tijana Boskovic The most legendary group sm founded is not snsd

      4. Tijana Boskovic

        @eren snsd still dominate lol

      5. eren

        @Tijana Boskovic I didn't ask you when I gave my opinion.

    27. 태양의 신부


    28. Shu'Music

      Mantappp keren banget ingat dulu selalu mendengarkan lagu ini waktu masih sekolah lol

    29. Barbara Vitoria Desan de Alcantara

      essa é boa dms

    30. Martin Ramirez

      Imagine opening the doors of heaven and hearing this 4:15 yes we are year 2022 and this song is still a BANGER

    31. Taeyeon is my goddes

      This song is like wine, the older it is, the better it gets

      1. TEN

        or you can say "this song aged like fine wine"

      2. Faza Fauziah

        yes i got goosebumps when they say “Girls' Generation we won't stop”

      3. Daisuke_Niwa


      4. Love Idol

        Nice comment💗💗

    32. DJ호탱이

      캬ㅐ 진짜 오랜만에 본다 옛날에는 PMP 에 막 넣어서 보고, 학교 TV에서 틀고 막 그랬었는데

    33. Kim Minjoo's Daily Whore

      We all love this song

    34. Kucing Daegal

      Girls' Generation adalah makhluk yang sangat berharga yang bersamaku di masa remajaku dan sekarang di usia 20-an. Lagu selalu membuatku merasakan dan berbagi kebahagiaan, kesedihan, atau emosi yang tak terhitung jumlahnya. Selamat atas ulang tahunmu yang ke 15, jangan berubah ❤️❤️

    35. Lily

      Nostalgia 💓😭😭😭😭

    36. dorothy

      2022 and this song is still iconic

      1. Becky Asfaw

        2 months later and you have 3k likes. Your welcome

      2. Ikram Ouhal


      3. Ikram Ouhal


      4. RosiePosieEater1997


      5. K boy Roeun

        I am here in 2022

    37. Nabillera


    38. l u n a🌾

      Forever 1💖

    39. ˢᵉʳᶤᶰᵃ

      The best GG ever 🫂🫧🫧😌♥️

    40. 54Nt1460CD

      Ellas desbordaban belleza y feminidad, tengo casi 30 años y este video todavía me causa la misma emoción que cuando lo vi por primera vez ♥️

      1. FELIPE TORO


      2. Daniela

        Me pasa lo mismo ♥️

    41. Badri Salim

      Don't worry. You're not the only one listening to this masterpiece in 2021

      1. kazel anne figueroa

        Me too

      2. Just Nobody

        So trueee!

      3. saphieee


      4. srinivasan brigitte


      5. georges hanneuse

        Vous avez des beaux groupes j aime vient vos groupes coreun

    42. stwqe


    43. Dolvxc

      Girls generation make feel the hit>>>>

    44. Lyka Jorda

      Legendary song Legendary kpop National girls group Best vocals taeyeon Jessica Tiffany seohyun sunny Best dancer hyoyeon yoona yuri sooyoung Center of visuals I'm yoona Maknel seohyun yoona

    45. Gian Yac120

      Yuri gives me the chills.. She's slaying the first chorus in this song..Situated at the center her movements are so perfect and precise .OMG!!

    46. Darahlene Erispe

      This is the reason why sones can't move on to another girl group, girls' generation is truly irreplaceable.

      1. AN 💞

        Yes trueee 🥲🥲🥲

      2. In Wa

        @Trish Nunez ok no need to bring twice here

      3. cosmic cloud42

        I know what you mean. I stan Gfriend and izone(sad both gone :'( )but No other can make you feel like GG did in their years.

      4. i.g.w haha


      5. Julie Ann Tampus


    47. katherine gomez Q.

      2022 🎶🎧forever 1 👑💖🎶 SNSD QUEENS👑💖🎤

    48. Kim So Botra

      18/08/2022 but I still listen this song #Still_love_you_SNSD ( Legendary GG ) 💙

    49. Miyuki Tsukino

      Legend queens are back!

    50. Shalini Adithya

      Forever 1 💗

    51. Joe Black

      Taeyeon's voice Jessica's english Tiffany's eye smile Yoona's beautiful face Sunny's Aegyo Seohyun's innocence Yuri's sexy curves Sooyoung's long legs Hyoyeon's dance skills *There will never ever be another Girls' Generation.

      1. belllie’ve walwal forever

        I really like and admire sooyoung's long legs 😭😭❤️

      2. Raindoset ▄︻̷̿┻̿═━一

        @Natsu Dragneel i haven't seen anything funny

      3. Natsu Dragneel

        Sooyoung - best variety show skills, she is effortlessly funny

      4. Wempy Setiajayag

        @Mays Ghanayem 👙

      5. Blink Once Cherish Not Army

        Yuri is so sexy

    52. 라쉬다

      First GG song i listened in 2016... So nostalgic....❤

    53. Mim Kpop

      Love the intro

    54. Don Duertes


    55. Negoli

      They are legend of kpop

    56. 传说jaeee

      remember when sm released the boys teasers and other girl group's company started to delay their comeback, that's how powerful this comeback.

      1. Lazy

        whos that group ??

      2. xyz

        the most iconic thing to happen

      3. GangRat

        @MysteryLover Theres several girl groups who can compete with boy groups like twice, red velvet and blackpink.

      4. Gio Garzo

        Yo u just unlocked the memories I forgot lol the hype of this comeback was making the other companies groups delayed lol

      5. Lil uzi verts nose bridge piercing

        That's crazy it was like that

    57. rafina nurannisa

      My queen😍

    58. Jen Mac

      Después de ese glorioso comeback hay que hacer maratón éstas reinas

    59. ANNIE

      제시카는 비둘기 돼서 날라갔네 ㄲㄲ

    60. KA TOON

      Love this song

    61. Sand Hanitizer

      10 years later, still iconic.

      1. 聞仲=龐統


      2. Raha Khan


      3. loading2112

        wtf it's already 10 years I feel old 👁👁

      4. Wempy Setiajayag

        @Nita more info 🎵

      5. Wempy Setiajayag

        @Nita more info 💖💖💖

    62. Treadstone Operative

      *SNSD MV Views Projects As Of 11 Sep 2022* . *Congratulations to SNSD and SONEs! SNSD's The Boys MV has reached 280,003,924 views! This means SNSD, including, group, subunits, and solo releases, now officially have 2 music videos that surpassed 280 million views! Thank you to everyone who have helped to contribute to this milestone! Keep enjoying SNSD's incredibly diverse music! Fighting!* . *SNSD Group MVs:* SNSD The Boys 280,003,924 views (280M milestone)

    63. Blue Hour

      I wish I had joined at that time, surely they were happy and didn't know

    64. Maria Segovia

      Bellas 🔥

    65. Usuario kpop

      GG is perfect ☺️👍

    66. Natural Light

      Girls Generation doesn’t have any bad songs.

      1. Hansol ヒカサ

        @MAACHI'z Nightcore wtf crazy,It looks like you don't know anything about kpop

      2. Sammy Jone


      3. Kimchi Kim

        @MAACHI'z Nightcore I am indian and snsd is famous here ... 😒

      4. Kimchi Kim

        @MAACHI'z Nightcore why so jealous miss... You aren't evn famous in your neighborhood 😞

      5. amna Sherin

        Ofcoz yaa.Snsd love 😍😍😍

    67. Moody TV

      Girl goup best ever ❤️

    68. Love Idol

      They ain't lying when they said that girls' generation don't stop. Yes, the group that paved the way for kpop girl groups. GIRLS' GENERATION!

    69. Rachelle Anne


    70. Jack La

    71. it's hard being a multistan

      "GIRLS' GENERATION MAKE YOU FEEL THE HEAT" will forever be iconic.

      1. Rakshita Singh


      2. Kpop Scenario


      3. Kay Lee

        @SORIKKUu 2:25

      4. SORIKKUu




    72. Nur Ayu

      Legend🥺❤️ miss this era so much

    73. 𝚜𝚝𝚏𝚞⚖️

      2022 still my fv song 😔💗

    74. Febby Nesia


    75. Ajla01

      Back when kpop was about quality and not views. The original girl group!

    76. muggle

      Nobody's better than *THE* NATION'S GIRL GROUP ( girl's generation)

      1. MSNair

        @SUPREMOS 2ne1 had rap and stage presence. In everything else, SNSD excels.

      2. Caine Wong

        Agree 100%

      3. tian flores

        @SOSHITWICE Twix’s Flop for me tanked last December & the predicted SOTY for that month on Gaon Music Awards is actually the NGG’s leader, Taeyeon’s What Do I Call You. Trust me, no one in this convo’s literally tHAT bitter except for u. since you’re obviously a twix fan who cannot accept the fact that your 9 vocal-less f4ds are not the REAL national girl group. While SNSD’s members remain individually relevant today, have amazing vocals, & are still loved by the nation itself. deal with it :))

      4. tian flores

        @jady was actually trollin a bit there 😚 but WG was NOT the national girl group before SNSD. NO ONE WAS & NO ONE WILL EVER BE. That title was created by the KOREAN GOVERNMENT, Gallup & GP back in 2010 for SNSD & SOSHI ALONE. Stop twisting facts f@d.



    77. Ndkdkwjsksokamcjd

      Snsd paved the way for all

    78. Dexter Ladero

      Bring back the legends

    79. DRAGO


    80. Dolvxc

      This song deserves a BILLION views

    81. JackFany

      This song will be 10 years old, this year. Still a bop. I can't believe it'll already be a decade.

      1. Nenton

        @Maxine Bautista HAPPY 10TH ANNIVERSARY

      2. Maxine Bautista

        Today is the day!

      3. glaciemdraco

        Happy '2 days to 10 years anniversary' everyone :D

      4. Amalia Putri Sukmawati


      5. Nenton

        @Jan Ray same except i was like 6 y/o when this song came out and my sister infected me with the sone 😭

    82. Citra Gumilang

      Keren abis.. 🥰

    83. jimena

      Ellas son el número uno

    84. Shenelka Madushi

      If you listen to this in 2022 your'e a real sone of SNSD 🥺💓 LOVE YOU QUEENS 🥺😍

    85. 蕾艾咪

      😍😍 'The Boys

    86. Taeyong shines like an angel

      Jessica’s “GG” line is indeed OLD but still GOLD. Even this song is.

      1. Maria Jibran


      2. junx koOk

        @Nadia zb lmao?? Why so mad?? Calm down toxic!!

      3. Free Fire contents 🔥

        @Nadia zb Wtf?

      4. Zahra

        @Nadia zb Bruh you're weird ...

      5. their brotherhood and friendship is called e-x-o

        @Nadia zb I've been there on your place before lol. But I'm telling you, there are lots of K-Pop artists who sing live. The auto-tune thing is a stereotype.

    87. Ahmad Fauzi

      Full charisma!!!

    88. Riccardo Malmesi


    89. nourtejv

      in 2022 and this song is a masterpeace

    90. Dolvxc

      This song hits different every single day

    91. Ellie FP

      I think we can all agree that Girl’s Generation were ahead of their time.

      1. cosmic cloud42

        Don't forget about 'I got a boy' too

      2. crossmarian crosscode

        calling yoona ugly is stupidity on your side, you are the ugly one crybaby, loser

      3. hyekyosgf

        @V c lol are you still in 2014?? why don’t you do your faves a favor and stream their mvs instead huh?

      4. unholymitzi

        @paulina mawikere people like this are the ones who break other idol's career, omg queen of ✨gossip✨ y'all

      5. Irwan Sshione


    92. Sone Sone

      Jika kau tau segimana terkenal nya blackpink saat ini, seperti itulah snsd pada jaman nya.. Bahkan sampe sekarang membernya masih aktif & populer di Korea, Karir mereka tetap langgeng 15 tahun & seterusnya.. 💪

      1. Elsye Lie

        Setuju. Harus mengakui fakta

    93. Duy Anh Nguyễn

      the rose and dove scene is iconic. no one is doing it like them.

    94. MMA Clips Brazil


    95. Fariz Safroni

      2022 still in my favorite list

    96. Rikue7

      *Fact:* Girls’ Generation has never done a bad song.

      1. Lazy

        @lvnsuji wow ... star star star hello LAZY SONE how are u ... ?? 🤣🤣🤣🥰🥰🥰

      2. lvnsuji

        @Reymond Suluh Tarihoran yeah at the end of the day music is subjective but i feel like sones force themselves to like every single song similary to armys (no offense) like some of them can't even have a subjective opinion on the music or they feel like they're betraying snsd or something silly like that

      3. lvnsuji

        @Reymond Suluh Tarihoran i think their 1st and 2nd studio albums are weak except show show show and star star star and MAYBE boys & girls, the boys album is amazing and flawless, igab album is experimental so that's subjective, lion heart pretty weak except you think, show girls, bump it, check and maybe like 2 more i can't remember, holiday was a great album and as for minis, mr mr is the only mini without a skip for me 😭

      4. lvnsuji

        y'all haven't heard their discography 😭 they're queens but cmon now they have a handful of misses

      5. Tatyana Nazarova

        @Deborah Carvalho what's wrong with 'holiday'?? i like this song.....

    97. Eun-hi Kim

      I think girl's generation it's incomplete without Jessica (she has a strong stage presence)

      1. Hafifi Chan

        & something missing in term of vocal in snsd song.. look at forever one, something missing

    98. æ_ Haters SSIBAL

      Make The Boys music video as the filler for Forever 1. Let's go SONEs SNSD and SONEs Forever 1

    99. EXO 10 anniversary

      다시만난 세계관

    100. lalibobo

      they are still the best