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    Girls' Generation’s 4th full length album "I GOT A BOY" has been released.
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    Girls' Generation 소녀시대 'I GOT A BOY' MV ℗ S.M.Entertainment

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    1. rhino

      Fact: We can't find a generation better than Girls' Generation.

      1. Anupam Awasthi


      2. Sweet Triple J


      3. Rakshita Singh

        Woahhhh.. Truly said

      4. Ellyanor sobhi

        @KJD DKS me too

      5. KJD DKS

        In fact they brought me to kpop world and never leave it since then. So for next generation thanks to this legend

    2. bylle

      Happy 15th anniversary SNSD 💗 #GG4EVA

    3. 예

      2022년에도 이 노래 듣고 있는 사람??

    4. DRAMA.768

      2022 and this song is still a BOP

      1. Prod Serislit

        can't believe it's been 9 years ago

      2. Cristina Cavalheiro

        @King of Pop BTS ta falando muito, seus favs nao conseguiram nem 200million views em yet to flop

      3. Joshua Tuicaucau

        Ikr...they are legends❤️❤️

      4. Y N 25

        @Tyler Pham idc, but for me SNSD is truely the "KOREAN PRIDE", before bts got exist these nowadays, they "SNSD" got paved the way / open kpop so really-really famous

      5. Tyler Pham

        @Y N 25 ??? I don't compare them ??? Do you know how to read?

    5. Sarah

      I love how so many people are coming back to this after NMIXX’s debut 😂 SNSD was ahead of the time and although it took a lot of people back with the genre changes in this song, they did it really well and remains an iconic song!

      1. um nome muito criativo

        @LoonaTheMoon nesse caso desculpa por ter arruinado sua playlist de kpop

      2. min min

        SNSD was way better than Nmixx

      3. Serena Green.

        @Chaewon Kim sm started it all in kpop. U jyp Stan want to claim one thing for ur fav, but before ur fav did it, sm has already done it. Ses was the first girl group in kpop and they had the lore, same with snsd and exo. The mixxpop started with sm. The likes of tvxq, Fx and super junior has the perfect mixxpop. U should do some research before typing because u guys are only bias and want ur fav to have something.

      4. Serena Green.

        @Chaewon Kim yes kpop is influenced by black pop and every company has been inspired by them in making music. But u accuse only sm of no originality, when other companies did it too. Even yg is heavily influenced by black pop, but u haven't mentioned him. But we are still pointing out who brought it first to kpop and we know sm and yg started it all in kpop. Sm started the training system which is the backbone of kpop. And having black producers can have an influence in the kind of music u make because they can decide to add their style into the music.

      5. Chaewon Kim

        @Serena Green. does having black producers correlate to how KPOP is mainly influenced by black media? and no i did not call out sm or accuse them of anything but its you who are dragging my words out. thats just like u saying a reclaimed slur but excuse urself by saying u have a friend that has reclaimed it. black producers mean more diversity but that still does not correlate how kpop STARTED mainly bc of black culture influence.

    6. 다녤이

      funny how this song was released almost 9 years ago and still being compared with new gens' song. SNSD IS AND ALWAYS THE STANDARD

      1. AcebyGrace

        @cece huh? Kahit peg to ng nmixx? One of 4th gen ggs? Bitter ka jan. The best ang 2nd gen era, wag kang ano.

      2. Pororo

        @cece sana pina billboard mo 🫶

      3. Pororo

        @sushil kumar haha bobo. do you even know what discography means 🫶

      4. Elsa Guanga

        @cece because 2nd gen paved their way to make them have easier path way, so stfu and humble yourself up

      5. lexxxy

        this song's lenght is 9 yers

    7. Albedo Kreideprinz

      sometimes, experiments end up in major failures. but sometimes, they end up as masterpieces!!

      1. nat

        @chromed why compare lmfao

      2. SubaruTheCar

        Albedo is a Soshi omg

      3. xiaotingven

        Shut up you alchemist tvvink this isn't a masterpiece this is a flop the rap flopppppped so bad and the transitions o.o >>>>>> igab

      4. jendela kertas

        Prepare for their comeback in August this year yes

      5. Rakshita Singh

        Just like THIS ONE

    8. ma5on

      얘들아! 2023년에도 여기서 만나자~🤗

    9. lnls

      no one can beat sm experimental songs

      1. Kyaw Nyein

        Not even h00g h00g ,lol

      2. hi.

        @11 STEM- Ralph Jonas barbosa not for SM no. But for people who only heard basic songs the song switch up and instrumental can be ‘loud’ for them

      3. 11 STEM- Ralph Jonas barbosa

        is this really an experimental song?

      4. Mile Vk


      5. Rakshita Singh

        Exactly .. no-one

    10. Bambi Yoong


      1. Rakshita Singh


      2. Merina Hariani


      3. Haris Rahiman

        Sunny, she's senior in kpop industry

      4. Namgi biased

        who is the girl with the short hair?? she is sooo cute

    11. bert

      This song released 8 years ago and people still talking about it. Literally a Bohemian Rhapsody of KPOP.

      1. Luciano Ciuti

        @dominic Why u talk like an idiot

      2. Mile Vk


      3. adonai yah

        They are so slept on. I wont forget how u guys abandoned this group

      4. Hwang Hyunjin

        Almost 9 years!

      5. Tiff Kim

        Snsd sings in their managers wedding and jessica in their friends wedding.

    12. Cheese rolls

      Everytime there's a kpop experimental music released I'm always coming back here THE PIONEER

    13. Anupam Awasthi

      No one does it like Girls generation y'all 🖐🏻🖐🏻🖐🏻🖐🏻...SLAY QUEENS

    14. Yesenya Alaka

      Thanks to the producer of this song and girls generation for creating this new genre and the reason why it became so popular Love them and miss them❤️❤️❤️ Still miss Jessica😭 They rocked it all back in those times👏👏💐💐💐

    15. asdfghmnbvcs

      The song is really long but I don't really find it tiring probably because of the adlibs and harmonies. Also it was executed well.

    16. Fan Boy

      I Got A Boy by Girls Generation is the first MV of Kpop that reached 5M views by 24 hours.

      1. Kelli Sees

        @eve star no one has gotten 100M views in 24 hours 😅 but BTS does hold the record for highest in 24 hours

      2. eve star

        @Dumbo Alvear aren't it's BTS?

      3. jia

        @Hmingters i literally saw ads with their ready for love mv lol everyone uses ads to promote kpop mvs. It's a way of promoting so idk whats ur point

      4. Xxx Juny

        @Victor Nunes really? Well i don't follow the trend at the time then, bcs back then I just watched it once then downloaded it in lowest resolution possible to fit in my memory space

      5. Victor Nunes

        @Xxx Juny The streaming era started in 2007.

    17. Lauren

      Great to see people coming back to this masterpiece, they are truly legends

      1. Random Identity

      2. Arif Aiman


    18. yoLanda marie

      Biar nanti, klo udh tuaaaa bgt, mudah2an panjang umur, baca komentar ini. Sudah bertahun2 nonton VC ini, tapi tetap senyum2 liatnya, tetap ngerasa bangga, pernah ngeFans sm mereka2 ini... 😁🥰 Love u all, GG.. ^^ 6 February 2022

    19. Patrick Hipe

      Are you ready? For the comeback of our girls tomorrow!?😍

    20. Ddalgi

      Pueden crear todas las canciones experimentales que deseen pero ninguna como I Got a Boy.

    21. g

      Saranghae!! OH OHOWEYO

    22. 우치난츄

      이 노래가 벌써 곧 10주년이네 ㅠㅠ

    23. Meezle

      “Don’t stop, let’s bring it back to 140” will always be iconic.

      1. Freja Arts & Drawings

        You have 140 likes

    24. yuni maharini

      masih enak aja didengerin di tahun 2022

    25. Ichyaaa Putpris

      Let's see, how many people are listening to this song in 2021

      1. ShewaN_Æ

        It's 2022 lol

      2. user N-@nd

        I watching again in 2022

      3. Viggo

        Not me, it’s 2022 here

      4. VIPtiny7012

        Bruh 2022

      5. um nome muito criativo

        Eu tô em 2022

    26. Sunwoo🌸

      My childhood memories with this song never fades, and it's 2022 now!!


      This song is ART, ORIGINAL and SYNCHRONIZED 👑

      1. AlterEgo756

        @Judas so technically newbie, because this came out on 2013 and even won KZsection Video Awards

      2. Judas

        @AlterEgo756 ive liked kpop since 2018

      3. AlterEgo756

        @Judas kpop newbie

      4. SunooOml

        @Judas I bet you didn't start from this era

      5. Serena Green.

        @Judas go and clean ur ears.

    28. Jemmel Mante


    29. ‮(말 는라‭(대충

      옛날에듣고 뇌리에박혀서 지금도 간간히 생각날때마다듣는노래

    30. SNSD NGG


      1. Ohmyuna

        @Moonlqvs true, sm's artist bringed standards to the idol industry, i never understood why is sm so negligent toward the artist, it is known that when a controversy rumor or hate happen to their artists, sm do nothing to protect them and clear things up, to this day they're still like that

      2. Moonlqvs

        Please don’t support the company’s. Support the artists. SM is extremely problematic and is known to mistreat its idols especially foreign idols.

      3. Ohmyuna

        SM is the blue print

      4. 7dreamland


    31. Official dalgom

      Unexpected rap amazing rap

    32. seulbearrr

      this is the best experimental song in kpop! i said what i said omg thanks for 370+ likes 😭

      1. jendela kertas

        Prepare for their comeback in August this year

      2. RYAN F.M.

        May I ask what is an experimental song?

      3. purplenanya

        @loading2112 💀💀💀

      4. loading2112

        Lol everyone else also came here after that debut I see

    33. Yupichan Narti

      Sudah 9 tahun lagu ini dan melihat comeback mereka sekarang tuh luar biasa wajah mereka tdk ada yg berubah

    34. call mebabby

      Who else having SNSD’s MV marathon during this quarantine?😂😂

      1. Ha htoi pan Maran


      2. Muh Faj Fir

        Streaming All mv and song SNSD,King Taeyeon and member ya,,thank you..

      3. Muh Faj Fir

        @Isa~ • Streaming all mv and song SNSD ,King Taeyeon and Member ,,thank you ...

      4. Isa~ •


      5. 김요한

        @Vinnie Gaming 0p

    35. Jann Acebuche

      This song will forever iconic. No other groups can top this!

    36. byun baekhyun

      the blueprint

    37. Hyuna ,

      비트체인지가 계속 있는데 바뀔때마다 좋음 개띵곡 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

    38. Katia Ticona Casa

      Si ven esto, no olviden pasar por FOREVER 1

    39. SONE VN

      8 years ago, Girls’ Generation won the 'Video of the Year' award at the KZsection Music Awards with over 3 million votes.

      1. Sara Kim Jonghyun


      2. hotsootuf


      3. Shairin Jannat

        Girls Generation is the best!!!

    40. Tiểu Dương

      15 anniversary Next 5 years, i still watch this video for 20 anniversary

    41. Helton Park


    42. YASH

      Yessss Queens!

    43. Alice Sarbong

      Felicidades, es un buen ejemplo. 250 sentadillas son unos KiNgLoVe.UnO muchas y un buen ejercicio. 5:25 Se deja ver que hay muy buenos resultados 😍👍 Saludos desde la Cd.. de world 🌹😉💖 los mortales abian apreciado tan hermosa mujer.7

    44. Love Idol

      Kpop is not kpop without this legendary bop.

      1. Stay Bin

        True. This legendary bop is one of the songs that defined the 2010s. Snsd are really the true queens.

      2. Peachy Potion

        so trueeee

      3. TKT Videos

        @Anderson Luna Clearly you can't take a joke. R/woooooosh. I'm not really comparing, I'm just making a joke. You don't have to get so defensive lol.😂

      4. Anderson Luna

        @TKT Videos OmfG he/she didn't said anything bad about Gangnam style. So why are you comparing both?

      5. TKT Videos

        **Cries in Gangnam Style**

    45. Ateez Ateez

      Still my favorite song 😍

    46. Nga


    47. Alek

      This is definitely the golden era of kpop, with iconic song and exaggerated style

    48. Soshi


    49. Juledix Bermejo

      HYOYEON is so underrated. Now she's enjoying her dessert.

      1. ☾'mysseraefim'☽

        @V c i highly doubt that

      2. JH

        @V c There's no way you are prettier than Hyoyeon

      3. JH

        @Jeremy Mittwer Haha I loved it

      4. Stan gidle Stan talent

        @My universe yes u gave a rocking and dashing answer to him/her

      5. My universe

        V c oh hunny she’s like so pretty. She’s not ugly. At least she have a talent of dancing,rapping and singing. How about u? What’s ur talent huh? Judging people over their look?

    50. Mark Malabonga

      This song really deserve(s) to be the recipient of KZsection Video Music Awards! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

    51. Mohamad Husaini

      SNSD and SONEs We are Forever One

    52. Jessa Bitancur

      my og mix pop

    53. leslie

      So iconic

    54. Raylee

      every SM girl group has that one song that is just so unique SNSD- i got a boy Fx- Red Light Red Velvet- Zimzalabim

      1. JuanDii _17

        Aespa- Next level

      2. kam tha man

        ​@Draco Malfoy the best

      3. ELFanatic

        Red light is underrated.

      4. Lesiguez , Iana T.

        @Ruma Lulu true, because it is the concept of the group

      5. LoonaTheMoon

        Wow y'all forgot s.e.s.

    55. Navi rv

      And this is how I entered to the kpop world when I was 10 yrs old This song will forever be special to me

      1. Keiko Masashige


      2. bazi bear

        OMG SAME I WAS ALSO 10

      3. Rhainbow Rhailien

        I’ve known them since I was in 5th grade in 2010-2011 with their Gee MV!!! 🥰

      4. Hey Army You Nice Keep Fighting

        Queens love em💕🎶👏🏽

    56. xierilla

      idk but i was just literally watching 4th gen music videos and this got into my recommendations again AAAAAA i miss SNSD sm!

    57. Sabrina's

      I know people are back here again because of Nmixx's debut 😆

    58. Zain Qassem

      I am making a revision to all of snsd's songs before the comeback 🔥💙 #GG4EVA

    59. Juhanto Saputra

      Queen of KPop it's girl generation

    60. Keven Rosa

      Still iconic

    61. Gizelle Orpia

      Legend 🥺❤️

    62. Lili Yen

      I’m here because I NEED TO GO BACK HOME after hearing that song. 😳

      1. Bangtwice in your area

        Me who actually liked it : ^.^

    63. Angeline Alejo

      I GOT A BOY set the bar so high for having the best experimental song ever. No one can top that 💅🏻 oh wait we also have Zimzalabim and Next Level so... SM Blueprint y'all!

      1. cvsmicnat_rblx

        @abheri jyp tried but sm will always be better, i still like that song though

      2. giz

        SM Girlgroups superior!

      3. sims2lovealot

        @næonメ super junior have written and produced a LOT of their own songs and they've been doing it since they debuted. Look it up, they've done heaps. SHINee have also written quite a few of their own songs and exo too.

      4. næonメ

        @sims2lovealot actually SM doesn't care about their artist writing a song, snsd said they've write alot of songs but SM rejects it

      5. laisja xo

        Why was it experimental pls someone explain

    64. Gwyneth Nicole

      here for ear cleansing 😇

    65. Ahmad Fauzi

      This song was soooo powerful back then!!!!

    66. Xuân

      I love it

    67. sᴏsʜɪ ❽⓿❺

      SNSD have a new reality show '소시탐탐' that will air in July, ahead of their *comeback and 7th studio album release* in August🔥🔥 Please prepare well for their return Sones!!

    68. Nasrul Zaffrey

      This song is literally the definition of 3 things: *ICONIC. NOSTALGIC. LEGENDARY.*

      1. us3r_fj0rd ?!

        Didnt u comment this on the 2ne1 mv....?

      2. Super Tin

        this is the same comment i saw on wonder girls' nobody

      3. aleakim

        I saw you with that exact same comment in 2NE1's music video 😂

      4. Luvcyj

        I saw this comment in am the best 😭😭

      5. Maw Maw

        Nasrul Zaffrey I see u everywhere

    69. ezra

      When people think you started kpop with 3rd gen groups.. but u were a SM stan for years...

    70. Dey Octianty

      250 Million 🥳🥳🥳🥳 congratsssss

    71. I'm Tee

      this are legends, they are the moment. no one can top this..

    72. Thảo Quyên Tô Nguyễn

      Từ bài hát nào đó phải quay về bật IGAB để cảm nhận lại =))))) Ôi IGAB mãi mận, mãi slay

    73. Jumpツ

      dont tell me you still come back here in 2021 i will LITERALLY fall for you.

      1. NAVANEETH SUTTU 1810

        Still in 2022 ... nobody can forget this masterpiece..........

      2. winter

        @Jumpツ sup 😏

      3. Jumpツ

        @winter well hello there

      4. winter

        well you're gonna fall really hard for me because i just came back and it's 2022

      5. Jumpツ

        @yeah...getintoit welcomeee

    74. tell me your wish 💘

      Let's go GG💗

    75. Angelica Chawary

      Lahat Ng wallpapers ko , posters ko sa Bahay sila lahat yun , I'm a big fan of GG .❤️

    76. Nearadey Chanpich

      I still love this MV so much

    77. Kim Jaejoong AKTF

      I can't wait for the comeback!!!

    78. Nicolai Lucido

      the best

      1. Khai Villa

        @GKArtworker it's an experimental song so what you expect from it?

      2. Grace

        @GKArtworker This song paved the way for genre mashup in Kpop music. It is literally art because they were able to combine 9 different music genres into one song. It may not have been seamless but this song is peak experimental music. And art shouldn’t please everyone who consumes it. After SNSD released IGAB, you can find hints of its structure in so many kpop songs from different groups that followed. Now almost every kpop song uses genre mashup, it was just perfected over time.

      3. Yohanes Carlos

        @Angeline Alejo red velvet too

      4. adonai yah

        What makes something experimental it seems to be a term for something within the kpop world

      5. thinkaboutchuu

        TRUEEE OMGGGG!!!!

    79. Listen to Agust D 'D-2' Mixtape on Spotify

      My favorite song of them

    80. One Random Guy Who Hates Unfairness

      one of the best bridges of kpop songs

    81. John Michael Jimenez


    82. Nan 02

      tomorrow is snsd 15 anniversary and a long waited comeback i cant believed it lets cry together sones 😭 😭😭😭😭

    83. Dancing Dann

      This song will forever remain ICONIC.

      1. Kartun Animasi

        @Stream TXT Taehyun's Let Me Cover ICONIC

      2. moa I miss gg ;(

      3. Nxzu._

        Its 6 december 2021 now.Do you still remember this song?

      4. Mern (IU×EXO bias)

        @NiGHTS Just listen to your autotune faves😜

      5. Elly

        @Home One I heard this song 6 years ago

    84. Claymore007

      This song aged pretty well. Now this song concept is coming back in Kpop.

    85. Rosélle

      The best. I danced this back in college and I was amazing.👯👯

    86. BABIGIE

      2022 and still listening to this powerful song❤️🥺nakakadala yung energy ng kanta nila

    87. 🖤 KARINA 🖤


    88. kamille Fernandez

      Before black pink, twice, itzy, mamamoo etc. We have girls generation and this song is still iconic.

      1. Caeli Rogero

        @Hyunjin Kim Yass

      2. Platinum Slim

        @Metajona he or her is just saying that those group could never compare to SNSD,2ne1,kara,tara,etc etc

      3. Metajona

        2ne1 also.

      4. child eater™

        Yeah we know

      5. Jamie // cis female // she her

        you didn’t have to bring in mamamoo. or itzy. their music have real meaning

    89. 小吉的最後夢幻

      2022 still amazing~one song within difference style~~~~

    90. Octagon Sky

      I love them

    91. Zaigen Sky

      I hope , for this year comeback they have the same concept and vibe of igab 🥰

    92. Blackpink_Blink

      Casi 10 años de está joya

    93. Shalynn13

      Only SM can do these songs and make them work

      1. Mile Vk


      2. Hurri

        only girls generation

      3. jia

        @Aprajita Sikdar not really. They only stick with the Girl Crush concept

      4. 복숭아sweet

        @Aprajita Sikdar no they can’t lol they stick with trendy songs that meant for everyone to like ;b

      5. Aprajita Sikdar

        actually yg also can

    94. blue0berry__ yuh!

      such a iconic song! 😭❤️

    95. Andres Felipe Tarazona Holguin

      Chicas Girls Generation I Got A Boy Tengo Un Chico Hace 9 Años 2013 Clasico Del Pasado 2013 De Su Album I Got A Boy 2013 SM Entertainment 2013

    96. Maimai Kalamai

      Its 2022, but I still listen to this. 💖💖💖💖💖

    97. Hanif Budiarti

      sooyoung cantik bgt 👑👑💖

    98. Ichigo ai

      Unpopular opinion : no matter how much we love twice, rv, BP, etc. We would always go back to this classic piece as well as 2ne1

      1. Shin BLACKPINK sucker

        True!! No lies detected

      2. trusfrated blink


      3. Leon

        It’s not competition really. Not to be a buzzkill but we all like different things and to listen to only group isn’t realistic unless you’re a stan 😶

      4. Little Star

        As well as wonder girls. The holy trinity that introduces people to Kpop lol.

      5. Ceyanna Carter

        @Ha Halabyu ok you don't have to bring down others groups just to praise your faves so childish

    99. tin


    100. exo domina

      who's here after merchie announced that there will be a snsd comeback???