Girls' Generation 소녀시대 'Gee' MV



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    Original Release in 2009, Remastered in 2022.
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    Girls' Generation 소녀시대 'Gee' MV ℗ SM Entertainment

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    1. Nhà đẹp MAXHOME

      GEE and SORRY SORRY are 2 national anthems of kpop! Period.

      1. Condor Crow

        @Baejin I mean... At least all of them have different songs. Look at BP, for example - it's just one song over and over again ("ratatata", "badabingbadaboom", "duddududdu", "rampapampapampapa"). Still love them, though, but it's getting hella old, while the actial old songs stay pretty much timeless.

      2. Condor Crow

        @SAKIN not old enough

      3. manika


      4. Thuta Win Tun

        Add Nobody by wonder girls and your list is perfect

      5. So Anne's Diary

        Kpop Official Anthem: Evergreen Gee Sorry Sorry Nobody Growl Gangnam Style

    2. 민뚫뚜

      이제와서 들으니 이 신나는 노래가 슬프다.

    3. dsey a2

      My angel My girls My sunshine #Forever1

    4. helen


      1. Martin 81

        True agree

    5. Treadstone Operative

      *SNSD MV Views Projects As Of 26 Sep 2022* . *Congratulations to SNSD and SONEs! Oh!GG's Lil' Touch MV has reached 160,000,153 views! This means SNSD, including, group, subunits, and solo releases, now officially have 6 music videos that surpassed 160 million views! Thank you to everyone who have helped to contribute to this milestone! Keep enjoying SNSD's incredibly diverse music! Fighting!* . *SNSD Group MVs:* SNSD Oh 139,259,553 views (741k to 140M milestone)

    6. Celine Assami

      there’s no kpop without girls generation. and that’s a fact.

      1. Xu.j0


      2. doohof

        NO, all KPOP these days very2 struggling.. but today is the result of their presence

      3. Gab's Motovlog

        Also BigBang one of the best 1st generation Kpop group.

      4. 김샤월

        @solaelaes 🕺 !!!

      5. 김샤월

        @solaelaes 🕺 .!.!.!.!!!.!!!.!

    7. Bagas Hayujatmiko

      The FIRST KPop girl group to reach 100M views in the history 😊


      이게 10년 넘었다니... ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 들은게 엊그제 같은데.. 90's 기억하는가!!

    9. Dilene Silva


    10. 개깡패

      군대에서 이걸처음봤었는데 자랑스럽다

      1. Bobby J 48

        Super cool 👍👍

    11. chaehyunlover

      life is too short to pretend you didn’t like this song

      1. Joel GG Gaming

        yes sir!

      2. Condor Crow

        Why would I?

      3. Athafaris real channel

        @A 💗 E

      4. Me


      5. Jello Fooshy

        Turns out i used to watch it in my mom's old phone everyday as a kid lol. No wonder i keep having "gee gee gee gee gee" in my head.

    12. Martin 81

      366K to 299M fighting sones fighting 💪 ❤ 💙 fighting 💪 💙 ❤

      1. Martin 81

        @Bobby J 48 Fighting 299M fighting 💪😊💙

      2. Bobby J 48

        299M Fighting 😄👍👍💕

    13. ᴀʟɪ•ᴛ

      After Gee hits 300M we will focus on MrMr to get 100M please S♡NE let's work together

    14. 박성진

      코로나 오기 12년전,러시아 우크 전쟁 터지기 14년 전, 고백으로 짝사랑한테 까인 뒤 뮤직뱅크로 아이유의 좋은날을 처음 접하고 위로받은 동시에 내가 결혼하기 5년 전이며 몇주 전 돌아가신 친아빠가 엄마와 이혼하신 시점이군요 전 그이후로 아빠 얼굴을 10년넘게이자 마지막으로 영안실에서 보았습니다 씁슬하지만 잘 이겨내야겠죠

    15. Ean Albe

      Still can't believe this songs is 13 years old already.

    16. Trollerina

      this song lives in my head rent free for all time

      1. jendela kertas

        Prepare for their comeback in August this year

      2. Bunthy Phonesho

        @Suga sold Jimin's jams for 3 dollars🍷 you

      3. Bunthy Phonesho

        @Suga sold Jimin's jams for 3 dollars🍷 t drivers license plates post

      4. elyssia shawpan


      5. Nyongk Rixen

        @Suga sold Jimin's jams for 3 dollars🍷 6 buang buang

    17. 이재왕

      13년전이여도 Gee는 전설중의 전설임

    18. 명일정

      지지는 다 아시죠 자 정답은요

    19. Bobby J 48

      Happy 298.9M views Girls Generation 🎉🎉💐💐❤❤❤

      1. Bobby J 48

        @Martin 81 Happy 298.8M😄👍🎉💜

      2. Martin 81

        Happy 298.9M🎉🎉💕💕

    20. Gemgem 214

      300M go go 🤟🤟🤟

    21. zwe wunt htoo

      Popular opinion: This song does not get old

      1. Maicaloid

        @Imene Ch it’s august

      2. Imene Ch

        Snsd are having a comback this august please support them

      3. Flayar

        @will Vibe

      4. jendela kertas

        Prepare for their comeback in August this year as full team

      5. haruii


    22. SANAM007

      Let's get to the 300M guys hurry up❤❤❤

    23. sandi taemin

      Akuu baru tau Minho disini wkwkwk.. gemesh banget

    24. Martin 81

      320K to 299M fighting sones fighting 💪 ❤ 💙 fighting 💪 💙 ❤

      1. Martin 81

        @Bobby J 48 yes bro fighting 💪

      2. Bobby J 48

        299M is coming fighting 💪💪💜

    25. leeknowthegay

      I still love this song sm

      1. Martin 81

        Me too everyday

    26. Anna シ

      12 years later, this masterpiece is still ICONIC IN THE KPOP HISTORY.

      1. aiko


      2. Imene Ch

        Snsd are having a comback on August please support them

      3. jendela kertas

        Prepare for their comeback in August this year

      4. Trinity M

        @bitchiest Person yeah you skipped a lot of groups that are more important to Koreans but I get it, some of aren’t deep into kpop so your scope of girl groups is limited. Twice is still the nation favorite in terms of active girl groups and Blackpink was bigger internationally than in Korea and they have a small discography. I’m a Blink but I like to be honest about how YG has mishandled them and about Korean trends in general.

      5. soshiholic

        13 years later this is still one of their worst songs

    27. 에즈라 느리게

      나의어린 시절날 SNSD 😆🎶

    28. Rex Steven Sosmeña

      300M! Fighting sones!

    29. Bryan Carlosama

      1 milloncit8 más y listo

    30. Peramban Video Youtube

      Selamat ulang tahun ke-15 Forever number 1 in myHeart.

    31. Flaming Charisma Minho

      12 years later, if you're still listening this song, you're a legend.

      1. Hajar H

        @Erika Maranga and i😂❤️

      2. Erika Maranga

        Still listening here....

      3. SonYugioh

        I came back just like they comeback

      4. Depidep

        Yes, i'm

      5. Clau Medina


    32. Christian FGM

      Cultura Pop

    33. Roman---STKZ

      Gee es mi unica razón de existir


      siapa datang sini 2022.. pasti rindu sangat..

    35. Bobby J 48

      Happy 298.8M views Girls Generation 🎉🎉💐💐❤❤❤

      1. Bobby J 48

        @Martin 81 Happy 298.8M😄👍🎉💜

      2. Martin 81

        Happy 298.8M 🎉 🎉

    36. Ikhlas Kontrakan

      They put this song in To All The Boys movie, AS THEY SHOULD. Gee is iconic and SNSD is queen

      1. Lexi hunnel

        @Çarli thë Plant there’s

      2. Andrew

        BWC power 💪🏻

      3. Z H

        Girls Generation are legends as expected

      4. Min Yoongi

        Oh wait it’s a movie

      5. Min Yoongi


    37. JL

      Let's go to 300m!!

    38. pao

      Que iconica esta canción, fue de las primeras que escuché del kpop, la amo

      1. Rachell

        @N4rcøssis Y hace unas tres semanas atraa, regresaron por su aniversario 🥰

      2. Rachell

        @N4rcøssis algunas siguieron en solitario y otras actvidades, etc..

      3. N4rcøssis

        Eres grande me puedes dar info que paso con todas las integrantes plz

      4. mica v

        yo también

      5. Anita Suplini

        Yes,,me too

    39. Dzaky Alif

      let's go 300M

      1. Martin 81

        Fighting 300M!!

    40. ʲ ᵃ ʸ

      299M🥳 Let's go to 300M

    41. Ren Flower

      Bruh this never gets boring.

      1. jendela kertas

        Prepare for their comeback in August this year as full team

      2. fabiana

        Taeyeon doesn't think so hahaha

      3. UWO


      4. bodyguard


      5. Manny Koko

        No lies detected

    42. SONE GG


    43. Sterben

      2022 still a banger :D

    44. batikori kei

      小学生の時めちゃ流行っとたなー 真似して踊ってた

    45. 💜kpoperz💜

      I'm listening this in 2022 this song deserve much more like if you're watching this in 2022💜😊💜

    46. sushi

      10 years later and I still love this song 🥰

      1. Imene Ch

        Snsd are having a comback on August please support them

      2. jendela kertas

        Prepare for their comeback in August this year as full team

      3. Vyny Kim


      4. ゆな

        seben ten そそ

      5. Aoi Shigiru

        Same..I was Eight When I heard this so Now I'm Eighten..STREAM GEE FOR LIFE

    47. Martin 81

      565K to 299M fighting sones fighting 💪 ❤ 💙 fighting 💪 💙 ❤

      1. Martin 81

        @Bobby J 48 Fighting 299M fighting ^^

      2. Bobby J 48

        299M Fighting! !

    48. Martin 81

      138K to 299M fighting sones fighting 💪 ❤ 💙 fighting 💪 💙 ❤

    49. Dilene Silva

      let's give this 300M to the soshi sones

    50. Meli Rose

      Falta poco para que llegue a 300

    51. Anika Playz

      Its crazy how comment section is still active after 12 years. This song still amazing and will be forever.

      1. jendela kertas

        Prepare for their comeback in August this year yes yes

      2. €_§øćįåł řějēćť×-


      3. Irin_Xna

        lagu gua kecill

      4. Rogue Maknae

        People will be drawn here until something better comes along (just a hint: that's not gonna happen!) GG4EVA

      5. Anika Playz

        @MangaMama Thankyou so much 💖

    52. TeumeGhostieBoatOuiforever

      It's September 11th 2022 and this song never disappointed us

    53. Nunus Sara

      1 more M to 300M.. fighting ❤️❤️

    54. poy1poy

      This first hip swing/side shuffle dance move is mesmerizing

    55. Martin 81

      97K to 299M fighting sones fighting 💪 ❤ 💙 fighting 💪 💙 ❤

      1. Martin 81

        @Bobby J 48 Yeah fighting 💪

      2. Bobby J 48

        Yeah almost fighting 💪💪💜

    56. ᄉpeekaboo

      Other fandoms can't hate this song because their idols also dance to this song

      1. Chaitanya


      2. Wakatoshi Ushijima

        @zimzalaBEAM Fongta OOF

      3. Shreya Sanilnath

        @爆豪 勝己 no no she meant the dance taehyung (taetae) danced on it before

      4. Syzphiliade


      5. yvescensored [moved.]


    57. may geneviv

      legendary 😘always the best!!!

    58. ailove yooki

      when I first saw this MV 12 yrs ago it only has 16M views and now it's almost 300M woww

    59. Martin 81

      517K to 299M fighting sones fighting 💪 ❤ 💙 fighting 💪 💙 ❤

      1. Martin 81

        @Bobby K Fighting!!

      2. Martin 81

        @Bobby J 48 Fighting 🎉 💙

      3. Bobby K


      4. Bobby J 48

        Fighting 😄👍🎉

    60. LQ Kpop

      It has already passed 13 years. But this is still my favorite song.

      1. Hey Army You Nice Keep Fighting

        Came here for hey listen boy stay for the rest💕✨🎶

      2. Martin 81

        That's very superb 👏 👍

    61. Windia Nata

      This is my jam in my middle school time

      1. สุภัฒน์ หอมบุญมา

        R A fpg 10101010101010101010/)

      2. Rara utami

        Muncul wkwkw

      3. Ryza Aisyah

        Elementary school for me

      4. Shairin Jannat

        @maisha ngoie same :')

      5. UrFav?

        Wkwk kak nata mampir

    62. Martin 81

      276K to 299M fighting sones fighting 💪 ❤ 💙 fighting 💪 💙 ❤

    63. Chained Unfree

      Imagine being so legendary that they even made a comeback to this day. If only Jessica was able to join in.

    64. me-anne

      If I have my own country, this will be my national anthem

    65. Martin 81

      Happy 299M SNSD 🎂🎉💐❤❤❤ 982K to 300M fighting sones fighting 💪 ❤ 💙 fighting 💪 💙 ❤

      1. Martin 81

        @Bobby J 48 Happy 299M🎉🎉💙

      2. Bobby J 48

        Happy 299M 😄👍🎉💜


      never trust a kpop fan that doesn't know this LEGENDARY song

      1. loonagirlys

        @kyle what does loona have to do with a question I asked 10 months ago because I was kinda annoyed of seeing the same thing over and over?

      2. kyle

        @loonagirlys loona flopped

      3. jendela kertas

        Prepare for their comeback in August this year yes yes

      4. WOLF 88


      5. loonagirlys

        How many times are y'all going to say this under a 2nd generation kpop song

    67. WhoahRichardxD

      I can only imagine that if KPOP was as global before as it is today, the amount of views for this song would top even those of the most popular girl groups these days. Such a classic and I’m so happy we got to see them comeback for the summer of 2022. Thank you Girls’ Generation for all the years of music and memories. I will continue to look forward to growing old with you all.

    68. MOABIN


    69. ʕ •ᴥ•ʔ義興


    70. Alleiah Kianna

      #snsd #gg #forever1

    71. Nasrul Zaffrey

      This song is literally the definition of 3 things: *ICONIC. NOSTALGIC. LEGENDARY.*

      1. Shiny George


      2. M Putra Riyadi

        Even though you comment such in the various SNSD MV's. But one MV that's deserved thoose 3 words is only GEE!

      3. nur


      4. Hendrrrary

        I found your comment on SF9s latest comeback :)


        i found ur same comment everywhere

    72. Stream Forever1 by SNSD🎉

      Legendary ✨

    73. Ddeonu!

      Ya paso 13 años pero no me canso de escucharlo,simplemente amooo!

    74. mariia

      I'm so happy its remastered but I also wish I could still see the old nostalgic one from my childhood :(

      1. Martin 81

        Me too ✋

    75. ♡scoups♡


      1. Kristina Cassandra Serraon

        Slay a carat

    76. Anna シ

      Popular opinion : this song is never getting old and forever will be iconic

      1. StL Blues🏒🥅

        I agree.

      2. chonqyunss


      3. Firdaous Harrak Gharafi

        @can't spell yeah thats a picture of sza lol but yeah sza is pretty indeed

      4. dirtybit0x

        @jadee it's not because of the age of the video. They probably made a mistake in deinterlacing when converting. You can only see the fail if you watch the video in 1080p HD.

      5. Anna シ

        @lucero vergara que tiene que ver, nadie habló sobre eso

    77. Yang1ee

      This song will forever hold a special place in my heart

      1. Lizzy smart


    78. Martin 81

      57K to 299M fighting sones fighting 💪 ❤ 💙 fighting 💪 💙 ❤

      1. Martin 81

        @Bobby J 48 300M fighting!!

      2. Bobby J 48

        Fighting 300M ^^

    79. Martin 81

      190K to 299M fighting sones fighting 💪 ❤ 💙 fighting 💪 ❤ 💙

      1. Martin 81

        @Bobby J 48 Fighting bro fighting 💪 ❤

      2. Bobby J 48

        Fighting Bro fighting 😄👍🎉

    80. Alleiah Kianna


    81. • sunny •

      *_10 years might’ve passed but this song is still iconic._*

      1. ayi


      2. thichicken

        actually 9 years

      3. Manu Bops


      4. Elizabeth Jusmine

        Totally agree

    82. Bordios - Appreciation

      My childhood 💃

    83. Kawaii Krystal22

      When they said remastered they were not playing! This video looks amazing

    84. Lucia Manrique

      Go sone!

    85. Bobby J 48

      Happy 299M views Girls Generation 🎂😄👍🎉🎉💐💐❤❤❤

      1. Bobby J 48

        @Martin 81 Happy 299M😄👍🎉💙

      2. Martin 81

        Happy 299M 🎉🎉😊💙

    86. Elisha Rania Suleiman

      Believe it or not, this was the world's first ever girl group MV to reach 10M, 50M and 100M views in KZsection history. What an iconic song!

      1. Kamaboko Gompachiro

        I found them on 9 gag instead of youtube. oh the algo has improved so much lol

      2. Mige Nikang

        @sarah rean um

      3. Cutie Kat

        @sarah rean no one said his song is boring and horrible, stop trying to make an argument 🤡

      4. sarah rean

        so psy song is boring and horrible and he is love by mllion of people and the views mean nothing if you said the cd was sold out then its iconic but views ....

      5. Carol Panotes

        Always remain iconic.🥰

    87. Cheese rolls


    88. Karinacross_official

      Мы с этой песней ровесники

    89. imurayiian

      I remember when I was a kid I listened to this song without knowing it’s girl generation song but now after a while watching it gave me a lot of memories back they are literally the queens

    90. 김민경

      노래 개좋아!!!!

    91. Kirs Obiedz

      don’t forget that this song is the very FIRST KPOP SONG TO REACH 100 MILLION y’all haters go away.......

      1. møh la claßse


      2. juyeon lover

        @Juliah Bautista no psy is the first

      3. Silvia Lorena Narvaez

        Si es para que te amo mucho

      4. Juliah Bautista

        Didnt wonder girls achieved it first then psy?

      5. Bai Qi

        The era where 20m views are a lot already. And watch projects aren't the thing in fandoms.

    92. S

      2m to gooo

    93. Joshua Hardy Lee

      Esta canción JAMÁS pasará de moda

    94. EunBᵈᵃʳᵏ

      Esta rolita me hizo acordar de cuando era pequeña, y hacer poco me acorde que existia esta cancion y me purse a llorar, amo , gee gee gee gee baby baby

    95. ReVeluv! We were born to dazzle!

      300M let's goo

    96. You know what

      We are a generation that saw Girls Generation debut . A proud fangirl .

      1. julie lumacang

        Daw po sa akin to the whole thing and girls gents and ladies 🤔

      2. Gwen Marquez loves BTS, Monsta X, Got7, and SHINee

        @Blink forever remember it’s never too late to stan

      3. Gwen Marquez loves BTS, Monsta X, Got7, and SHINee

        @Happy Weekend it’s never too late to stan.

      4. Areena Safeeyah

        i was 5 when this and ring ding dong came out 😍 am proud to say, im still stanning these legends 😚😚😚 no one can top them off i swear

      5. Sai Adriano

        It was an honor!

    97. Jefferson Milagres

      So cute.

    98. Kayka Rosales

      1. Martin 81

    99. mila

      Ouvindo em 2022

      1. Martin 81

        Me too ✋

    100. なら