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    The music video of EXO's 'Overdose' is released.
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    EXO-K 엑소케이 '중독(Overdose)' MV ℗ S.M.Entertainment

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    1. didishen

      kwangsoo once said, overdose is a ballad song ; yes true, im crying after listening to this

      1. ya jing

        LOL though as someone who stanned exo during their ot12 days, i am crying bcs it's the last ot12 comeback 😭

      2. Azwana Alya Azmi

        Especially this part..2:46 😩👍

      3. Azwana Alya Azmi


      4. Droga


      5. Yorugata


    2. 디야나Diyaana

      Come in 모든 걸 걸고 널 들이킨 나 이젠 돌이킬 수도 없다 이건 분명 위험한 중독 So bad, no one can stop her Her love, her love 오직 그것만 바라 그녀의 사랑 하나뿐인걸 치명적인 Fantasy 황홀함 그 안에 취해 Oh she wants me Oh she's got me Oh she hurts me 좋아 더욱 갈망하고 있어 Someone call the doctor 날 붙잡고 말해 줘 사랑은 병 중독 Overdose 시간이 지날수록 통제는 힘들어져 점점 깊숙이 빠져 간다 Eh oh Too much 너야 Your love 이건 Overdose Too much 너야 Your love 이건 Overdose 놀리는 그 손길로 온 너 본능은 너를 갈구해 좀 더 가빠진 숨으로 질식된 후에 전율 그리곤 한숨 Her love, her love 독한 약 같아 내겐 헤어나올 수 없는 Destiny 피는 뜨거워졌지 Yeah 마침내 모두 지배해 Oh she wants me Oh she's got me Oh she hurts me 계속 너만 그리고 그린 나 Someone call the doctor 날 붙잡고 말해 줘 사랑은 병 중독 Overdose 시간이 지날수록 통제는 힘들어져 점점 깊숙이 빠져 간다 Eh oh Too much 너야 Your love 이건 Overdose Too much 너야 Your love 이건 Overdose 모두 다 내게 물어 와 내가 변한 것 같대 심장에 니가 박혀 버린 듯 세상이 온통 너인데 멈출 수 없어 이미 가득한 널 지금 이 순간 You're in my heart (E.X.O) Yeah 난 너를 맛보고 너를 마신다 온몸이 떨려 와 계속 들이켜도 아직 모자라 손끝까지 전율시킨 갈증 이 순간을 잡아 질주를 멈추지 마 너무 좋아 I can't stop Hey doctor 지금 이대로 괜찮나 나 주체할 수 없는 이끌림 속에 녹아내려 가 난 이 느낌 없이는 죽은 거나 마찬가진걸 내가 사는 이유 난 너란 달콤함에 중독 Someone call the doctor Someone call the doctor 난 그녀가 필요해 (Hey) 하루도 난 버틸 수 없어 (버티지 못해) 벗어나고 싶지 않은 천국 같은 너 (Hey 긴긴 이 덫 Yeah) 긴긴 이 덫은 아름다워 Eh oh Too much 너야 (Too much, your love) Your love 이건 Overdose Too much 너야 Your love 이건 Overdose

    3. 행복하자

      저 땐 친구들이랑 한국어를 열심히 공부했는데.. 내 실력이 아직까지 발정을 없다니... 그리구 늘 엑소을 보고싶구나.. 난

    4. Erismiracle

      We won’t ever have another group like Exo again. They are truly one of a kind! Miss them so much! :/ can’t wait for all of them to stand together on stage again.

      1. ChickenNoodle

        Because baekhyun & chanyeol are in military they will come back in October along with Taemin (SHINEE) Kai & sehun are preparing for military maybe they will go when baekhyun & chanyeol is back

      2. tochagurl


      3. Linda Truong

        in the meantime, let's vote for Exo on Choeaedol and get them this win!!

    5. CiaPcy

      We are one exo saranghaja

    6. aka aka

      This old generation of kpop was the best and u can't deny it.

      1. Amelia Krawczyk

        yes.... i miss it so badly, litteraly i dont even listen to kpop now, sometimes i listen to songs which were popular few years ago :(

      2. tochagurl


      3. Advaitha Turlapati


      4. Christopher James

        @Nosach Nah people just dont read.

      5. Nosach

        Why are 90% of kpop comments repetitive and stupid? Is it just to tweak the algorithm?

    7. Daneth Ann Velasquez

      I can't stop myself from getting emotional everytime I'm watching this. Missing all of them (OT12) so much! 😭 I remember enjoying EXO's mvs when I was just 12 and now I'm 22 getting teary-eyed by watching their old mvs- missing them so much and remembering how genuinely happy I was back then. 😭😭😭

      1. Kat

        I feel this 😢

      2. D-17

        It's been a decade

    8. Atharwa Mas'ud

      suka ulang2 menit2 pertama mv ini

    9. Yasi Chan


    10. Giita _eria1458

      Kangen banget sm mereka


      Don’t worry , you’re not the only one who’s still listening to this Masterpiece in 2021

      1. Freedom


      2. Julie Liberty

        *2022 xD

      3. Parkjoong Ah

        and it's 2022 and I am here

      4. عطر النرجس

        *From the future 2022*

      5. Myrna Cerdeño

        Yah, I'm here also after playing Overdose, HAHAHA missing OT12

    12. Michelle Cortel

      rewatch lang kasi namimiss ko na sila

    13. Saridita N

      i like u EXO ^_^

    14. donnaira28

      I became a fan because of this song. 💙

    15. novita sari

      Tidak pernah bosan2


      2014 : it’s amazing song 2015 : it’s amazing song 2016: it’s amazing song 2017: it’s amazing song 2018 : it’s amazing song 2019: it’s amazing song 2020 : really it’s amazing song 2021 : Still amazing song !

      1. SOUL

        2022 : It's still amazing 😍

      2. Crl

        2022: igual siguen

      3. Magical Witch

        2022: it's an amazing song

      4. Tania Kapol

        2022 still amazing and ver addictive!!:)

      5. 앏

        2022 too

    17. TheJusticeLeague7 Superheroes


      1. luwis ey

        welcome :)

      2. jisoo berry

        Same :(

      3. Rock The Foundation Johnson

        I joined 8 years ago

      4. emeraldenth

        You gotta give their side tracks a listen!

      5. sneha Das

        I am telling you the minute you listen to their b sides is when you realise how freaking amazing they are.

    18. Ituk.loveforeversuju♡

      The best song

    19. Tota Mia

      My favorite song

    20. Amel Aniya

      Seandainya ini rilis sekarang ga nyebayangin seberapa viral nya overdose

    21. voz angel

      POR FIN OVERDOSE LLEGOS A LOS 200M 200.000.433 Que tengan un bonito domingo.

      1. EXO WE ARE ONE

        Chicos monster 300 millones de views ¡vamos a por ellos!❤exo forever

      2. Nicole Peralta Anduray


      3. F e r n y

        En ambas nos faltan unos pocos millones para llegar

      4. voz angel


      5. LOVE SHOT

        Ahora vamos por love shot y los 300M para monster



    23. Della Nurjanah

      Tiba tiba kangen overdose 😭😭😭

    24. Karina

      Que gran canción es Overdose

    25. Niken H Wabula

      aku kembali merindukan mereka

    26. Siti Zubaidah

      Exo is a complete package where I can sway to another group while Exo is already a complete package, I love you Exo we are one

      1. Simi exo


      2. Aissel Montoya

        I agree❤

      3. Lam Pcd

        We are one forever exo and EXO-LS

    27. Iffah Isnani

      EXO pas era era ini sangatt tak tertandingi anjoooyyy

    28. nini

      best song ever

    29. MM


    30. Chilly Willy

      que icónicos

    31. what do you think lol

      Don't worry You're not the only one who comes here every day to listen to this great song.

      1. Alyani Ali

        Hahaha.. True

      2. chib beng

        Hi guys, don't forget to vote Exo on TTA everyday. We can vote 4× every 1 acc. We need y'all, stay happy and healthy, exo-L saranghaja

      3. Shweta Huirem

        Aaaaaa we reach 225M thanks exo-L

      4. Nina Fitri A.

        Here i am

      5. Donbelle is life

        Every day HAHAHHAHA

    32. TAEKOOK

      E X O

    33. baeksoull

      Ностальгия в глаза попала 😭

    34. Shirin Franzmann

      The power they have! 😃

    35. Rista Putu

      Selalu menunggu kalian kembali bersama

    36. Shane's K-Pop Videos

      *For all the years of being so loud neighbors, you're going to get OVERDOSED on EXO with my new giant speakers* ‪#‎exo‬ ‪#‎overdose‬ ‪#‎중독‬

      1. hey kitty

        This song is... Cool and beutiful

      2. n.n


      3. ExoSuho_BtsJimin isMYLifeu

        Shane's K-Pop Videos 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 lol

      4. Eloise Colman

        Shane's K-Pop Videos u get revenge on them 😂😂

      5. Celia Sanguinetti

        A reproducir exo-ls

    37. marking ;

      es un temon

    38. Anyela quispe

      Lo mejor de lo mejor

    39. HELIOS

      Still Listening for this Legendary Song in 2022 for EXO L's ❤️❤️❤️🌹🌹🌹🙏🙏🙏

    40. Carla Jauregui

      If just SM Ent. cared for their artists as they should.....😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨😮‍💨 Missing this EXO's era💔

    41. Arwa R


      1. e_xiu_o

        exo-ls stream don’t fight the feeling :)

      2. Victoria Beal

        I 100% AGREE

      3. Ken Kai


      4. Ken Kai

        Yess fighting

      5. NabihahAmanina

        Let's support Exo...keep streaming all exo mv...

    42. olaoye taiwo

      i cant stop listening to this song, its a bop, we cant find this in this new gen. cant wait for EXO OT9 comeback.

    43. ∆Pinnacle_23 ∆

      cant understand anything but enjoying is 100%

    44. Fabiane Da silva

      Saudades exo

    45. danizi

      they are wonderful

    46. grrrr

      no, you're not the only that are listening this masterpiece.

      1. soo

        m-m-m-m-y-m-my ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-chi-chil-chil-child-childhood 🥺🥺🥺🥺

      2. e_xiu_o

        exo-ls stream don’t fight the feeling :)

      3. • 엑소 •ρcყ ツ

        Ikr! 👀

      4. Reem


      5. Lochana Dissanayake

        Yeah 231M more are listening

    47. Tama Svtexo

      Los extraño❤️😭

    48. Huang bucin Renjun

      Kangen banget woi

    49. Deyvson Andrade


    50. Chilly Willy


    51. saung are yone oo

      Old but GOLD.

      1. exo outsold

        It’s not that old

      2. Thila Iva


      3. sakura samejima ✰ĖӾØ✰

        Diamond baby diamond. It's DIAMOND

      4. Miranda Nor

        TRUE 🥵🥵

      5. Della Sanday

        This is one of my favorite exo's songs for all the time

    52. ufknvkvebvbke

      Thissss❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥 will never get old

    53. Michelle Macas

      2014 : it’s amazing song 2015 : it’s amazing song 2016: it’s amazing song 2017: it’s amazing song 2018 : it’s amazing song 2019: it’s amazing song 2020 : really it’s amazing song 2021 : Still amazing song ! 2022 :

    54. Dilla Arfi Soedarwinto

      Ini grup kapan comeback lagi ber12 😭😭😭😭

    55. Snowdrop

      The best of best

    56. ElpeloperdidodeD.O

      The choreo is perfect as the song..i want to see the 200m this week!!!!!!

      1. Lucia

        Fighting exoL. We can do it

      2. DreaM emory

        maybe next month

      3. sanafiya ansari

        How to stream EXO MV kzsection.info/green/bejne/mYt9ZoyBeqeBdo0.html

      4. Suho's World

        Str3am harder... fighting

    57. Akhila Akhila

      Exo is the best

    58. Sabrina Thalita

      miss them too much

    59. TAEKOOK

      Obra de arte

    60. angelina

      THIS SONG 💳💥 it was my favorite when I was a kid

    61. Wxnter._Sxldier

      If this song came out this year, it would definitely reach a billion

      1. Carla Marie Del Carmen

        SM is always ahead of their time 😅

      2. Me Sia

        and also if the b SM ent provided eng subtitles

      3. nur arina farzanah

        totally agree with u..

    62. Alice Spektr

      я вам вечно благодарна

    63. Kaniz Fatema


    64. exol maldita

      My fav mv

    65. Dokai_exol_forever 🍑

      Xiumin Luhan Kris Suho Lay Baekhyun Chen Chanyeol Do Tao Kai Sehun EXO We are one 사랑 하자 Ot12 forever

    66. Zhaoxin Lu

      EXO never made a bad song. They are truly legends.

      1. jonsii


      2. Chanbaek and EXO

        @Neha Maria sadly sm don't give that freedom, but fact that exo has best discography can't be changed. Though people will give credits to producers, but other groups never reached at level of exo's song will remain fact.

      3. chiravillage

        I'm not exo-l but, agree 🤭

      4. Solitude

        When a frieking compliment turns into something else smh you fools

      5. Andrea


    67. makarov erina

      masih stay pantengin terooos jangan kendor, love love

    68. Cintia Salazar

      Exo love you song forever overdose album amazing 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🎤🎤🎤🎤 much more

    69. Tuyet Anh Vu

      Quá tuyệt vời Em yêu các anh 😻

    70. hi

      I knew this song in grade two. Now, I’m in grade 11. I still listen to it 😂😭😍❤️

    71. Hà Anh

      Stanning EXO is one of the best decisions I've ever made.

      1. Hà Anh

        girls dont want boyfriend, girls want EXO COMEBACK

      2. Instant Noodles

        OMG same

      3. ♡


      4. Lady luck EXO

        Yes never regretted STANNING legends

      5. ayesha

        *exo-Ls* let's please str3am EXO's debut mv 'MAMA' to 100M as soon as possible which is now at 88M. Please spread the info to other Ls too. fighting.

    72. hoshf4

      seeing them dancing all 12 together just hurts my heart. only if sm would have treated them better:/ i'm sure some things wouldn't have happened and everything would be so much nicer and better

    73. Wida Jongcheeve

      All of exo songs is legend. It is in another level😍😍😍😍😍

    74. Scarlet

      Miss new videos from EXO

    75. Dolvxc


    76. tara_L_1485

      Their style is for 7 years ago but still better than many other groups in 2022...imagine this style in 2014... it was literally a lit that time

      1. emeraldenth

        Truly ahead of her time!

      2. s g


      3. Erismiracle

        Well said!!!!

      4. kanehiro okuda


      5. Krillinz

        @Zamah Says yea I like the newer boy groups of SM’s sound though. It’s a lot of experimentation and different sounds it’s kinda cool like 7th sense for example

    77. Ellie Laci Noir

      I don't care how old some songs like this get. I'll never abandon them. Exo, I love you guys.

    78. Tasa i


    79. Ainul Bio20



      i miss them

    81. LOEY × LAY (EX♡‐L)

      ¡¡TEAM SOLAR FIGTHING!! Hay que subir los números de: • OBSESSION • MONSTER • MAMA • OVERDOSE • LOTTO

      1. Æri

        no use "Te@m" Palabra Se considerará spam

      2. e_xiu_o

        exo-ls stream don’t fight the feeling :)

      3. e_xiu_o

        and stream Don’t fight the feeling too

      4. Eri Bong

        @Judy Ann Lu sorry

      5. hey tetsu

        @Judy Ann Lu what is this team name thing about?

    82. Abelmehola Nicole Arpilleda

      bring back memories

    83. Cap'n_L

      Naww this MY SONGGG YASSS

    84. Mar Fe

      Still the best boy group ever..

    85. yyn Purnama


    86. Sophia Lim

      *petition for kyungsoo's overdose hair to make a comeback*

      1. e_xiu_o

        exo-ls stream don’t fight the feeling :)

      2. Sophia Lim

        wow this got a lot of likes over the 10 months o.O thank u :D

      3. Sophia Lim

        @Asri Handayani Pamungkas ikr, i loved this hairstyle so much

      4. Sophia Lim

        oh wow i actually got a lot of likes

      5. Asri Handayani Pamungkas

        Tag me if finally we get that

    87. Caitie Hancock

      this was my life 8 years ago ! ❤

    88. Best


    89. Rasika Kotwal

      Every single time I mix the Chinese and Korean lyrics for this song :)))

    90. Rinchen wangmo

      Exo as a whole is omg too awesome

    91. Anjana.

      EXO are always BEST There Vocals are best Visuals are best Choreography is best Rappers are best

      1. Нинара Кочашулина

        @Sumica Zafiro 52псмэu7

      2. Sumica Zafiro


      3. chen helloangel

        tama korique truee facts only

      4. هبه فضل

        True 🖤🖤🖤.

      5. Dnyaneshwari Hadawale

        I mean they are just freaking perfect in everything literally rapping dancing insane vocals and damn visuals


      Los extraño:(

    93. Krol Sbino

      this mv despite being years old is much better than any released nowadays

    94. Aloha Alday


    95. Rista Putu

      Suka banget lihat member EXO pake Suit

    96. aly cp

      Kpop is boring without EXO. EXO's comeback will be the grandest comeback so yes i'm waiting for it. EDIT: EXO IS HAVING A COMEBACK!!! ARE WE READY EXO-Ls?!

      1. e_xiu_o

        exo-ls stream don’t fight the feeling :)

      2. aly cp

        @Celeste Cortes finally!!! It's gonna be the comeback of the year

      3. Celeste Cortes

        exo comeback this year!!! yehey

      4. aly cp

        @JanarisutoSenpai kpop world needs exo

      5. aly cp

        @Jaya agreed!

    97. Rosé

      Si a Exo los hubiesen tratado como artistas y no como un producto, hoy serían igual de grandes que BTS... ojalá recuperen el lugar que merecen y obtengan el reconocimiento mundial que merecen.. y lo digo sin ser fan, pero es innegable el talento y las buenas canciones que tienen.

    98. sana park

      I miss that era of exo with all the members its not the same without luhan kris tao and lay 🥺😭

    99. ic

      This is still epic!!!! I mean always an EPIC!!!

    100. 平静 Serenity