EXO 엑소 '늑대와 미녀 (Wolf)' MV (Korean Ver.)



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    EXO 엑소 '늑대와 미녀 (Wolf)' MV (Korean Ver.) ℗ S.M.Entertainment

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    1. GodisGood

      You're here because: 1)you miss them 2) this song never gets old

      1. Rukia

        I started university with this song and I'm ending it listening to this.

      2. No Talk Gaming(vn)

        1 and 2 B)

      3. Hana space


      4. Ruoye


      5. Thy Nguyễn


    2. cL3xo

      Jamás puede ser olvidada

    3. Eliana Turgante Rossi

      Essa garotada é show 👏🇧🇷

    4. Mariyam Imasheva

      Я плачу, такая настольгия 🥲

    5. EXO Culture Technology ^^

      Sehunnie's rainbow hair ㅠㅠ 🍭🌈♡

    6. grey

      I can't believe 8 years passed already, but CHOGIWA still remain iconic.

      1. Husnur Nessa

        What is mean of chogiwa

      2. Aurélie Evalet

        I'm remembering too the time pass so fast

      3. Hafizha Sarah

        Ah...now I see why everyone keep saying " Chogiwa"

      4. Camila


      5. Neila Fernandez

        @Gree⳽h EXOL ❤❤❤

    7. Tapang fea janeilla navaja

      Beautiful voice wolf EXOL 😀the memories EXO-K and EXO-M

    8. Hira

      They slayed the last high note

    9. Rosie Trias Yustika

      Lagu yg bikin aku jadi EXO-L😘❤️

    10. cL3xo

      Joyita pura

    11. Niki Wonoto

      I'm not a huge fan of K-pop, but even I have to honestly admit that this is probably one of the most unique & creative K-pop dance choreography

      1. harukim


      2. flaspiderz

        @Kyungsoo Let's Party LMAOO

      3. Ramisa


      4. Kyungsoo Let's Party

        No one can pull of furryism like exo

    12. TAEKOOK

      Baekhyun hermoso

      1. _a_tayra __

        Baekhyun mi rey desde 2012 :(((

      2. Karen byun

        Baekhyun mi varón

    13. Hana Hana

      Nice song🖤

    14. Gabriela Sanchez

      Cómo pasa el tiempo...9 años

    15. YEOL PARK

      Te amo wolf pinche canción perfecta

    16. glitchgec

      It's been 6 years and I still cant take the "SARANGHAEYO" seriously.

      1. Schow

        That’s why wolf is my favourite song😭😭

      2. Ncb


      3. warcesibee bee

        its been 8 years ans still

      4. Gabvin Jarry


    17. gysell muzquiz

      No puedo creer que exo haiga llegado tan lejos estoy tan orgullosa de ellos

    18. Michel Hernández

      Este mes cumple 9 años está canción Wow

    19. Khánh Thi Phạm Lê

      This song iconic af

    20. ayu pebrianti

      Jujur paling suka lagu ini , entah kenapa tiap denger lagu Wolf selalu dapat perasaan yang beda dengan lagu lagu lain, pokok nya ini lagu ter keren buat aku, walaupun saat lagu ini rilis aku belum jadi Exo-l bahkan ga tau EXO ,. dan buat my luv Chanyeol maaf ya karna di mv ini aku jatuh cinta ke Kai ☺️

    21. ♪ωιитєя。*゚+

      After 8 years: still no one can beat baekhyun &chen highnote

      1. Tomanbha Rapmai

        Xiumin can beat baekhyun and Chen high notes

      2. aeri 1485

        @Eros Well done, lets get 200milion for the legends

      3. aeri 1485


      4. Hui Junie


      5. Lanie Bustamante


    22. Fatima

      I love the demo

    23. Maheri

      EXO WOLF!!! Aaauuuuu!!

    24. Rk Pcy

      Love this song so much

    25. MCND SKZ EXO


    26. Park Loey

      Unpopular opinion:No one can cover this song cuz the vocals are on fire .

      1. sadia mou

        @Tasnima Sheikh finally someone said it Everyone was praising it so I checked Didn't like it at all They perfomed well but somehow lacked charisma and most impressive thing about exo is the vocal which they totally lacked

      2. Tasnima Sheikh

        @Alley cat I watched it, but I didn't find it as impressive as the original.

      3. Monika Jhajhria

        @Alley cat I think they didn't sang it live. It was a dance cover with pre recorded song.

      4. Alley cat

        I guess you didn’t watch kingdom lol?

      5. suho0522

        @May Thu Khine So true...this song is like a battle on who done the highnotes better...especially at the near end of the song😂

    27. TAEKOOK

      El mejor año

    28. Isabel  Silva

      Esta canción es tan bailable

    29. 태양의 신부

      ☕ 한잔 놓고 갑니다 ⚘⚘

    30. Regina Castillo

      Años han pasado y aún están comentarios de mis pendejadas xd aún no supero esta rola xd

    31. amogh kashyap

      the fact that they were just rookies at that time and were singing such high notes shows why they are called vocal kings

      1. 무서워


      2. Ghofrane Laouar

        SM artists are the best vocally

      3. 🥃Kinnporsche🚬

        Absolutely yeah they were just even talented at that time when they were called rookies

      4. suho0522

        Ikr....the pressure that was given to them during their song recording...SM must have set higher expectations that EXO must achieve. Proud of EXO and all their success😊

    32. 행복하자

      심장이 뭉글뭉글하네요...

    33. rinsangi

      After 6 years still giving me goosebumps 🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻🌻


      weyyy!!! Mi canción jejejeje Mi favorita

    35. SOӇELLZ

      We want full exo members

    36. KAYTheWeirdo_

      Exo: lets be tough exo-l: aww they are adorable

      1. idk idc stfu

        *Comment of the year*

      2. Alisha gul9

        Hehehe rit Wolf?? They look adorable puppies😂😂

      3. Rainちゃん

        True 🥰

    37. 태양의 신부

      춤도잘추고 노래도 잘부르고 멋있고 잘생겼다 ❤❤❤

    38. لجين عديرة

      This is not just a song ... It's a masterpiece 🔥😳💜

    39. Are Garay

      Si Razor (de genshin impact) tuviera una playlist esta sería su única canción.

    40. mellifluousfear

      came back hear after hearing the demo to bless my ears 😭😭 my babies.. you did well

    41. - stranger

      6 years have passed but that CHOGIWA is still iconic

      1. Sxph1e

        8 years😭✋

      2. phanna choth


      3. Farah Mohammad-Ali


      4. Ann


      5. Jkjk Aljkjk

        hi 8

    42. ghillas king

      Fact: you cant find vocal kings like them in the 4 generation They're on another level sooo far

      1. t_ xx

        Ateez are gen 4 leaders


        @sharif abdullah she talked about 4th gen nct is 3rd and best along side exo

      3. sharif abdullah

        NCT best vocalist xiaojun is close to chen the rest of NCT (as a whole) main vocalist is comparable to EXO. Exo just produce better songs and lyric but in terms of the sheer number of powerful vocalist NCT can compete

    43. Bata Kozba

      exo is the best forever

    44. Bata Kozba

      love it

    45. Anyela quispe

      Sus voces deben ser 100 veces mejor en vivo, ojalá algún día pueda ir a escucharlos :3

    46. sehundude

      I'll just pretend this is their new comeback

      1. BLINK's ANGEL

        Str3am for DFTF

      2. BAEKing

        Lol !

      3. tinyanna🐾

        The pain!!


        yeah it's been 8 Years

      5. death bed

        YES SAME

    47. LUV

      Old but addictive

    48. Jay Ar Blase

      I was just 14 years old when I stan them😭 I'm 22 now.. I missed them

    49. Fruity 🍊

      this song gives me so much nostalgia I teared up a little listening to it after so many years, it still remains one of THE BEST kpop songs from that time

    50. Safira Safi

      Yaampun masi pada cungkring cungkring ini. Kai yang pertama lucu bangett tangannya gemessss wkwk

    51. Ichyaaa Putpris

      Don't worry, you're not the only one listening to this masterpiece

      1. exonime


      2. Sinanta Tyas

        Miss them Note: I send this comment on Dec 2021

      3. Nasriie 1485



        yeah, this song will remain ICONIC

      5. Salma Basmallah

        listening rn

    52. Karen byun

      Baekhyun cásate conmigo por favor

    53. anthony diaz

      Baekhyun: 👑 Chanyeol: 👑 Chen: 👑 D.O.: 👑 Kai: 👑 Kris: 👑 Lay: 👑 Luhan: 👑 Sehun: 👑 Suho: 👑 Tao: 👑 Xiumin: 👑 EXO: 👑

      1. Rose Hearts

        kris is a bad person

    54. MeMo

      Love exo

    55. Alice Spektr

      ваще лучшая музыка века

    56. Caitlin Diango

      Now I understand why EXO is very popular. With a catchy song like this and amazing voices... Woah.

      1. Maxine

        Exo's vocals are incomparable (with due respect to other idols)

      2. Eternal

        yeh the remix is much better

      3. Shafira Arnitiara

        Thank you

      4. ayesha

        kzsection.info/green/bejne/x2mInoyOmp2NoIE.html if you liked this song you should definitely the remix version it's much better!

    57. Saimah Dipatuan

      this was iconic ♥️

    58. Fatima Salvador

      I MISS THEM!!!!

    59. Anyela quispe

      Ojalá cuando vaya a un concierto de Exo, pueda escuchar esta canción, es muy buena!!

    60. Marwah Almouwalled

      This is legendary !

    61. Love Yourself

      Then : Sehun's rainbow hair Kai's braids Luhan's cute hairstyle and clothing with feathers Suho's "shituation" Xiumin's painted fingernails Tao's red eyeshadow ... and many more Now : CHOGIWAA

      1. mria 8812

        Oh really kkk they are such cute wolves ^^

      2. Love Yourself

        @Rzk amalia27 mee too

      3. Rzk amalia27

        I miss luhan

      4. تيك توك المشاهير

        Subscribe to this channel about the cable and anything you need and need support too) kzsection.info/green/bejne/vHqkrJykd6t7mYk.html

      5. Ari Raiko Medidz


    62. BbaNg_FullSun

      Uri oppadeul.. Saranghae.. Exo saranghaja

    63. Claudine Baloloy

      Still givin' me goosebumps wow

    64. koebi

      this song is like wine, it gets better with the time

    65. little waterfall

      the high notes give me chills EVERY SINGLE TIME, truly the best i’ve ever heard in kpop

    66. Hwang Minjun

      Chogiwaaa 😎 #EXO #엑소 #weareoneEXO

      1. Black_Sky🖤

        @Hola beach why

      2. Hola beach

        Please don't put hashtags

    67. Anyela quispe

      Extraño verlos juntos!! :'3 me pongo a llorar ahora que no están juntos

    68. Bata Kozba

      love them

    69. fresasymusica


    70. 김종인 아내

      I will never leave this song no matter what

    71. Deux

      By the way for yall information, skz btob and ateez will hold the record as the first idols covering wolf officially. There’s no other groups has attempted to cover wolf before this

      1. Farah Mohammad-Ali


      2. MrXuanket

        @horanghae_08* It's too hard

      3. MrXuanket

        @Louise 02_09 standard

      4. G N

        they did in china already but the chinese version

      5. Angela Addison

        @horanghae_08* yeah it's the dance

    72. jjvraexol

      *HAPPY EXOL DAY* 🎂👑✨ also is my birthday 🎉 I rlly love yall, we are one♥️

    73. Karen Yamilet Martinez

      I watched this because of the kingdom cover and omg this was soooo fire

    74. Zephaniah Nirthsa Thriveyen Domvel

      Forever iconic

    75. Egwuchukwu Precious

      The high note combo🔥♥️

    76. ΣXӨ

      Jongdae's daughter: a-a- Jongdae: appa...? Jongdae's daughter: *AWOOOOOOO, SARANGHAEYO*

      1. koebi


      2. LAA KEY


      3. Naren Barrette

        Don't hate me for this joke but I hope he doesn't have a dog as a pet with his baby around.

      4. cleopatra chip

        sehun’s daughter: s- sehun’s future partner: omg she’s about to speak! sehun’s daughter: SHAWTY IMMA PARTY TILL THE SUN DOWN sehun: *sings along* sehun’s S/O: :/

      5. essemmanyaa _


    77. paula alejandra

      Chen, Baek y D.O compitiendo por quien llega más alto jejejeje Love you EXO

    78. Stan Talent

      The 1st kpop group who have biggest inter fan is EXO Own World Genius Record since thier debut they are king

    79. Park Jihee

      Jujur masih merinding sama vokalnya exo

    80. Bata Kozba

      what a great song

    81. BorntoLove Kyungsoo_7KON_Yedamie

      Kyungsoo's vocal, high note and adlibs are still my favorite in "Wolf".

      1. Tatiana Gois

        was he the one how did thoes belts and the run at the end cause if it is same like , see you sir pop off also, you know how old he is He looks cute and young like a kid I'm a new EXO--L discovered them today by recommendtion of a friend

      2. Just A’


      3. Just A’




    82. Anusha Konapala

      Awesome choreography

    83. suika T


    84. Risc Marisska

      I miss this omg, i'm exo-l since they're debut btw

    85. Anyela quispe

      Una increíble canción

    86. exo's universe

      Exo doesn't have any bad songs LITERALLY.

      1. in love how u are annoyed by my replies

        @Felipe Rojas ....

      2. in love how u are annoyed by my replies

        @N.aesthetic how?maybe mv is cheap but song is great

      3. in love how u are annoyed by my replies

        @ALC2271 I mean bridge here is fire and it's funny It has 2nd gen vibe lol

      4. Felipe Rojas

        ignore that kokobop exists

      5. N.aesthetic

        Not when power existe

    87. Best


    88. seren halcyon

      it’s 2022, exo’s official 10th anniversary and i’ve been Chogiwa-ing ever since 2014, forever with exo

    89. Nazanin Forghani

      only old exols can understand this song

    90. Kholie ania

      They were so cute

    91. BH Oumie

      You're not the only one who comes here every day to listen to this masterpiece .

      1. Joyce Marie Pechon


      2. khadijah sapuan


      3. peachyhunie


    92. hannie

      КЫРЭ УЛЬФ НЭГА УЛЬФ АУУУУ единственная песня заставляющая меня выть...

    93. Fineapple dot

      I miss this era

    94. Mursidah

      kangen banget sama era ini

    95. Andrea Mejía

      EXO me volvió furra

    96. Kookie Mon

      I‘m going to tell my children, this was Twilight

      1. Auriiella


      2. Alley cat


      3. Sparshita Sahu

        What are you talking about?? It IS twilight.

      4. Ausra Marcinkeviciute

        Pls remember to show them the twilight VCRs. You are doing all of us a great service, thank u for your contribution to society.


        and this was a LEGEND

    97. nasrin

      Love exo forever

    98. Rakshitha Ashok

      3:25 - exo once again proving dat they r vocal kings even widout any autotune 🤟🤟-

    99. Rhoxde Thxyrhone Mercado

      No one can replace the iconic Chogiwa of Chanyeol.

    100. Safiya Sun