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    EXO has released their 3rd full album “EX’ACT” with double title tracks “Monster” and “Lucky One”.
    Listen and download on iTunes & Apple Music, Spotify, and Google Play Music smarturl.it/EXO_EXACT
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    EXO 엑소 'Monster' MV ℗ S.M.Entertainment

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    1. Isadora Nobre

      0:10 Baekhyun 0:23 - 1:41 Kyungsoo (D.O.) 0:41 Jongdae (Chen) 1:13 Junmyeon (Suho /the leader) 1:27 Minseok (Xiumin) 1:32 Yixing (Lay) 2:06 Jongin (Kai /blonde hair) 2:38 Chanyeol 2:42 Sehun (maknae) For the new! Welcome Exo-Ls 😍

      1. ♡Galaxine♡


      2. Eslesma


      3. Little Wolf

        thank youuuuuu

      4. Officialexofan

        Uno más de EXO-L

      5. kim jongin

        I know but thanks 😭✨

    2. Mingisme

      I miss exo smㅠㅠ

    3. Hasmawati Soraya

      Aku sukaaa

    4. Yaina Ignacio


      1. BTS's little sis

        @maryanne ngema bruh don't start a Fan war. Just because you stan one group and they are your favs doesn't mean they are the best at everything. Im not saying my favs are the best or BTS is bad cuz look at my name. I stanned them fulltime until the middel of 2019. So, don't start any Drama pls. Armys and EXO-L's are counted as Toxic already, no need to make it worse. Btw, why are you here when you don't like the song? Did you really just waste your time to write that comment or are you just an attention seeker d actually listen to that Song? Lern to Respekt others and their work :)

      2. maryanne ngema

        yes it is nice but wait until BTS members showed up awesome BTS is the best

      3. Hello

        Hello it’s been 6 years🥺

      4. BTS's little sis

        The fact that its 6 Years by now T.T

      5. Vivian

        Now it’s almost 6 years 😭

    5. novie aline

      liat group lain comeback auto nangis kangen exo ot9 banget banget

    6. KJ90

      I can never get tired of EXO's vocals and harmonies

      1. Gerbalt 2.0

        koham kpop

      2. RissFahmi

        yeah i do cardio and its totally made me tired

      3. Isabela Cristina

        Me too

      4. Ольга Зарипова

        Ехо Monster танцы учиться 💪💋👄

      5. Feez Hafiz


    7. Di2

      Самые лучшие!!!!

    8. Uni stuffs

      this song kinda hits differently when you're quarantined

      1. Yoriichi tsugikuni




      3. Evi Dayanti


    9. k

      can we make it 500m? exols are you with me

      1. Fatema Nah


      2. Debora Tamba

        I'm here



    11. Beakhyun is My life

      She got me gone crazyyyyoo

      1. Tabassum Ashraf

        @e_xiu_o yeah we got it It's 105 milion now....now Let's go for 1bilion on loveshot Eris....Let's do it together!

      2. kyomi war


      3. e_xiu_o

        Stream Don’t fight the feeling. We are near to 100M :))

      4. Taufan Susilo

        Don't forget to str34m 'don't fight the feeling'

      5. Hem

        @Unknown I it can freeze v!ews why, ig.

    12. Heart Soo

      My top 5 Best Choreo of EXO 1. Monster 2. Love shot 3. Overdose 4. The Eve 5. Lucky One

      1. Sania Technical


      2. Baek hyun

        1. Obsession 2. Monster 3. Love shot 4. Don't fight the feeling 5. Overdose/ Mama

      3. Heart Soo

        @Spicy Kiddo it's only my Top 5

      4. Spicy Kiddo

        Excuse me? Did you just forgot growl and wolf?🔪

      5. Rihab otako chan

        Call me baby 😭

    13. Haru Haru

      Lagu nya exo yg paling mantep didengerin pake hetset pulang kerja😄mantep cuy bass nya bikin hype jdi plg kerja ttp smgt

    14. Al soo

      Yok absen yg msih streaming di thn 2022



    16. aNu

      *_This song is like wine, the older it is, the better it gets_*

      1. naexlv

        @Alexis Kwan btw it just taste like a very very bitter grape juice

      2. Salem Devereaux

        Yeah over 200 hundred responses. Ok, that makes sense

      3. sugar_6


      4. Jul

      5. jocelyn ejercito

        yes and keep listening and watching this masterpiece ❤❤❤

    17. Danna _4

      EXO. Te quiero ver de nuevo así

    18. Luana

      Essa música nunca enjoa

    19. Nrop_ Wim

      คิดถึงพวกเค้ามากๆ แบบไม่ว่าอะไรก็แทนที่ไม่ได้อ่ะ คิดถึงโว้ยยยยย

      1. Ro aini Halim


    20. Maheri

      Siempre extrañando EXO.

    21. Clara Rodríguez

      Chanyeol's and Sehun's rap killed me

      1. MARAL NS_DHL

        It’s the best part ever!!!

      2. Jannatul Nyem Pollobi


      3. mirazur rahman


      4. amonrada


      5. Mustafa


    22. Chanbaek is Lifeu

      I envy those whose first Exo comeback was this one, imagine having Monster as your first comeback! This piece of music is just fireeeeeeeee!!!! It will always remain superior.

      1. fairy stirling fan

        @velvellite same😭😭😭😭🤝🏻🌸❤️

      2. Quill

        It was INSANE! I remember how much we freaked out over the teaser images

      3. Bri_ByunOh

        So cool let me tell you :) But baby eris, someday it'll be your turn to have a comeback like this one was :D

      4. Moshiul Alam Mashuk

        my first didnt happen because i became fan after dont fight the feeling

      5. hanjihanna ya

        Fr fr

    23. Maheri

      Eris XIUMIN llega con todo fighting!!!

    24. Loey Park

      Amo está cancion!!

    25. luvkpop

      I miss EXO...kpop is nothing without exo

    26. jericho Fabrigaras

      This song never get old.

      1. su zhang


      2. Chen Ochea


      3. Amane Misa


      4. Jasmine

        will never stop agreeing

      5. smol llama🦙


    27. n17 Sina

      Kai so handsome

    28. Paola Martin

      Love EXO

    29. Natalia Lumbantoruan

      #EXO #엑소 #MONSTER

    30. 파티마[ أكسوال ]


      1. soso

        @the death Nearby ليش؟!

      2. Im ARMY and EXO_L and STAY and BLINK

        @Mimi Mama مي تو

      3. Arab_B.I.G


      4. Arab_B.I.G


      5. 𝐿🎸.

        @the death Nearby تكفين

    31. Mary Angelie Estuista

      don't be afraid EXO is the way

      1. Muna Waroh


      2. serra

        Exoo amazing

      3. Patrize Dela Cruz

        true k jan teh

      4. poopstinky

        @Ganna Tarek WAIT RLLY????

      5. Susan

        Pmlkniophb video dan dgn 2😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😁😁😁😁😁dgjndhjndhk dfjndgjnfgjndcjkmrcnnfvnndvn

    32. Thokchom Joshna Devi

      This song ain't never getting old

      1. EXO Haneul

        @Zum Kesinlikle^^

      2. Zum

        EXO asla eskimiyor

      3. سِيـرين⛤


    33. Indiraa Rachmaa

      Exo dengan sejuta keunikannya

    34. Monikona

      Baekhyun 😍😍

    35. STAN ONEUS (stream Same Scent)


    36. OdisEmoPhase

      After 6 years this song STILL hits

      1. Goth3y3


      2. Bell

        it will never stop hitting ong🙏🏻

      3. ashley b


      4. Theriople

        @Jessica though it was like 2019 when it came out


        @Jessica exo is the best

    37. Anyela quispe

      Una colaboración entre Ariana Grande y Baekhyun era algo que no pensaba que necesitaba, pero ahora siiii

    38. Study History With Me

      K-pop doesn't make mvs like this anymore such a shamee

    39. Its gon get You in trouble ooh ooh

      Chen with his daughter when she cries Chen:she got me going crazy

      1. HowdyDuo

        @maëlys petite gg chen

      2. Base To Ace

        This is so funny lmao

      3. فطوم النعيمي 3،

        @arab exol هلا و الله،

      4. hwang exo-l and midzy

        @arab exol like me

      5. sofiachubssss


    40. Oh Sehun

      Album solo Baekhyun ❤ 2BBH

    41. Rickus Kruger

      I'm still so into this song, the choreography is out of this world.


        Yes so true

      2. Chelsea Codaste

        kasper is the best

      3. Zellydwii


      4. I-am-NCH

        2022 still fire fire

      5. Jasjeet Singh Plaha

        Yo, you Eren Kruger's brother?

    42. Nur lyana

      I love exo and i hope exo comeback 👑

    43. Maheri

      EXO es más que un sentimiento, es una pasión!!

    44. Maheri

      Siempre We are one!!!!

    45. LK Channel

      EXO best boy group အရမ်းကောင်း

    46. problem?

      EXO is always about quality content from all aspects.

      1. Sudhishna S

        @Azar Jamil imagine if SM's logo was SuperM's Logo

      2. tell me your wish 💘

        Exo no 1

      3. kyky_aulia


      4. nazkatk

        So true

      5. Dandelion

        yeah. so every content we look forward to it

    47. ◜𝖠َ𝗌𝖺ِ𝗐𝖾𝗋 𓍲.

      I love this song 🖤🫶🏻. & I love EXO 🖤🫶🏻. & all the EXO's members 🖤🫶.

    48. Alice Spektr

      это изумительно

    49. cL3xo

      Strim a cada miembro por individual, démosle amor

    50. STAN ONEUS (stream Same Scent)


    51. Xiumin sold out everything i swear

      this has been released 3 years ago but it still has impact

      1. Sweety Chande

        6 yrs now, but still impacted

      2. sara sami

        6 years now

      3. Malia Charity Rodriguez

        True. I have using their songs like this as motivation while I workout. And its already 2022. Getting old as fine as wine

      4. SacredSenpai

        @Noran Milan. hiii

      5. Noran Milan.

        @SacredSenpai heyy blink and ExoL

    52. Esteban_EXO-L

      Yes, superamos el millón de comentarios. Vamos por 500M de v1stas

    53. Thinn Nwel

      4 millions fans, I'm one of them. 2 millions fans, I'm one of them. 10000 fans, I'm one of them. 100 fans, I'm one of them. 10 fans, I'm one of them. 1 fan, I'm that one fan. I promise that I don't never leave EXO. That's my faith. EXO is my one and only.

      1. Sania Technical

        You are not one ....

      2. Hirut Kebede

        Forever together with our kings


        Same goes here.. Exo my one and only

      4. Just Some Rubikscube Without A Mustache

        isnt that more of a cult?

      5. 정혜리



      Los extraño tanto:(

    55. EXO-L 1485

      Such a masterpiece

    56. Melly Sundari

      Ditunggu comeback-nya

    57. wafaa alazmi

      Exo pls comeback :(

    58. Hun Se


    59. Jeneat Naorem

      Missing them so much :(

    60. irma _irmasuci

      I love exo monster... because this song can give me a super power 😂😂

      1. fairy stirling fan

        Tbh same🤣😭❤️

      2. HOZYAR


      3. bea


      4. Gogo


      5. Dian Sari Maulina

        @kala Really? Sorry I just found out that emojis can affect views

    61. Aria Yuanita

      Lagu² EXO selalu menemaniku beraktivitas

    62. Xiao Baozi

      Gracias EXO por existir

    63. 慧 邰

      Always my favorite song.

    64. Silmy Bintan

      Misss exo!!! I love you !

    65. Mohima Akther

      The truth is this masterpiece deserve more than a billion.

      1. Elisângela Pereira

        @girl girl Sério? Puxa, não sabia...

      2. anna shrestha

        I wish they were promoted globally. SM really doesn't care.

      3. Yeollyjudz Aspilan


      4. Saritha Anil

        Like T

      5. dmxz


    66. Shunn Lai Yee Mon

      너무 너무 좋아합니다(⁠。⁠♡⁠‿⁠♡⁠。⁠)

    67. serra

      Exo is pioner💗💗

    68. Luciána Yón

      Even we got a new song , a new comback , we keep coming back to this song

    69. Jaqueline Santos

      Exo ♥️☺️

    70. Sabrina Sodi

      The rap was fire The visuals were fire The vocals were fire

      1. Mahnoor Siraj

        @Purple Yellow thanks

      2. Purple Yellow

        @Mahnoor Siraj Oh Sehun 2:42

      3. Deepa

        @ANNyeong ❤️ EXO uchcihchichcciuichchchciichchchicicciicchchcihicichichcihchicichcichicchcihichchchcucih)78?$?$?7?87?878?7?87?87)couciuciuciuicuicuciuciuciicuicg,878?8cuicichciuciuciuicuciucihcig?878?$?878,78,7,88?$?7?87?87?78?78?7?878?7?87?87)icuciugu8?7g7?878?78?7?87?878?7?87?87?878?78?7?87?87?87?878?78?7?87?878?78?78?78?7?878?78?78?78?7?878?78?78?7?87?87?878?7?88?7?87?87?78?7?87?7?87?87?878?7?87?87?878?7?87?87?878?7?878?7?87?878?7?878?78?7?878?78?7?878?78?7?87?88?78?78?78?78?78?8?7?878??88?78?78?78?7?7?7?87?7?7?7?878?78?7?878?78?8?7?87?878?7?7?78??87?87?88?7?7?87?87?878?78?7?88?7?878?88?7?78?78?7?788?78?7?87?878?8?7?7?7?8?8?7?88?7?7?$8?7??78?7?7?8??87?88?78?78?78?8?78?78??878?78?8??87?88?7?7?7?$?87?7?78?8?7?88?7?878?7?878?8?78??7?78?7?7?78?7?7?87?7?78?$?7?7?87?78?8?7?78?78?78?7?87?878?8?7?878??87?7?7?78? Yep gucuciuicciuicucucihcucuchcucucucucuicuciicuiccucicucucucuicuicicucucucuciucicuicicucucuuccicciuicuuccuciuciicucuuciccihcicicicucciucuciuchiccucocuuccuchcouchiciciccuiccicichchchchchiccihcichiccihicucucuicchichchchcchcouchcucucihichcihici

      4. Mahnoor Siraj

        Who is visual of exo?

      5. ANNyeong ❤️ EXO

        Life has become so much better when I became a an EXO-L!!! Always with EXO! EXO is home!

    71. V and Baekhyun for life I

      Baekhynie ♥️💜💚

    72. Sou Yeol

      Missed you soooo much

    73. Jennifer Rollan

      It's already 2022, but here I am still listening to their song/s, You totally creep into my heart babe🥰❤ E X O

    74. Agnes Durán

      EXO is the best

    75. Marsya Dalilah

      Chanyeol and sehun's rap part is so dope ugghh I've been listening to this song 18273527172 times and it's still a bop

      1. fudo

        Im going Kokobop mood

      2. Tangtang

        My dog ate my cheese T^T

      3. Tangtang

        Ikrr fjejdjduficifj

      4. Uchiha Madara


      5. Uchiha Madara


    76. Widya Fiany

      konsep exo yang ini paling favorit

    77. THANG CHOO


    78. 𝓚𝓪𝓻𝓲𝓷𝓪♡


    79. Wy Ne

      My favorite Kpop group . EXO is the best for me.

    80. Yazzy Jazzy

      will forever love this song and the production!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Poeticalpaca17 gaming


      2. Poeticalpaca17 gaming


      3. chen helloangel


      4. Eri

        It's perfect

      5. Heart Soo

        My Top 1 All time EXO Song favorites

    81. َ

      عشقققق هل اغنيه بجد ابدعو وتعبو بالتصوير فيهاا!!! منجد اكسو اساطير ما يتكروو بجد اشكر اكسو من كل قلبي على هل تحفه

      1. Marysool

        @kim ynee ايم سو سوري بس مافي فرقة احسن من فرقة اخرى اكسو موهوبين و رائعين و كثيير فخمين وكمان بتس حلوين لكن ماتحشرو بتس بكل شيء يكون الفيديو على اكسو تذخلوا بتس الفيديو على تومورو تدخلوا بتس الفيديو على ستراي كيدز تدخلوا بتس شو مالكم اعطوا الشخص مساحته الخاصة اكسو عندهم كثييير انجازات و جوائز وتقدمات وهم احسن فرقة بآسيا وبتس كمان عندهم كثيير جوائز وتقدمات وكل من الفرقتين تصنف من افضل الفرق تقدما ونجاحا لهيك كفاكم بتس ممهدين الطريق وما ادري شو بدك بتس اتفضلي في اكثر من مئة الفيديو عن بتس روحي شوفيه وعلقي هناك عليهم

      2. D

        @kim ynee من ذول الي افضل من اكسو

      3. EXO-EXO-L

        احذف الايموجي البليس مو ابليز

      4. kim ynee

        بس هاي الغنية الى اكسو وشو دخل بي تي اس في الموضوع صح انو اكسو وبي تي اس اشهر فرقتين بس مو تقارنين انو بي تي اس أفضل من اكسو

      5. Arab_B.I.G


    82. Unga Bunga

      One of the best kpop songs ever made, we can all agree on that.

    83. Rvae Jaeger

      IT kpop song and mv !!! exo is always on another level...

    84. Ester Sidauruk

      still can't move on from Exo🥰🥰🥰

    85. bitch, i'm dead

      It doesn't matter how many times you heard this song, every time when the pre-chorus come, you'll always feel like the first time.

      1. fairy stirling fan

        And the bridge 😭😭😭🔥

      2. 단이 DANI

        Hello, I'm DANI, a beauty youtuber in Korea, and Korea is famous for its KPOP and also for skincare and cosmetics. When you come to my channel there's a korean secret where your skin can become gloss skin.❤️❤️❤️🇰🇷🇰🇷

      3. Elizabeth Carty

        i know right

      4. Electric Buttercup

        This is my first time listening to this song and it's the first K-pop song.

      5. deadh ins1d33

        I love ur pfp


      Loving EXO is a FUN THING

    87. Yasi Chan

      Best vocal best rap best dance. This music is a full package

    88. Hanii• Fadil

      keren bngt idol gw

    89. 🍃Ana Liz💨

      this song is elite!, i can't stop liking it since its release, i'm totally addicted, this is a true work of art, congratulations to the boys you are sensational! 🇧🇷

    90. sonyeonchu mc

      Paso casi un año y si no pasaron meses. Aún recuerdo la letra pero admito que me olvidé algunas palabras keke

      1. sonyeonchu mc

        @Gucci Boy Ok, I will, thanks.

      2. Gucci Boy

        Listen to their new album Don't fight the feeling🥰

      3. liling yap


    91. Maheri

      Hasta madreados EXO no pierde el estilo.

    92. heykr _

      Coming back to this MV after 6 years it still looks so well made. It doesn't rely too much on visual excess and exaggeration as it may be the case for the latest blackpink MV where the scenes are full of glistening props that clutter the visual space. In this case the study of the composition, color and lights still looks incredible

    93. reca wilvi

      As always EXO is the best..

    94. دودي stream BN

      I can't wait for exo to come back with a whole group

    95. Daenaeris Tartigrade

      No one else could have done this song like EXO.

      1. Bella Xoxo

        Please buy exo album obsession to make exo being consecutive milion seller again.Before 18 november ends..Buy from ktown4u,they put 40% discount on obsession album.DOnt buy kinho version,it wont count.180K more to go or their will lose tittle consecutive milion seller.

      2. MMT


      3. Fathiyya Rahmania


      4. Jenni

        So true

      5. Jennifer Stanford

        I will watch this over and over again and not stop

    96. Sarah


    97. 데니즈SEA-L(Grey Suit)

      Kai and Lay shine brighter when they dance together

    98. Milly

      This song got me into EXO 🧡

    99. Anyela quispe

      Sigo sin superar el rap de Chanyeol y Sehun, se lucieron

    100. Avani Mishra

      Holy shit they all are so attractive

      1. Brittney Reimers

        Welcome to EXO Planet my dear friend!

      2. Vaibhav Borkar

        @Harshada Nalwade I'm also indian

      3. Huang Renjun

        Facts 😌

      4. Choi Ryan


      5. Maryam Vohra

        Yes they are