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    1. didishen

      This song is trending on tiktok rn! the power of exo

      1. Donald Dick

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      2. Donald Dick

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      3. Donald Dick

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    2. عالم Exo


    3. B2119B

      디오는 이때부터 연기를 잘했구나

    4. bella

      Suho bakar uang iconic ㅠㅠ

    5. Monikona

      Baekhyun 😘❤❤❤


      it's 2021 but i can't never forget "lipstick chateau"

      1. Zahraa Munther

        2022 and "lipstick chateau" still unforgettable

      2. ※jongseobie※

        @husna !! 💀💀

      3. Dalita Das

        It's 2022 September 13 ❤️

      4. Smelly Sahil


    7. Best

      Ufff . Todo hermoso

    8. Mayowi Putri04


    9. Best

      El baile de SEHUN ufff

    10. Monikona

      Baekhyun 😍😍❤❤

    11. werawan

      Unpopular opinion: all EXO song is unique and easy listening

      1. e_xiu_o

        PERIODT!! Stream Don’t fight the feeling :))

      2. Jolene | Ching!

        Nah... Popular opinion...

      3. Raphaelle Jameila Ciron


      4. Lian 614


    12. ʕ•̫͡•ʔ ʕ•̫͡•ʔ


    13. Maheshwari Shaker

      Missing Kai's dance big time in this video....but Baekhyun's lipstick chateau😍😍😍😍😍...I still repeat that part multiple times😆...The song itself is 🔥🔥 every single time...Music, vibe, visuals♥️

    14. cL3xo

      Ese baile de nuestro amado sehun es un espectáculo repetitivamente, cada vez que lo veo

    15. mohadese

      The best song

    16. I ate kookie with tae

      Not only baekhyun's lisptick chateau and sehun's solo dance But the whole is song iconic

      1. -K4K4ROTO- Mono yasuo games xD


      2. Tasha_perrett23


      3. Walküre

        Sehun's solo dance is just mwah 👌😙

    17. Alexia 9wice

      Lotto es una canción legendaria

    18. Best

      Chanyeol hermoso

    19. ayano aishi

      Not me watching this in 2022 I'm not even an exo-l but a multi k-pop fan so I just came checking on my babies


      Vamos Exo-l!!!! son 22MV para alcanzar los 200MV, si se puede, procuremos hacer str34m alternando con otras canciones de preferencia, bien sea de EXO u otro género musical, en fin... como lo deseen, pero continuemos apoyándolos grupal e individualmente.

    21. erikyoong

      EXO’s Lotto is trending on TikTok nowwww. Finally it deserves the recognition. ERI ahhh MAKE SOME NOISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. Donald Dick

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      2. Donald Dick

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      3. Donald Dick

        @EXO💎 kzsection.info/green/bejne/l6FkjKNqq596eXk.html

      4. Donald Dick

        @Always Exo-L kzsection.info/green/bejne/l6FkjKNqq596eXk.html

      5. Donald Dick

        @Suho is a FuNnY bUnNy kzsection.info/green/bejne/l6FkjKNqq596eXk.html

    22. maryam

      네 덕에 내 하루가 얼마나 밝아지 네가 알았으명 좋겠어. EXO OT9

    23. Vênus Lilith

      Baekhyun 😍🔥❤️❤️❤️💘

    24. :V

      Este temazo me lo quiero tatuar 😔

    25. TAEKOOK

      Suho está hermoso

    26. Geelena Solis

      Other members trying to look like a badass, while D.O. looks like a psycho with that creepy smile. Perfection!

      1. Sunjidmaa Odsuren

        Yes psycho smile 😁

      2. closet

        kzsection.info/green/bejne/sZlompqHlHiPqoU.html ola

      3. zkdliiin owen


      4. Amane Misa


      5. Gwenny Park

        No doubt. He is an actor indeed! 😏

    27. Huang bucin Renjun

      kangen banget gasie

    28. Raquel

      2022 todavía vigente🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    29. TAEKOOK

      Baekhyun siempre es hermoso

    30. Tubelliza, Shiena Andrea

      I'm not even their fan but I keep coming back to this specific song 🥵💗

    31. Thaaatsace1

      Baekhyun’s “lipstick chateau” and Sehun’s solo dance is the best thing that has ever happened

      1. miorumi

        and "we're going crazy, my lucky lady"

      2. ne besy


      3. Huzaifa Arts

        Lay being in centre

      4. Thalita Rossa


      5. Jaggae

        Kyungsoo's "lipstick chateau" too!

    32. TAEKOOK

      SEHUN es el mejor del MV

    33. Elif ACAR🇹🇷

      Ohhh lotto ohhh lotto

    34. Sarai Altamirano

      son dmasiado guapos

    35. Aleeery Mm


    36. sisi

      the world needs an Exo comeback with ALL the boys.

      1. Palak Yadav


      2. I am Jill's Sandwich

        just not with that bastard Kris lmao

      3. PrincessSooJin

        why would they come back they are the richest kpop band and the best of all the they scored around 1billion dollars in assets no other boy band on earth has that much LOL they have the life they need already

      4. e_xiu_o

        stream don’t fight the feeling :)

      5. Kamna Devi

        I want 12 agai

    37. Jey Carell Pielago

      The dance break will always be iconic

    38. Linda Truong

      Happy 6 years to this iconic song

    39. juliyws


    40. Ichika Kaneki

      Woooow recuerdo haber escuchado una canción con letra en español y está canción de fondo. Ahora me entero que era una canción de kpop de Exo WOW

    41. 도경수&Kate

      Repeated Baekhyun’s “lipstick, chateau” part and Sehun’s solo dance a couple of times now and still can’t get over it

      1. Suzana Silva

        Baekhyun is so iconic here

      2. Maye Escribano

        dont forget that lipbite of sehun while chanyeol is rapping rawr 🔥

      3. fresa

        same but add yixing's dance break

      4. aeri.EXO_n.city23

        i thought it's only me who do it 😅😅

      5. Moon-yi Han sul

        is that it is not overcome, it is enjoyed 😌

    42. Hazel Ann Madera

      ang pogii ni baekhyun potaaa

    43. Bata Kozba


    44. TAEKOOK

      D.O está muy hermoso

    45. Oooh puspa

      This my favourite song

    46. nan naman

      Popular opinion: Lotto is an underrated masterpiece wow this did numbers alright guys kai second album on the third of November mark your calendar

      1. Aung Aung

        laughing duudud

      2. Afzalmehmood Gulam

        @Siddhi Balamurali yeah dud there are many like el dorado is one of my fav but it doesnt even have an mv

      3. Siddhi Balamurali

        @Afzalmehmood Gulam Late reply, but I absolutely agree, Lucky One is my absolute favorite track from EXO. I listen to it everyday. It really got overshadowed by Monster :(

      4. A. V.

        @Janna Mae Buen Correct, i think to bet in korea is frowned upon

      5. Janna Mae Buen

        @A. V. ah ok thats why they change this as "Louder" not "Lotto"??? correct me if I am wrong..😊

    47. MM



      Huhu chanyeol sehun🥹

    49. Senanur Yar


    50. 찬열EXO

      It's 2022. August 23. And I'm still here. This song is so addictive!

    51. Layk

      Almost 5 years have passed, still inlove with Sehun's dance.

      1. e_xiu_o

        stream don’t fight the feeling :)

      2. Erica Cella

        His dancing scenes are amazing

      3. israt jahan joya

        Me too. Sehun looked so cool.

      4. peachyhunie

        CRAZY OVER HIM😭🔥🔥

      5. nng studio

        especially 0:52 . Chanyeol is my bias but Sehun's dance is so fxxking HOT

    52. eti nurfazar

      kangen banget sama exo

    53. Tiffany Wang


    54. Wiwid Adis

      Stay streaming ❤️

    55. Exol from future

      Just listen and smile

    56. Anushka P.

      This song is like a red wine.

      1. e_xiu_o

        YEAHHHH!!! Stream Don’t fight the feeling :))

      2. Lexie


      3. กัลยา แย้มทัด


    57. Ahmed Shazly

      I Love This Song That Made Me Love My Love

    58. Akanksha Tiwari

      This song is forever gonna be iconic

      1. Dexo-l


    59. Wiwid Adis

      Keep streaming ❤️‍🔥

    60. Maheri


    61. 𝙼𝚊𝚛𝚒𝚊 𝚁𝚘𝚜𝚎

      Baekhyun's lipstick chateau line is forever iconic ♡◇

      1. Kookilena KKK

        @Gi Rocha He went wild!!!

      2. Gi Rocha

        @Kookilena KKK I love it

      3. Kookilena KKK

        @Gi Rocha omg yesss

      4. Sandi Cindil official

        عليه الصلاة والسلام على رسول الله وعلى آله وصحبه أجمعين سياسة الاستخدام سياسة الخصوصية أسئلة وأجوبة للأتصال بنا تابعنا علي خير خير خير عش كريما عش كريما عش كريما عش كريما الدين الإسلامي في أعماله الفنية والسخرية من باب الشمسية باب الشمشية بنا سياسة الاستخدام فوق الروم فوق نور مملوك الشمش؟؟؟!!!!!

      5. Gi Rocha

        2:58 too

    62. Isabella Pabon

      ♡ I loved it I really liked the rhythm♡ ♧I LOVE EXO!♧ Among other male groups more

    63. TAEKOOK

      Me gusta este MV

    64. Alaa gamal

      Miss them

    65. Ey Kay

      My boys always slay The kingz

    66. SM please promote EXO

      This song has handsome vibes, just like the singers

      1. Haneul

        yes, thats true 🥰

      2. For EXO

        Your username lol

      3. kpop all day,kdrama all night

        @SM please promote EXO Your name speaks pure facts.

      4. Seema Ravindra Kulkarni

        BTW your username is the sweetest 💗

    67. Aira May Dicdican

      My heart still belongs to EXO

    68. Lingling Viwviw

      EXO-Ls come on let's go 200M this year

    69. Tu Patrón

      Que canción tan buena, amo aquí

    70. TATA   STAN 💕💕

      The kings

    71. exo baekhyun


      1. Anh Kim


      2. Ferdinand James Arcenio

        Hi new exo-l here

    72. Mayowi Putri04


    73. don’t _ mind _ me

      For new Exo-l: 1:18 1:25 Suho (Junmyeon) - lead vocalist, leader 0:15 Kai (Jongin) - main dancer, vocalist 0:33 Baekhyun - main vocalist 0:43 D.O. (Kyungsoo) - main vocalist 0:48 Xiumin (Minseok) - lead vocalist, dancer 0:53 Sehun - lead dancer, lead rapper 1:04 Chanyeol - main rapper, vocalist 1:45 Lay (Yixing) - main dancer, lead vocalist 2:15 Chen (Jongdae) - main vocalist

      1. don’t _ mind _ me

        @Lfae Sehun is officially a lead dancer, however when Lay is absent he does act as a main dancer in his place.

      2. Jessica

        *Not me using Baekhyun's to repeat his line again and again* :)

      3. you're trash and so is your fandom.

        I've been an Aeri for 4 years now, this is so helpful for new fans! Thank you so much!! 💞

    74. Kasandra Campbell

      All of us EXO-L hit the lotto with being able to support these amazing men and their craft.

    75. Noelia Marisel Lamas

      01:02 ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ amooo

    76. thirdy

      Its been 3yrs but kyungsoo's smile still haunts me

      1. Anna_1214


      2. Nur Fitri Alviani

        He's smile was insane ngl

      3. cande


      4. e_xiu_o

        stream don’t fight the feeling :)

      5. Eternal

        @ankita n I hope me too

    77. kdprems

      i love it

    78. kazechan_noona

      I hope the next comeback, exo will bring back this dark badass concept

    79. Haŕŕu

      2:15 best part 💛

      1. Icebearwillbreakyou

        I play it on repeat everytime I listen to it 🥹

      2. Icebearwillbreakyou

        For real

    80. lyzadventure

      It's 2022 now and Im still watching this😭 when is exo comebacks?😭

    81. yixing woo

      Let's be honest exo never make bad songs

      1. closet

        kzsection.info/green/bejne/sZlompqHlHiPqoU.html ola

      2. Amane Misa


      3. Sulsiah Doembana


      4. Palaye_Royale 🖤

        I agree

      5. VIVI 🐶 손 🐾

        @Irene B dude don't forget that " CHOGIWAAAA " like the whole fandom is still crazy in love with that line

    82. Chocolate ice-cream

      Some songs doesn't need to have 1B views to prove that they are a masterpiece

    83. A

      need EXO as a Group with 9members 😭🖤 really..

    84. hey! soyeon

      kai manages to be perfect anyway, amazing!❤️

    85. Salar♡‎

      2022 and i still love them .

    86. Lellian Jane Ruanes

      Baekhyun's "Lipstick, chateau.." still hits different!

      1. Felix’s English line from domino is addicting

        It still hits me!

      2. exo outsold

        Lotto is truly Baekhyun’s era

      3. Hyunjin love


      4. Leebit

        Timestamp plss

      5. Chani

        D.o also babe

    87. seolvaille

      holding for Baekhyun holding for Chanyeol holding for EXO9 We are One EXO EXOL SARANGHAJA!!!

    88. KTH

      Live version is really the best.

    89. Hyuka 🌺

      EXO-L please let's make this legendary song 200 million views. please get lots of views for EXO. Let's show them the power of EXO-L WE ARE ONE EXO SARANGHAJA!!! ~Turkish EXO-L

    90. Bang Gil

      Mi canción favorita

    91. isayyy

      Exo don't need billion views to prove that this song is bop and a masterpiece

      1. felícitas c.

        Popularity does not mean talent

      2. Məhəmməd Həşimov


      3. EXO EXOL

        EXO Kpop kings 🏆🥇😎

      4. isayyy

        @PrincessSooJin k.

    92. Bata Kozba

      exo for best life

    93. eve


    94. Monikona

      Baeky ❤❤

    95. dinadona98


    96. Christine Wang

      Thanks to tiktok this masterpiece is receiving lot of love again!!! Well SM, hear us out. We need comeback from the boys SOON please!

      1. Jae Hee Park

        hope to see real Lay not only greenscreen :(

      2. littlejingga

        @Cp lp ll lll l pl ) llll ll) ll) lpl ) lpl lpllll lpllll😭 ) lll) 😭lp ) lll) l}😭lp l ) l pll llll ) l) ll lpl ) lp ) llll )) ll llll ll 😭l 😭l 😭ll😭l😭 lpll) ll l) ll lpl lllll ) lll) lllll plllll} l) llllll😭lp

      3. littlejingga

        @Cp lp l😭l 😭llp lp

      4. littlejingga

        @Cp ll ll l lll lp ) lp) l} llllll lp lpll) l ll ) lpll 😭lp😭ll😭

      5. littlejingga

        @Cp l lplllll lp ll) ll lpllll ll lpl l pllll ) lplpll

    97. BTS_x_forever#Julyanınkocasıyım

      Exo very talented boy group✨💜

    98. Oooh puspa

      My fav song

    99. exo the best

      سوهو يجنن

    100. Maheri

      LOTTO SEHUN!!!