EXO 엑소 '으르렁 (Growl)' MV (Korean Ver.)



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    EXO 엑소 '으르렁 (Growl)' MV (Korean Ver.) ℗ S.M.Entertainment

    Жарияланды 9 жыл бұрын

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    1. しᗴᔑしᏆᗴ ᗰᗩᏃᗴ

      Fact: Never forget that EXO's Growl was filmed with no cut. This MV will remain iconic and will stay as a LEGEND.

      1. Mark Angelo Pacaldo


      2. Alexandre Toledo

        It's called a performance video these days

      3. Kristin Angeli Catubig

        dont forget to leave nice and encouraging comments on here eris!!

      4. Saumyaa

        @RANE I am also from India. From UP. Nice to meet you Indian exo-ls

      5. な み

        eureureong dae

    2. Maheri

      Growl es muy pegajosa, una vez que la escuchas imposible parar.

    3. 단호박

      왜 자꾸 찾아듣게 되냐.... 지금 2022년인데.......

    4. cL3xo

      Todos unos bebes... Cómo el vino de bueno, se ponen cada año... Ufff

    5. SUN Light Mr

      이런 멋진곡들이 요즘은 안나오지?

    6. I ate kookie with tae

      It's one of the natural mv no fancy clothes, no fancy sets just pure talent

      1. RedEyesTops

        Suits aren't fancy? :o

      2. Hala Kachbouri

        Yeah that's true miss the old days so much

      3. azkha boom

        You but noob

      4. 。

        N Me

      5. mon cheri Kim Jongin

        Exactly , the Nation's anthem

    7. 카페솔아

      지금 봐도 후덜덜 멋짐

    8. ⍤⃝오잉?

      9년 전인데도 촌스럽지가 않고 오히려 요즘 4세대 아이돌들보다도 세련된듯

    9. 강수현


    10. 그대위한마음

      2022년에 봐도 멋있다.

      1. Matea ChhakChhuak

        같은 마음

      2. 두밧두 와리와리

        같은 마음

      3. 유튜뷰

        같은 마음

      4. 화성갈끄니까


      5. 달님

        같은 마음

    11. Mella

      Don't worry, you're not the only one who comes over and over to listen to this masterpiece

      1. ioverobin

        so true

      2. たんぎなにょ • 17 years ago •

        Its been years and I'm still in love with this mv😩💗

      3. Vanxo234w0ng

        Still listening to it in 2022

      4. Anonymous Simp

        thanks. also, i feel old now wtfffff? was listening to this back at high school and now i'm gradwaiting 😭

      5. Kweenie Bam


    12. 푸푸

      편집 없는 뮤비가 이렇게 멋있는줄은..

    13. 안병지2

      모자…바꿔쓰는거…ㅋㅋ…진짜 레전드네… 조각들이…움직이는…것…같아서…졸라…다채롭네…

    14. 네JenoChan

      Lagu terlegend sampai sekarang😭❤

    15. 한별

      진짜 레전드긴 했구나….

    16. I’m trying my Besteu

      I just realized how simple this music video is: -No extravagant production -No expensive sets -No fancy outfits JUST PURE TALENT.

      1. EEEEE

        Whenever i watch the ghost carrying that light near window my heart start beating so fast

      2. ynsadb

        and free ghost :DD

      3. Waiting for LOEY EXO sarangajaha EXO sarangajaha

        And no cuts it was taken in one shot yes Legends

      4. Samantha Noelia Ferrer

        it was first time sm released an one shot video. it seems insignificant but it was a huge game changer.

    17. cL3xo

      Siempre yo quise la gorra de MINSEOK

    18. Nur Hanifah

      Kangen bangettt anjirrr 😭😭😭

    19. Alma Angelica

      kangen hahahahaha, kalau ini di tiktok terus ada fitur upload ulang aku bakal upload ulang lagu ini

    20. motiv vation

      It was 2022 and I still adore and love with all my heart EXO-EXO-L❤️. I want EXO-EXO-L to come back. You were and will be the number one Korean boy's band for me.❤️

    21. You like this chain? Three dollars.

      No matter you are EXOL or not, but you cant deny the fact that Growl are known as one of the best "kpop national anthem" Edit : the amount of kpop groups that make cover for this song are insane and even some Non kpop listener also knew this song, means Growl indeed one of the most iconic and greatest in kpop national anthem list

      1. Daichi Lynne

        Not an EXO-L, but if you don't know this song, I don't really trust ya.

      2. 이공


      3. hello kitty 252

        @Aysha Siddiqa cap

      4. Joshua Oktavianus

        @Leonardo ⁰

      5. Joshua Oktavianus


    22. Kübra 🐾🕸️


    23. Maheri

      Exo-Ls WE ARE ONE con el solo álbum de XIUMIN.

    24. T Lee

      이 뮤비가 ㄹㅇ SM의 정수다

    25. 종이꽃잎

      찬열 진짜 ㅋㅋ 개잘생겼넼ㅋㅋㅋ

    26. Noureen Prova

      EXO IS MULTI-TALENTED BOY BAND EXO is Singer EXO is Rapper EXO is Vocal EXO is Dancer EXO is Actor EXO is Visual EXO is Model EXO is Ambassador EXO is Guitar EXO is Piano EXO is Drums EXO is DJ EXO is MC EXO is Musician EXO is Producer EXO is Chef EXO is Repairer EXO is Swimming EXO is Sailing EXO is Interesting EXO is Love EXO is Power EXO is Honey EXO is Gift EXO is Friendly EXO is Diving EXO is Climb the mountain EXO is Snowboarding EXO is Jogging EXO is Basketball EXO is Bowling EXO is Carishmatic EXO is Kind EXO is Handsome EXO is Cool EXO is Lovely EXO is Angel EXO is Diamond EXO is Everything!!!!! THIS IS EXO EXO-L FOREVER !!!!!!!!!

      1. khadijahbadihah

        Exo is our mine

      2. Noureen Prova

        @이로운 yep I was hehehe

      3. The Random Viewer


      4. Junior Chavez


      5. Junior Chavez

        EXO is Shrek 🥰

    27. 이신제

      아니 이건 거의 안무 영상인데 조회수가 2.8억....ㅎㄷㄷ 대단하다 엑소 오빠들

    28. Phoo Pwint

      One of my favorite songs

    29. AnyukTY ExoL

      Aaaawwwwww..... Happy anniversary yeorobuunnn,,,,,!!!!!

    30. ipa

      그냥 신이 주신 노래다.. 노래 자체도 좋고 일단 엑소 음색이 장난없음.. 춤도 진짜 까리하게 너무 잘 짰고 페이스도 미쳤고ㅋㅋㅋ 한국이 뒤집어질 만 했다 진짜

    31. Iuaena

      Don't worry you're not the only one who listens to this legendary song everyday

      1. Marissa Azzahra


      2. Erina amelia Afifa


      3. Himani Bisht

        Not gonna feel embarrassed ever for it 🤭

      4. Forkan Vuyaan

        I listen this song everyday, ok don't mind 😜

      5. ★Handsomeness overload

        😂😂👌 I'm glad ❤️❤️ Sorry to ask, but can You please check my latest vid? 🥺🥺 It's like Sehunie edit with speech🥺 Thanks 🥺💕💕

    32. Natatrash


    33. Rin

      I still remember watching this MV on our TV in 2013 I already forgot what channel that was but it always plays MV's and Growl was one of them

    34. Kim Jung

      Please give us exo comeback

    35. Linda Truong

      Happy 9 years to this iconic song

    36. fushiguro megumi's lashes

      THIS BRINGS BACK ALL THE MEMORIES!!!!!!!! ‘Growl’ literally swept all daesangs & awards. 2013 is *the* year where exo’s popularity shoots like a rocket & people finally appreciate their talents ❤️ & until now it’s still one of k-pop national anthem & exo is one of the biggest boybands in the world. we’re proud of our boys ❤️

      1. Ruti Heruwanti


      2. EXO Life

        I need to cry again......

      3. Fakhira Adlina

        I know right. This is why all the great title going to exo. Because of their talent and all. Overdose, call me baby, monster, kokobop also swept all the daesang in every award show. And now it's going to be tempo and love shot too take care of the daesang. And exo need our support. We can do this eggs, fighting till the end. ^-^

    37. mama citas

      Exo para sa lahat ng edad.

    38. Jennifer Rollan

      Old but Gold. Forever EXO❤

    39. nesthea mari nava

      This is a masterpiece

    40. Kristina Kim

      Я просто люблю и причин не надо❤️

    41. Leah Johnson

      This is a legendary hit song that will never get old.

      1. Nurlita Ayu


      2. laurencia angelina

        February 2020 and still here to listen the legendary song :)

      3. Grav3yardb0y


      4. Josh Anne

        So true💖

      5. A R A K I M

        Yesss trooo

    42. stephanie anne nietes

      Tagal ng comeback niyo EXO

    43. 조서영

      와우~ 이히야아

    44. xighen26

      i remember watching all their growl videos on music shows every single one of them honestly 😂😂 ahh nostalgia ..

    45. Best


    46. 이수만

      "EXO IS BACK" will be better than "your crush likes you."

      1. e_xiu_o

        exo-ls stream don’t fight the feeling :))

      2. Diksha

        선생님 엑소를 잘 돌봐주세요 🥺🙏🏻

      3. Sutria Ningsih

        I thougt you were the real Lee Sooman LMAO

      4. Liam Axalie


      5. chib beng

        Hai guys don't forget to vote Exo in Tenasia music award, thx

    47. Annisa Debylal

      kangen bgtt:'(

    48. Ayda

      Let's go for 280 M

    49. A. C. M  제엑스

      9ปีแล้วยังคิดถึงมากกกกก 2022และต่อๆไปอีก...

    50. EVSS 83

      This MV looks like a performance video in 2022 lmao but it managed to reach 200 million + v1ews and the most covered k-pop song until now. EXO literally are the Nation's Pick. They will forever be famous.

    51. Nicholas Louie

      Popular opinion: “Growl” never gets old

      1. Just Nobody

        So true!!

      2. Lavanya Syamalapalli

        Exo kings always kings

      3. Alannis Manimbo

        Yap :>

      4. Makoto Sayoko

        @VAISHNAVI JHA yes

      5. Chen Ochea


    52. Dannih M

      always looking for D.O.

    53. 응응

      그 누구도 으르렁을 이기지 못한다..

    54. Tasya Algifani


    55. آماني アマニ

      After 9 years, you're the best if you're still watching it, on the anniversary of the song July 31.

    56. exo baekhyun

      Congratulations EXO! Growl is the highest boygroup song on MelOn’s Top 100 K-pop Masterpieces list.


        Only growl???what about monster,love shot,ko ko bop,overdose...all of their songs are masterpieces

      2. Jaya

        i'm ur 1000th like :)))

      3. Yanfei the legal adviser


      4. EXOL 1485

        @Itatchi ' ?

      5. Itatchi '

        Yall REACHING

    57. Mathi

      Happy anniversary to forever queen,THE GROWL

    58. binic 8822


    59. donya tajik

      Love you exo

    60. Cess

      Happy 9th year anniversary, King Growl!❤️

    61. Ian Panaligan

      8 years later, if you're watching this you're a legend.

      1. Gaby C

        Thanks...9 years in this moment lol

      2. paris Zhang


      3. maya mahdayani

        hello from 2022 :)

      4. Mariko Wakisaka

        This song is a legend !!!!

      5. ㅇㅇㅇ

    62. sana

      Chanyeol military discharge in just 11 days yeyy!!!

      1. ballerin robxian


    63. Jeni

      this song should be 300M views!!

    64. Greeshma BBH

      Happy 9 th anniversary ❤️ queen /king growl ❤️

    65. 김

      으르렁 9주년 축하해!!!!!!!!! 벌써 9주년이라니... 많이도 달려왔네.. ㅎㅎ 마냥 순탄치만은 않았을 텐데 지금까지 우리와 함께해줘서 고마워 앞으로도 함께하자 영원히 사랑해! ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

      1. 아이언맨광팬

        와 벌써 9년...

      2. 대가리박아라

        엑소는 그쪽 모름 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

      3. Mr. Gian

    66. Aafiya

      i honestly feel nostalgic whenever I listen to Growl. They were so young, so cute. Ah, they've grown up so much.

      1. valorant account seller

        i wish i was there 7 years ago but sadly i wasn’t. nevertheless, i’ll be there till the end :)

      2. MARIEL EMS


      3. massivecomputertragedy

        sameee it just hits me in the feels

      4. halisa alya

        this hit me hard 😭

      5. Eliza Borlagdan

        Same, I can't believe 6yrs had passed just like that 😭

    67. Krol Sbino

      no matter the years that spend Growl will always be active

    68. Best


    69. 룰루

      진짜 시작하는 부분부터 심장 떨린다..

    70. Kayyisyia Salisa

      엑소가 어떻게 이렇게 노래를 잘해 이건 기적이야 이 노래는 몇 번을 들어도 질리지 않아 엑소 목소리는 기적이야 엑소를 알게 돼 너무 행복해

    71. serenity kim

      This song is already 7 years but seems like they released it yesterday. BOP.

      1. Chhor Chanmonika

        We have to be here cuz their songs are lit

      2. Sohaila_ ashOr!

        Ikr and the fact that most of the comments are new like a week ago, so happy to see that EXO-Ls are always there for EXO

    72. D' ace

      Aging like a fine wine

    73. chogiwa Bba

      I missed them so much😩

    74. Cristina

      EL HIMNO

    75. Farah Arifin

      Sounds impossible but hey… give my OT12 backkkkkkk!!! 😭🤍🤍🤍🤍😭😭😭😭

    76. bapnamsayin

      Not just Korea, the world needs to know this song. The definition of iconic.

      1. urmyhope

        I know. I kept hearing this song everywhere 2014 days when I'm not even an exo stan. Lol

      2. mria 8812


      3. ngan


      4. Aqsa Pirzada

        My favorite song of kpop

      5. 张阳


    77. Karla Yong Zea


    78. Shelsea Rivera

      Con esta canción conocí a EXO, es increíble lo rápido que pasa el tiempo, lit ando sentimental jajjaja quiero regresar a esos tiempo tiempo empecé a stanesr todas estas increíbles bandas ♡♡♡♡

    79. 서나준

      기가맥힌 이 안무를 위댐이 망쳐놔서 눈 정화하러옴

    80. yyn Purnama


    81. Giaisaneri😊

      After 89 million years we finally did it! 200Mil is what this legendary song deserves!

      1. Kyle Choi

        Kpop Trash EXO-L no they deserve 1 billion views

      2. S05 1000

        Ya when in 2015 it used to be one of the most watched k-pop MVS in top 10

      3. chikinxchu


    82. Thalia Mayta Araujo

      2022 desde Perú 😍

    83. exo is nine

      Now it's been nine years with the most iconic song I've ever watched by a boy group They are already a living legend Nine years on Growl and EXO also Nine people now I feel so happy to have known them and I will continue to support them in the future too.

      1. exo is nine

        @hoseok He's still a member of the group, he just terminated his contract with SM, but he's still a part of EXO. They're always nine members.

      2. hoseok

        I have a question, did Lay leave from EXO?

      3. Karina

        Stream to reach 280M asap

    84. Emma


    85. Катерина Петрова

      HappyEXOLDay We Are One! Let`s love!

    86. Suho linn02

      7 years with EXO❤ So proud of EXOL. I ❤ my boys.We are one👍

      1. Aya Sayyed

        @Athina Red cool 💞💞💞

      2. Athina Red

        I'm ExoL 2 years!😭 I didn't know the BEST KPOP GROUP! Before exo i was an Army and BigBang too. But know i streamed! I saw all their MVs and it's like i hear them 7yrs too! #EXOLFOREVER!

      3. Aya Sayyed

        I'm exo_l from 5 years 💞💞💞💞

    87. Fangirl

      Happy 9 years Today is my birthday too

    88. Putri Zafira

      Happy anniv

    89. Luna Miku

      Back when everything was still okay

    90. Harvey


    91. Lucky Monster


      1. DreaM emory

        we want 300M Monster

    92. zero

      The signature SM harmonies

    93. 류시호

      컨셉이랑 카메라워크는 언제봐도 감탄할거같음

    94. LUV

      Make me dance and hype

    95. Best


    96. Sandra Gonzales

      199M good Now 200M Estamos a un paso de llegar a la meta Vamos con todo aeris del universo Fighting

      1. 박수연


      2. Sangdow Salaewong

        Come on !

    97. Pia Pia

      this song brings back high school memories (╥﹏╥)

    98. Rasa_0045_

      Surely hit 300 million in 2022😌.

    99. Kübra 🐾🕸️

      One of the best in the K-pop world

    100. Musical Happiness

      2022 and it's still a bop!