BoA X XIN 'Better (对峙)' MV



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    BoA x XIN's new single "Better (对峙)" is out!
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    1. Julie Cc

      I hope Xin can also focus her career outside of China. She have so much potential and she can do almost everything you can imagine.

      1. friya

        @ying She already has a massive and stable fanbase in china

      2. sYora

        @_wuuuu_ thats true. But xin is one of the very few idols that can still promote in china without having to go into acting. Just look at how many songs she released this year alone.

      3. CKKA

        China's market is already big enough for Chinese idol's most of them even make more money than kpop idol's so most of them doesn't really care going international but they do mind their overseas fans

      4. Chris Aron

        @Kawajama what are you talking about? Kpop is all over China and Korean groups are making lot of money from Chinese market

      5. EZAM AZMI

        @_wuuuu_ would be such a waste if Yuxin doesn't go international. Her talent is so rare and she deserves a larger audience. I trust she's able to study a new language knowing how hard working she is

    2. Rurin Toge

      Never heard of her before but Xin Liu's presence is mindblowing. It's impossible to look away. Really liking the voice too.

      1. Ate ng ASTRO

        Youth with you The9 Chinese Pop LIU YU XIN!!!!!

      2. izumi45

        🌧💙☔️ Watch XIN LIU's videos here:

      3. William Dibble

        @Lemon Twist :) I thought it was her! She's awesome!

      4. Rurin Toge

        @Danny Simion ... you must be trolling or lack reading comprehension. I'm not sure which is sadder.

      5. mosaic

        @Danny Simion she talked about she never heard Xin Liu, not BoA. Who doesn't know BoA, Kpop Legend

    3. Je Jo

      I just got know yuxin on sdc5 and now I stumble into this song. I pleased to discover her, she’s so cool ❤

    4. Kat Blaque

      I didn't know this before watching the making video but they actually didn't film together at all. They filmed separately in China and Korea. That is so freaking cool.

      1. Pratyasha Baithalu

        @Kat Blaque Yes I am fully aware of that.

      2. Kat Blaque

        @Pratyasha Baithalu yeah but they didn't do choreography together like they do in this video.

      3. theblerdgurl

        I did NOT know that! Thank you!

      4. MR. VLAD EGOROV npo.

        ____________not people 🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓

      5. jenny hienanh

        THE EDITOR😎

    5. 마군자

      보아 better 너무 좋네요. 응원드려요.

    6. Eggy Gudetama

      Just in case anyone here don’t know much about XIN Liu (Liu Yuxin) She’s a singer-songwriter from China and was debuted as the first place (Center) of the variety show Youth with You 2 in 2020. She’s now graduated from the team and is a solo female singer✨ She’ve launched her first full long album named 《XANADU》that includes 10 songs, 10 MV and 10 types of dance. In this coming Summer season, she’s the First Female Caption of Street Dancers of China, and also having 3 others variety shows such as E-pop of China, Jiayou GanFanRen and etc😻

      1. nielleneth

        @Claire Farron my pleasure 💙

      2. Claire Farron

        @nielleneth Thank you too

      3. Claire Farron

        Thx captain

      4. Kaisuke Yuuko 开苏克优子

        ooo i didnt knwo that she became a soloist! thanks!

      5. Star Blossom

        Thank you for the information it Nice and helpfull to know about Artist

    7. Ly Trần Khánh

      This collaboration is definitely a masterpiece!!! I'm so happy when seeing Yuxin's talent aspects are shown to more people, especially when she worked with a legend Kpop artist as BoA. Really love this MV!!!!

    8. daniel

      중국어는 ㄹㅇ 신비하네 이 좋은노래가 바로 싼티나

    9. Tita LaVerna Reyes

      I did not expect this!! I love BoA so much!! Liu Yuxin is really got it!

    10. Ar My

      I am the biggest fan of Youth with You and voted for Xin Liu throughout the duration of the show. I am really hoping she get the exposure she deserves since the debut of THE9 didn't really give justice to the girls and was not promoted as much, so the hype of YWY died down together with their popularity internationally. I really hope this is a start of a new beginning for her and I also wish she'll get to collab with Lisa again in the near future. Fighting!!

      1. That’s not very cash money of you

        @Ar My yup you cant even make a wechat account without somebody who already has an account, aka a chinese citizen usually

      2. Gosum Doji

        Yeah,you are absolutely liu has got so much skill to show everyone...wish lisa can collaborate with xin liu...😢💞

      3. Ar My

        @pikisflais I know she is. That's why I'm pointing out her popularity "internationally". Most of the china platforms are not as accessible as yt. Like how yt is also not as accessible to them. I just want to see more of her and I just want the world to recognize her talent. She deserves more that's why I want more for her.

      4. pikisflais

        @Annn I was looking for this note. That int fans ignore or disregard everything not "popular" on the us doesn't erase the fact that she is THE biggest and hottest female star in the Mainland rn. Anyways see Captain Liu Xin on Street Dance of China season 5 premier is on youku sometime in august.

      5. OWIOX


    11. sseldne p

      Woah Yuxin is soooo cooool!!!

    12. JaStarteu

      Dang it, Liu Xin ft BoA. How i don't know this before?? 😱

    13. Sami

      I hope people become a fan of yuxin through this! She’s a all rounder and an amazing artist… yall won’t be disappointed that’s for sure!!

      1. Amal's world

        BoA Song Better (Korean and Chinese Version with XIN)

      2. D S

        Meeee I'm a fan now! Gosh she's amazing 😍

      3. Amanda B

        I became a fan of here's a while ago. She NEVER fails to impress.

      4. Alèxia

        I only watched some clips and stages of her in the survival show she was in, and I'm a fan hooked for life. She's something else entirely, wow

    14. yuukisama2001

      This mash up is hot🔥🔥🔥! I can't stop playing it. I bought both versions and they sync so well in playback. Also, congrats to Xin for moving up in her career! I wonder how she got brought on to this collab.

    15. um

      yuxin is a dangerous girl,I can't help watching her dance and sing,her isolation is perfect. she's a genius

      1. Kim Juncotton🐰


      2. izumi45

        🌧💙☔️ Watch XIN LIU's videos here:

      3. Amanda B

        She's absolutely not only a killer talented performer, but STUNNING too.

      4. ᴀʀᴡᴇɴ彡 #kingtaeyeon

        @TWICEPINK BIGGEST GROUPS you stan twice cheesy songs probably... so you wouldn't understand

      5. mosaic

        @TWICEPINK BIGGEST GROUPS ur taste is tooooo BAD 🤪

    16. Pretty U


    17. Elsa Juliana

      LIU YU XIN!!! ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

    18. Mariana Romero

      My queen Xin Liu with the queen Boa?? 😭 I’m in tears I didn’t know this existed until now

    19. XIN's UM

      The collab that I never know would happen! Love these 2 queens 💙💙💙


      BoA and XIN isn't only Dancer and Singer , They are actually MULTI-TALENTED IDOLS.........!!!!!!

      1. MR. VLAD EGOROV npo.

        _____________not people 🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓🍓

      2. Desislava Kozhuharova

        @Mr Pun Lol, BoA sang her heart out her whole career. If you want to watch a live vocal performance with a stunning choreo, go watch her concerts (not in K-music shows, real concerts). She's always singing live in her concerts, she has nothing to prove anymore

      3. Kim's rice spoon

        @Mr Pun I know Xin more than BoA, and I can assure you, that girl's vocals is stable af even when dancing. Besides, it ain't the SM idols' fault that they can't flaunt their vocals, SM rarely lets them sing live. But don't underestimate them, SM isn't the home of amazing vocalists for nothing.

      4. Mr Pun

        @Kim's rice spoon all sm artists do lipsync so no need to hear their live lol

      5. Kim's rice spoon

        @Mr Pun uhm, both of them? Wait till you hear them sing live.

    21. steph

      Cuando creía que no podía amar más esta canción llega esta versión AMO

    22. DaBoi Austino Dorito

      A Great Song the Beat could’ve had a little more tempo changes but other than that An Amazing Produced Song Overall Rating 9/10

    23. NiA _

      중국어로 노래하는 보아 낯설지만 멋있다 그동안 솔로 무대에 익숙했는데 XIN (누군지 모름) 과 함께하는 듀오 무대도 멋있네요 뮤직비디오 메이킹 필름도 봤는데 중국, 한국에서 따로 촬영하고 합성으로 만든 뮤비.. 기술력에 감탄 🥰

    24. 껄껄껄

      XIN님 처음 뵈는 분인데 춤도 잘 추시고 노래도 잘하시네요 ㅇㅁㅇ 잘어울려요 진짜

    25. 김수민

      아니 원곡 너무 좋아하는데 둘이 듀엣도 잘 어울리고 저 XIN이라는 가수분도 잘하시네요 계속 듣게되는…

      1. Xmisjxalvye Dcbskymlk

        Love Xin!!!

    26. XQueenMakesYouCrazy

      if you discovered Xin through this MV, she has a youtube channel "Xin Liu" where you can watch almost all of her solo MVs! Check it out 😉

      1. Alèxia

        Thanks, I didn't know about it!

    27. J Jumping

      Liu Yuxin 양 팬 됐어요~ 목소리 중국어발음 스타일 춤 다 넘 멋져요

    28. Aas

      Yes, Liu Yuxin! You know what I want! You're my only One♡

    29. -sophi ♾️

      Vocals are ON THE POINT. Dance is ON THE POINT. Visuals are ON THE POINT, Literally EVERYTHING is ON THE POINT!!

      1. life_of_a_leo _

        @JUNGWON_02.09.04 her name is Liu Yuxin she took part in Youth With You 2 a chinese survival show

      2. JUNGWON_02.09.04

        @Malier UM wdym

      3. Malier UM

        @JUNGWON_02.09.04 yes, but she...

      4. JUNGWON_02.09.04

        Where's the man from 😋😋 is he an idol

      5. Wendy Zhang

        Can't agree more.

    30. 스론

      묘하게 어울림.. 오호! 😳😯

    31. nicizking

      Is it weird I love this more than the original?? Seriously the charisma and Xin’s voice make it…better.

    32. 카나유

      메이킹 필름 봤는데 이렇게 만나지않고 각 국에서 촬영하고 뮤비가 나올 수 있다는게 대단하네요. 그거 보기 전 까진 진짜 만나서 한 줄 알았어요. 역시 대단하네요 여신

    33. 야호

      메이킹보고왔는데 기술도입은 신기한데 머랄꺼 스엠이 ㅈㄱ했군 생각만 ..ㅎ

    34. ISSAC YIU

      Love their voice

    35. Iris L

      我还以为哪个XIN,没想到是刘雨昕! 还是中文。好听的。

    36. 박양주 남

      조회수 대박 후덜덜 ~요즘인터넷 효과음 성대묘사도~3천만 나오던데? 중국어노래 아유 비유상해~중국어의 한계~

    37. Jannah Miraballes


    38. mosaic

      BoA = the only female judge for STREET MAN FIGHTER Liu Yuxin = the first female captain STREET DANCE OF CHINA 5th season Looking forward to the two QUEENS 👑👑

    39. 蛋黄


      1. WTF IS THIS 😫

        Here finally

      2. JW Loo

        I strongly agree with you

      3. Xin Eggy


      4. Lily


      5. aser m It's here finally!😉

    40. Yuji

      Xin is so gender fluid, the voice and visuals are mind blowing. I thought she was a beautiful man at first but now I know she's a handsome girl. And the dance moves are SO clean!

    41. ShuJun Lee

      劉雨昕很厲害 能唱能跳 因為她 我也有關注這街5

    42. 5B-? Leysen Mamani Quispe

      Que hermosa está Xin Liu!! No puede creer que haya sacado un MV!! :3

    43. Róse

      Please SM make them perform this song on MAMA this year 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

      1. Hashima

        Yesssss 🔥🔥🔥

      2. YL077

        Sii porfavor 🙏🙏🙏

    44. Zhulin

      BoA in white: pure, refreshing yet powerful and confident. XIN in black: cool, neutral yet beautiful and capitative. Such satisfying collab!

      1. Kristen Li

        Visuals are insane!

      2. OHHH YES🔥🤣

        Here finally

    45. en xin

      yuxin 加油❤️

    46. Se Chae

      Please give Xin more support and love. She deserve so much better and recognition, she is an all rounded and potential artist. 💙


      Can’t stop coming back here Xin deserves to be recognised worldwide💙

      1. rdita pr.

        Yasss girll!

      2. Ruby

        Found ya

    48. exo_l&My&pink blood+ كريس وو عمكم

      I just don't understand why Korean people are mad lol this is a work of art what's wrong with you!?! 🤡

      1. निद्रालुजो SLEEPY JOE

        Koreans are racists

      2. Queen Matcha

        They just hate 🇨🇳🤦🏻‍♂️

    49. Loli Cy

      Everyone agrees that Boa is a genius and a full package artist, but can we talk about liu yuxin! She's AMAZING AND SO TALENTED!!😍😍👌🏻

      1. Loli Cy

        @winwin sree it's okay. Me too, I've known Xin since YWY and I've loved her ever since. But honestly, this is my first time seeing her and listening to her voice after YWY so i was surprised by how much she improved (even though she was already so talented).

      2. winwin sree

        I known Xin from YWY2. I really don’t know BoA, sorry l’m not a K-pop fan.

      3. Loli Cy

        @Shar Crisostimo YESSS

      4. Shar Crisostimo

        Liu Yuxin is 🔥🔥🔥

      5. Pruit srajak

        @TWICEPINK BIGGEST GROUPS what a coincidence that youre on yt again at the same time as over 10 other accs of yours, like every single day, despite introducing all of them with differenent races etc, living in completely different continents but you can ignore the timezones and all of your accs are on yt at the same time as every single day since over 2 years now

    50. Nenek Julid

      am I the only one attracted by Liu Yuxin powerful dance ? I repeat watching this song since yesterday, I try to read the lyrics but my eyes attention keep on Yuxin dance 😥😥

      1. ហួង ដារីយា៉ Dariya

        She’s so attractive 😭😭😭

      2. keyytxinmoo

        @Atchareeya Saisin yes. She's been into dancing since she was a little girl and been in a street dance world for a long time before she became an idol. her forte is popping but she can dance and slay in any genre ^^

      3. Atchareeya Saisin

        I think this is her strongest point besides her singing and other skills.

    51. 秩父宮家にある七輪


      1. 瑞瑞


      2. h t


      3. 穆凌 雷


    52. Clem

      I love you Liu Yuxin !!!

    53. zero kun

      Liu Yuxin!!!!! Awesome. Cool.

    54. vivairs LI

      劉雨昕是我認為中國第一唱跳歌手 跳舞唱功表演魅力完全不輸韓國人 雨昕能和寶兒合作真是大大的驚喜 太開心了 ~

    55. J Jumping

      보아양 오랜 팬인데 같이 부른 금발머리 여자분도 엄청 매력있네요~~~~~!!!!!!! 노래도 좋고 퍼포먼스도 좋아요

      1. Gao Um


    56. 정아마

      보아는큰잘못해도 10번은용서해주자... 멋잇다보아는~ 저중국가수너무매력터진다 너무멋잇다 노래한국어보다먼가중독적...

      1. Man Chiu

        Xin is amazing💙


      I hope yuxin gets the recognition she deserves outside of china through this song. My girl deserves worldwide popularity💙

      1. F F

        For real

    58. Alia Merc

      Yuxin, always give me surprise. Perfect dance perfect vocal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    59. 慕容雪

      XIN is a professional dancer and singer. She has been dancing popping for over ten years. LOVE THIS COLAB

    60. Kittyblueblue

      Stunning! Thank you SM for bringing this great collaboration and using creative technology to produce such amazing MV. Both Boa and Xin did a great job, vocal, dance and visual were all perfect. They are so beautiful, present two different beauty. Hope to see a live stage, please SM🙏🏼

    61. QuinnTheSuperStar

      Well Xin has a new fan now 💯

    62. Mari Heartfilia

      Me duele que este video solo tenga 2 millones de vistas Boa y Xin son espectaculares deberían de tener más vistas vamos que suban esas vistas porfavor!!!!!!

      1. Mat

        Se quedaron sin plata para ULTRA promocionar su mrd de cancion xd

      2. yobitzy

        Alguien sabe si la de negro tiene ig 😿? Y como aparece 😿😿

      3. May_23

        Sii verdad :( justo vengo a verlo de nuevo a ver cómo anduvo en Spotify

    63. C hailey

      류위신!! 2020 중국판 (여)프듀 센터로 데뷔한 가수에요!

    64. Geoff Cabrera

      i'm really thankful that BETTER has got another chance to shine even if it's in another language, THANK YOU XIN. BETTER is so underrated and deserves more views and likes. it's so catchy I still don't get why the Korean version has such little views and recognition 🥲

      1. sim Simi

        maybe because its a little mature not like other songs rn

      2. Hailie Wong

        I’m also looking forward to an English version of BETTER too. Am I being too greedy. 😌 This song is awesome.

      3. sukasuka akuaja

        @Achie no 1 korean MV on qq music now, trending on bilibili (China's youtube too)

      4. Jianing, Cathryn Xie

        Can’t agree more. I like the Korean version to start with and now also totally fall in love with this Chinese duet version❤I hope there could be an English version too!

      5. Johan

        @Aisu Koori wanna laugh about your stupid comment, she is queen of kpop and queen of asia, and she's the first to go international and paved the way to the others kpop idol, that's why all the idols are so respect to her, back then kpop is nothing compared to jpop, until she become so success in japan, and introduce kpop to the whole world

    65. suji

      합 좋네 원래의 Better도 충분히 훌륭하지만 색다르고 매력적이다

    66. RakBlack

      YUXIN, MARAVILHOSA DEMAIS!!! Não sei lidar com essa mulher perfeita!! Dona da minha vida!!!!

      1. Amanda Fagundes

        também ela é maravilhosa

      2. Ana clara Souto

        maravilhosa e perfeita

    67. avocado 🥑

      This is the first time I've ever heard of Xin and omg, I think I'm in love. She's so hot and charismatic, holy crap! 😍

      1. RJ KORE

        Ikr, do i have a girl crush or a boy crush...a sweet🤣

      2. hincha de dreamcatcher

        well i recommend you to check out her song Baby I Know, it has a fresh happy vibe. and also her song Of Course, it's sexy!! (dangerously dance)

      3. T R

      4. kuiperbelt

        Here's her channel with all music videos

      5. ww

        A stage for Xin:

    68. Mauru Ni

      First time I saw her. I immediately fell in love. XIN

    69. yoyoxin


      1. Malier UM

        @Alessio About 70M RMB

      2. Alessio

        how much pls?

      3. Xin Liu

        Physical karen haha

      4. OHHH YES🔥🤣

        Here finally

      5. keyytxinmoo

        Yes ma'am 😊🤧

    70. Art By Wendy

      Wow watching this mc gave me goosebumps. Unbelievable. They are like so tune! Even in different country.

    71. 왕점례

      너무 멋있다.. 아티스트도 댄서도 그리고 저런걸 기획하고 실행했다는거도 성공했다는거도 너무 멋있다 진짜

    72. Nenek Julid

      hhhmmm I keep replaying this song, and noticed about Liu Yuxin dance, I think her dancing style is uniq, I mean her dance is very sharp, details and powerful, where did she get that power.

      1. MEDA whootoamatokiss

        힘이라뇨? 그 다섯 살 난 아이유가 무얼 알고 할 수 잇겟습니까. 대략적인 감인 모스부호4278이겟죠

      2. Annn

        Hello~ actually she has been a popping dancer and she's been a street dancer since she was a teenager. She grew up in an environment of street dance and constant battles. She's also going to be the First Female Captain of Street Dance of China. She's most well known for her popping which is TOP NOTCH 💙

    73. Lulu Saputri

      Xinxin doing perfect on her work. Every single thing is perfecttt. I really really love her

    74. Jing Seven

      Liu Yuxin is a singer and dancer in China. She has written 14 songs in half a yearAnd one of the albums, called XANADU, has ten different kinds of dance music and MVS. In addition, she is the first female captain of street dance of china season 5.

      1. Maisnam Thailen

        Xin xin my wife😭😭😭😭😭😭 love you so so so much🤗🤗🤗🤗 ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

      2. OHHH YES🔥🤣

        Here finally



      4. Jing Seven

        @Amy Ortega Keran and Xin Liu didn't know each other until they participated in Youth with You.Keran and Marco Lin are a group before joining the program, but Xin Liu and Keran became a member of The 9 after the show ended, but Marco Lin didn't join them.

      5. lyx0420

        @Amy Ortega Yes, she was in YWY and debuted as the center of The9

    75. Northern Light

      I just watched Fourtry for the 3rd or 4th time and just looking for the video where Xin said "Liu Yu Xin-imnida" 'coz Chengcheng and Nana is teasing about that and I was shocked I found this collab! This is lit! Also please hope you'll watch Xin's performances she's great not only in being an idol/artist but she also has a great personality.

      1. Man Chiu


    76. C Y

      カッコよすぎて、鳥肌が止まらない♡ 大好きなユーシンとBoA様の美声のコラボ…最高です!

    77. ken

      BoA ♡

    78. ดา เอียง


    79. yvonne


      1. Ginger

        @심심한호랑이 為了雨昕來看這MV的好嗎 你以為每個人都喜歡Kpop 嗎?哪裡來的謎之自信笑死

      2. Ning Ning

        @심심한호랑이 不羡慕Kpop。你不喜歡可以,但請尊重任何一位人

      3. 심심한호랑이

        羡慕K pop吗?韩国人不喜欢boa和中国合作。不要比较, 和你们级别不一样, 给韩国多少钱?不要收买, 不应该发生这种情况的, 本来应该和日本歌手合作的…生气了.. 刘雨昕??? 是谁?不想知道..


      Xin Liuuu

    81. Joy Joy

      it's been weeks and I'm still watching this.. Really can't believe Xin collaborating with BoA under SM so proud of her💙

    82. Aas

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