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    aespa 에스파 'Next Level' MV ℗ SM Entertainment

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    1. 。◕‿◕。oyooo

      Let's make aespa more popular!! And having more fansssss!!! My😍

      1. heart

        @unnieee💖 deadass I hope that comment was a joke

      2. heart

        @d basically what they said

      3. Kang Gambling


      4. giah

        @unnieee💖 itzy 100%flop 0%vocal visual 1% rap0% talent 0% sp 9%

      5. giah

        @aysathul rameela !!”

    2. Nigel Sy

      어떤 에스파의 그때의 빋어요 애 사람 했어요!!!!!!!

    3. Sijeuni Saja

      Daebak girls

    4. exo_l&My&pink blood+ كريس وو عمكم

      The standard for mixpop songs

      1. exo_l&My&pink blood+ كريس وو عمكم

        @Jeon Yazen يب+ادعمي شيومين في ترسيمه المنفرد اذا قدرتي

      2. Jeon Yazen

        حبي انتي اكسوال

    5. فلسطينيهـ واأحـبكم🇵🇸

      No one can be like aespa.

    6. Rukia Kuchiki

      Next Level is trending in Twitter Next Level is the standard

      1. Hariram Gupta

      2. moonzomi

        @midoriya izuku Toxic nswer... Real nswers don't talk bad about other groups...

      3. Addy Rae

        @midoriya izuku loser 😭

      4. Albert Hahn

        the standard must be Mid af then

      5. Nadiah Najdi

        @midoriya izuku crying lol

    7. Geraldine Sanchez

      Y yo buscando la música q escuché en rápidos y furiosos hobbs y shaw y aquí esta! Esa joya de música no puede pasar desapercibido! Nice song!! ❤❤ por fin la encontré!!

    8. zeezuuzeezuu

      As the title, this song is Next Level. No matter how hard people makes songs like this, they can't compete.

    9. Merjilene Omali

      곧 3억이 될 거야

    10. Psycho Mantis

      𝙺𝚊𝚖𝚋𝚊𝚕 𝚋𝚊𝚝𝚘 𝚖𝚊𝚐𝚔𝚊𝚔𝚊𝚖𝚞𝚔𝚑𝚊

    11. dojae💫

      The transition is just so well done🤭 Next level u will always be famous...

      1. ريهام


      2. Malachi


      3. هشام او FD47


      4. Shawon Tutorial E.T L.E.T

        yes fact

      5. i like anime

        @Vince agreed

    12. Pradeep Vishwakarma

      AESPA changes it's song's beats and music, which is catchy..AESPA the 4th gen vocal queens!!! I WAS SHOCKED WHEN THE BEAT DROPPED...

    13. Jeonsoul♡

      Black mamba,next level and savage the holy Trinity 🛐 BEST GIRL GROUP AESPA ✨💫💜

    14. aespa - Girls

      Mys, παρακαλώ μην δίνετε σημασία στους haters είναι όλοι γελοίοι πεντάχρονα παιδάκια απλά. Γελάω 😂😂 Ας λένε ότι θέλουν. Εμείς τα Mys θα κάνουμε ότι κάνει και η aespa στους haters "μην δίνετε σημασία γιατί η ζωή είναι μικρή"

    15. abimanyu.

      its funny when nmixx drop a song we always come to here

      1. weaxy


      2. Malachi

        HAHAHAHAHA 🤔

      3. aespink #1 fan


      4. Queen Rinaa Yu

        Krazzzy hahahahha

      5. user N-@nd

        Love nmixx aespa😇

    16. malu

      I'm trying to sleep but everytime I close my eyes I hear Karina's voice singing "I'm on the Next Level Yeah"

      1. Jeandaniel Daniel

        aespa a volé les fans de itzy

      2. Z L

        I think it's time for you to see a psychiatrist.

      3. °•Powerpuff Girls•°

        O found my twin😅

      4. aysathul rameela

        Finally a comment section where's there is no toxic peoples and blinks who are supporting Aespa we respect u soo much 🥰🥰🥰🥰

      5. Rudy Nuruddin

        Is the story ends there? There’s must be a follow up like “ohsit, my bae is singing”

    17. Iago Lopes

      Isso é tão bomm

    18. w

      after every nmixx comeback i come here to remind myself of the blueprint

      1. Kimie김희진


    19. bella

      you will always be famous

    20. CMiner23

      Many k-pop groups have tried the beat-change concept but none of them comes close to what aespa and SM did. They're the blueprint!

      1. yugendhar senthilkumar

        @Ashdeep Sidashi i never asked them to outshine anyone, aespa indulging into more of live singing is more than enough for me.

      2. mork

        @yugendhar senthilkumar dont embarass urself bbygirl

      3. mork

        @Ashdeep Sidashi jyp already did w noise music dw

      4. Glendelle Joy Jalagat

        I got a boy by girls generation is the blueprint ya all

      5. Ashdeep Sidashi

        @yugendhar senthilkumar u should thank SM for not making Aespa sing live everytime..they would literally Outsing ur favs ( without even trying ).

    21. wendy pan

      Winter keeps surprising everyone, I mean she's not just beautiful but also talented as well.. the girl can perform like there's no tomorrow

      1. ♡Sniper Fox 나나♡

        @BLACKPINK is my TREASURE WELCOME o(〃^▽^〃)o

      2. sunhiee

        @Ashrafun Nahar "if æ members count" they don't, stop ruining it

      3. sunhiee

        @Ashrafun Nahar don't ruin it

      4. someone who don't love u -

        @Jennie's maid 💓🖤 no!!! u are blind for sure! Aespa have unique concept, unique vocals and raps, unique personalities, unique style and fashion style, unique songs and not the same beat like blackpink! And thanks for calling them Queens we all know that!!! STOP being so obsessed with aespa brooooo go watch ur girls not our QUEENS!!! Hahahah embarrassing

      5. Allen Wu

        dunno bout that

    22. WinterMyUniverse

      Beat drop!!

    23. msbx

      The impact of NEXT LEVEL is clearly seen 🤭 Still one of the best experimental song out there

      1. Glendelle Joy Jalagat

        Girl’s generation’s i got a boy was the experiment 😅

      2. Laila Fitri

        @wikiwiki the song was bought by SM

      3. Bang Bang

        @Rafael Andy "who aespa" Says the person who searched up next level and clicked on the song Lmao

      4. wikiwiki

        @ianciab1 lol alot grouo tried to copy aespa? Do u think next level is their original song? No 😂 wake up

      5. banah

        I love both groups but jyp just made it WAY TOO OBVIOUS. Still don't hate on the girls yall it's not their fault

    24. Lucas Daniel Berdejo Maciel

      Las reinas de la 4 generacion

    25. JungsLily

      Aespa transitions are so smooth, others can't relate

      1. winter forever

        @lisadeokie so should i jump or dance?🤡

      2. lisadeokie

        @winter forever haewon and lily support C5 consistently

      3. winter forever

        @lisadeokie you can only dream lmaoo

      4. lisadeokie

        @winter forever and yet lily and even haewon outsing niningning lol

      5. lisadeokie

        @EXO-L Nctzen My idk if ur being serious but if you are they are kpop gg under jyp

    26. cc

      "We don't dare to win first place, we just want to improve ourselves." - Karina

      1. The fear files

        @Oopsie Vega Snsd had remake song in their discorgraphy ( song called girls generation, Dancing Queen ) RDR is not remake Kesha version was just demo

      2. Martha Angelina

        @hanatake no, i'm never saying ppl in our fandom, just *ppl* pls, be clever. Oh! Sorry, u can't be clever. Bcz ur faves just a plagiarism thing huhu

      3. hanatake

        @Martha Angelina as if ppl in ur fandom are all innocent! What a joke

      4. Martha Angelina

        @hanatake it's better be a loser than a toxic fandom ups👄

      5. hanatake

        @Martha Angelina btch is just obsessed with talking about ps!🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 as expected from a loser fandom🥴

    27. Mariana Garcia

      Pinché rolon espectacular, cuando creo que ya lo e superado viene e invade de nuevo mi cabeza

    28. maeve leen

      i really had to listen to this again

    29. Deej Keithan

      I think it's funny that there are people who don't like Aespa. I have no idea what is wrong with those people. Aespa songs are awesome. Aespa is awesome.

      1. blackpink lisa 🥳

        @WinterMyUniverse aespa haters is just jealous lol hating on the girls at every move when its the others they are safe lmao say that its because MYS is toxic while every fandom is on aespa since debut others group has toxic fans but they say not hate the group but the toxic fans but when its aespa its deserved because theirs fandom is toxic lol haters know the power of aespa in the future and they are afraid they took to see aespa floped every gesture of aespa is monitored

      2. WinterMyUniverse

        they don't like the fact that Aespa can surpass the popularity of their idol (gen3) or their idol (gen4) can't get what Aespa got, that's why they hate Aespa blindly. and i think they will stay like that forever

    30. Clementine

      Still, NO ONE beats Next Level of aespa. One of the best experimental songs of SM. Just smooth and chill. Even the way they edit their groups' music videos. SM is always advanced, experimental, and screams high quality. Their group concept is usually unpredictable. Bottomline, SM is indeed the father of kpop. Yes, the blueprint!

      1. someone who don't love u -

        @Aderesky Amalia just read the first comment again! He/she said "one of the best"... So I don't know why u have to bring here groups..

      2. someone who don't love u -

        @Aderesky Amalia still bring them here... dummy

      3. Aderesky Amalia

        @someone who don't love u - i say aespa music is same with their sunbaenim. That's wrong? I think no. They're same agency.

      4. Aderesky Amalia

        @someone who don't love u - Why did u so negative thinking? I don't compare them ugh.

      5. someone who don't love u -

        @Aderesky Amalia bro then why are u bring them here?? This is aespa not GG!

    31. selle

      This is the most superior come back in 4th gen last year I mean,NL don't have a any show wins but y'all this song SWEEP ALL THE AWARD'S,the impact of this song made is unbelievable

      1. Indurekha Tekcham

        @LEE HYUNJAE IS THE BEST MAN I'm sorry who??

      2. Stacy htf

        @selle exactly

      3. Cici Shan

        Please, streaming too

      4. Ashrafun Nahar

        @LEE HYUNJAE IS THE BEST MAN one knows ur hyunjae here 🤣🤣so go spread hate at another place

      5. moon taeil vs music industry

        @Joshua Kim Next Level was just a digital single. Physical points are included in the criteria that’s why it didn’t won any music show win. It still won Song of the Year and other major awards from the biggest music award shows tho

    32. Ning Ning Mariposa

      quedé impactada con la chica de fuego

    33. Popol n Kupa

      I think if Nmixx comeback, kpop fans will come here to watch Next Level 😂😂 Its already happen since Nmixx debut, aespa must be lucky Nmixx do that concept 😂🤣

      1. winter forever


      2. Rahma _


    34. D H Y

      Aespa is them cant be two. And next level always be a masterpiece

    35. ⇮ æluvieyou ⇮

      "Next Level" (480 days) is now the 4th longest charting Girl Group song on MelOn Daily Chart Top 100 history, surpassing TWICE's "Cheer Up" (479 days).

      1. ICU

        Congratulations, aespa and MYs!

      2. ICU


    36. Jane


      1. Gomoku_aeOT4MYs

        @Satya Wahyu post lagi komen lu.tdi lu mdam kan skarang lu post lagi

      2. Gomoku_aeOT4MYs

        @Satya Wahyu lu mau bilang terserah the next level not same like u said aston.....wakkaka..niat bnget lu bocah

      3. Satya Wahyu

        @Gomoku_aeOT4MYs harus tkut sama siapa ??? kagak ngapain tkut woii org emang benar kan 😀, wkwkwkw

      4. Gomoku_aeOT4MYs

        @Satya Wahyu ngapain lu mdam komen nya

      5. Satya Wahyu

        @Gomoku_aeOT4MYs kan bener wakk 😭

    37. CMiner23

      Came here to clean my ears after hearing that song


      Still, no one can beat Next Level's experimental style. Top-tier to all experimental songs.

    39. aespa - Girls

      Mys, παρακαλώ μην δίνετε σημασία στους haters είναι όλοι γελοίοι πεντάχρονα παιδάκια απλά. Γελάω 😂😂 Ας λένε ότι θέλουν. Εμείς τα Mys θα κάνουμε ότι κάνει και η aespa στους haters "μην δίνετε σημασία γιατί η ζωή είναι μικρή"

    40. Nur Jamaliyah j


    41. Meliana Dewi

      Yuk 100M cepetannn biar cepet dance practice company version nya

      1. bercita-cita menjadi kapiten

        1.5 jt lagi menuju 100jt

      2. Nabilah Najwa

        Semangat semua

      3. Handhyaa


      4. nano •Δ


      5. jungwon’s dimples

        2M lagii !

    42. Trange 💙

      Aespa best artist 💕

      1. Rahma _


    43. athena

      this song will be forever iconic

    44. Lawrence Nenio, Jr

      Visuals of the girls, they are so beautiful and sexy. The music is so catchy that I find myself watching the MV multiple times a week. I'll be waiting to see more of their new MV's on KZsection.

      1. ae 💜

        Thank you for supporting aespa and their musics

    45. Lea

      aespa es el único grupo que puede hacer música experimental sin fallar en el intento

      1. someone who don't love u -

        @임래빈 problem? the leave... It's a fact not throwing shade..

      2. Aespa blackpink

        @임래빈 and?

      3. 임래빈

        throwing shade, i see

      4. YL077


    46. B P

      Black Mamba: *Dancing Era* Forever: *Vocals Era* Next Level: *Rap Era*

      1. aespink #1 fan

        @neo Still better than you stup!d

      2. Niraj Sawant


      3. Maria Eduarda

        @neo your username said fake toxic blink,not facts.

      4. Maria Eduarda

        @neo how old are you? 12? 10?

      5. Maria Eduarda

        @neo Sorry, this is not your place to speak. Go see BLACKPINK instead of wasting time complaining about ITZY and aespa.

    47. Gerson Manuyama

      Esto es perfección

    48. saniavg.

      gak ada bosen bosen nya dengerin lagu lagu aespa( ◜‿◝ )♡

    49. NotYourMomma

      I love Nmixx, but JYP did them dirty (again) so I came here to clean my ears. *ps already listened to DICE many times still dont get it* Hoping AESPA will make songs like this again.

    50. lili the valley

      I know next level is iconic but I never expect that next level will make other agency make a group and song that look like next level...interesting

      1. Bang Bang

        @Yoo Jeongyeon tbf IGAB is amazing too. But I feel like NL made it popular in 4th gen.

      2. martha

        @Hoes Mad babe since when did boy groups do songs that switch up mid song like this……???? that’s never almost happened before 🤨

      3. Bharti Sawant338

        Jype is just wasting their talent at this point. Their new song is worst than o.o

      4. Mohamad Husaini

        @Ali Baba we don't talk about that. We talk about Next Level by aespa

      5. Aespa blackpink

        @Marie-L nmixx

    51. 。◕‿◕。oyooo

      Last year aespa already get so much hate...and now...😏...we fight back...aespa the most unique group!! Let's make bm nl and savage 300m!

      1. Iyah Maryamah

      2. عاشقة { ايسبا } 💌


      3. Tiffany

        calling them "unique" when they literally plagiarized many artists like kda avatar concept and black mamba concept

      4. æ


      5. riku

        @e4n on top.....

    52. 몰바!

      이게 진정한 믹스곡이지 역시 유행의 선두자 스엠

    53. HANNA

      Aespa is on the next level!

    54. Stream Girls, Savage, Next Level and Black Mamba

      Goals to be achieved before 2022 ends. - Next Level 300M - Girls 150M - Black Mamba 250M - Savage 230M - DCT 100M - Life's Too Short 55M - Forever 51M

    55. October Rain

      ซาวด์โครตดี สุดยอด เพลงนี้ควรได้ยอดวิวมากกว่านี้ !

    56. Tayyabah Saeed

      Aespa and Nct slaying the experimental music

      1. Ashdeep Sidashi

        @Bianca Cestaro yesss..pls stre3m 2 baddies and vote for NCT 127. I can't believe we lost to IVE

      2. Kk Xaqic

        Bro fx exo rv too. Fx is made for the experimental music. That's y sm named them as "fx". More like f(x).mathematical format. U can put whatever to the X.and fx always gave a great outcome. Exo too.koko bop. Legendary tempo. And obsession. Rv has most iconic experimental. But i admit that nct has a lot of experimental stuff. It's a sm thing.

      3. Bianca Cestaro

        Yaaass support 2 baddies please I don’t accept losing to JYP’s aneurism music wasting nmixx talent

      4. Ashdeep Sidashi

        SM Things

      5. Gomoku_aeOT4MYs


    57. paul poskus

      Hey much better than the Orginal. Crazy

      1. someone who don't love u -

        fact: Even the original creator said it's better!

    58. Chukhu Tatek

      Next level - dance Forever - vocals Savege - rap

      1. jino

        Black mamba dance

    59. Belfit Official


    60. K-POP stan

      Ningning and Winter’s vocals and Karina and Giselle’s rap in this song are no joke, They are indeed monster rookies.

      1. Loonahater3001

        i made it 666

      2. Ana Lucía


      3. Powerpuffgurls

        @Cherylene Chan agree

      4. Cherylene Chan

        they aren't rookies at this point, they are queens

    61. Cchouette_H H

      my favorite music❤😂❤❤

      1. Rahma _


    62. karina

      the blueprint

    63. blackpink lisa 🥳

      No one do like next level

    64. Aespa Noenoe

      Let go 300M

    65. ayekhine kyaw

      Aespa is Aespa. There can't be two.

      1. pancake

        @ihavaepotaetoe🍊 don’t hate on them. The more hate we give them the more we get

      2. Winter

        @ihavaepotaetoe🍊 no reason to hate on blackpink either ??? you're just as bad as they are

      3. ihavaepotaetoe🍊

        @Nahida azhar high quality plastic: lisa and rose

      4. ihavaepotaetoe🍊

        @Nahida azhar haters keep hate Aespa keep growing😏 Stay bitter😂

      5. ihavaepotaetoe🍊

        @Milky and Cookie Play! bc ur too young to understand kid you should go back to ur momma and cry

    66. Salam Salam

      Queen aespa

    67. Hokaidosama


    68. Júpiter ꕤ

      300m before 2nd anniversary, let's go MYs

    69. Nguyễn Boutrous

      Come here to clean my ears again

      1. Gabriela Llano


      2. chamcham


    70. kél


    71. V

      red hair really suits ningning. she was so insane in this era🔥

    72. Run Bulletproof

      Let's hype the upcoming paris fashion week for aespa


      Love you aespa

    74. renjun huang

      next level you will always be famous

    75. ella

      i remember when this song came out and most people didn’t like it but now it’s stuck in everyone’s head

      1. Sandzisile Tsabedze

        @ella yes

    76. RV, æspa, Girls' Generation, f(x), SES

      I'm fascinated by aespa's talent because of how k-pop imitates them and how k-pop industry has also experimented with their sound structure. Please help this SM group aespa achieve world form.

      1. winter forever


      2. L8 User

        MY aespa ruling k-pop✨🖤

      3. RV, æspa, Girls' Generation, f(x), SES

        aespa: Changed K-pop industry moment to their way. Oops FACTS!

    77. Phyoe Phyoe Nilar

      I can't believe these little girls sing such unique songs. Really appreciate these girls for their great songs.

      1. ICU

        Thank you for appreciating their songs and aespa

    78. Shann Mckaye Sañol

      no one can outdo the doer

      1. Gomoku_aeOT4MYs

        just enjoy music

    79. Ashdeep Sidashi

      Only SM know how to make the best experimental songs

    80. Jostel Niya

      I am a Nctzen but I really like this song.......Fighting Mys!!!! Lots of thanks to all who support Mys......

      1. qminari

        Hi nctzen :)

      2. Jostel Niya

        @Mohamad Husaini Fighting!!💜💚

      3. Mohamad Husaini

        Thanks sunbae. We'll also stream to Nct songs. Pink Blood fighting

      4. Jostel Niya

        @Mahi Myzen😍

      5. Mahi

        I m also a nctzen but now my also.

    81. Elle l Manda - IG @eysheeee_🐇🥕

      Iconic dance

    82. ae 💜

      aespa best girls

    83. aenct

      Next level la mejor canción

    84. lovy

      Top notch as always

    85. QYZ

      When the whole group can be main vocalists, main dancers , main rappers and visuals

      1. JOMARI: K-pop Covers

        and main rapper

      2. hi_ppaolo

        That is SM’s power


        *AESPA* is my inspiration!! My mom said that if I got 30k Likes on my new song!! She definitely buy me a professional mic!! *Begging you GUYS!!* Please...I LOVE OU! I'M NOT LYING! PLS!.

    86. æ


      1. Gomoku_aeOT4MYs


    87. cznnie29

      Masih Kecanduan "I'M on The Next Levelll"

    88. Red Velvet

      This song Never get old !Aespa are on the Next level !2022🎉

      1. Mey Rrou



      Many of company want to try replicate this masterpiece but failed

    90. karina

      black mamba - dancing queens forever - vocal queens next level - rap queens

      1. Khushi Singh

        @ramen noodles u are just jealous mate so leave

      2. Jaepeach

        @Corrine so what?

      3. Corrine

        A group of unrealistic face with too much plastic surgery

      4. AJ1

        Let’s change that Next Level - *All-rounder Queens*

      5. Nilza Azhany . .

    91. todayis_wendy^^

      The song that started 4th gen

      1. no blacktwice no life


    92. ae 💜


    93. Cynthia IYAGBAYE

      Cannot stop watching this mv, my love for this girls 😘

    94. piaw


    95. Nita Prasad

      Black mamba- everyone is the main dancer in aespa Forever- everyone is the main vocalist in aespa Next level - everyone is the rapper in aespa

    96. æ

      biggest hit of 4th generation

    97. Pattt


    98. Jafar replace naevis

      Someone tell Karina on bubble if she dress up for Halloween...tell her to wear naevis costume

    99. Musketeer

      Next Level snatched everyone's wigs.

    100. Esmeralda Rose

      This song is so different and not the same generic song in kpop. They didn’t even follow the usual structure of a song. This is just revolutionary

      1. NCTzen on that Glitch Mode Hey, Hey

        @rawr they literally make the song better, they make it 10 times more interesting.

      2. Yudha Setiawan

        @I’m Reet not remake, SM bought this song

      3. waizoo

        Delete emoji!

      4. rawr

        yea because the song is just next level form fast & furious, they bought the song