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    1. rey

      i can literally say that they would be popular and successful. haters are scared.

      1. Human

        @Fatoumata Ceesay You were never a blink you were a blonk 😚

      2. Human


      3. Human

        @Jisoo YA stfu blonk

      4. tinaheyyo

        @Jisoo YA no wonder bp always get so many hates , its bcs blonk lmao

      5. Ritu Ale

        I'm so afraid of blinks coz they can't saw someone is growing. That's why I can't give gurantee that they will became popular.

    2. Ini Aku

      Cerita black mamba kan udah tutup buku. Kira2 nanti konsep comebacknya apa yaa? 😍

    3. Queen Rinaa Yu

      Happy 4M everyone, aespa jjang!

    4. cznnie29

      Best Debut Song

    5. MoneyPlayz

      나는 계속하고 열심히 일하는 것을 좋아합니다! or i love this u go girls!

    6. happy girl

      Winter is my bias wrecker. The long wait is over. Aespa is heeeeereee

      1. ga .

        @happy girl same

      2. diorjisoo

        same ningning bias

      3. Manuela Congo

        @Soflyah Siregar Ioyu

      4. jcklx

        Me too

      5. ♡Sniper Fox 나나♡

        Mine is Ningning & bias wrecker is Karina

    7. jess

      Black mamba maior single de todos !

    8. hot_ edits

      Best debut song

    9. رضا فؤاد

      Best debut song

    10. liya

      keren banget 🤩🤩

    11. Danielle M

      Karina looks like she's been poisoned by the Black Mamba. Also, the mv is so pretty? SM really shined with this one and Ningning's vocals? Amazing. Chef's kiss. Mwah.

      1. michelle catayas

        yess.. Ningning is serving us vocals

      2. Li

        what's the Black Mamba omg

      3. MILÃO

        yes she is

    12. beRis Love

      У эспа был отличный дебют!

    13. akhmad afif2911

      MV debut terbaik Lagu debut terbaik Konsep debut terbaik

    14. eso q

      Es el mejor debut

    15. Clary love

      Este si fue un gran debut

    16. le trang

      Cutest things in the world: Winter's voice Giselle when she dance Karina's face Ningning's smile

      1. Sunita Sharma

        Can't agree more

      2. malika andina

        yes ningning smile so beautiful!

      3. le trang

        @mary.cheredko yup

      4. mary.cheredko

        Giselle’s dance¿

    17. 시리


    18. Kim Jamily Sun

      Black Manba o MV mais icônico do aespa amooooi

    19. beRis Love

      Маи, в этом году будет 2 года этому клипу! А тут даже 300 миллионов нет! Где сила фандома?!

    20. Nguyễn Duy Khương

      Dreams come true MV hay nhất AESPA tôi từng nghe. Hãy tích cực nghe MV này hơn nữa

    21. lu

      definitivamente uno de los mejores debuts del kpop, REINAS

      1. Pony Salvaje


    22. eso q

      Vamos por los 300 millones!!!!

    23. lovy

      Hoping for the next comeback will be a fun time for mys and aespa.

    24. Davis

      La primera vez que escuché los gruñidos me asusté hay varios pero siempre me cae de sorpresa en el minuto 2:32 😅 el video me encanta 🎉 ❤aespa❤

    25. I LOVE NCT 💚AE§PA🖤

      I like it black mamba🐍😄 And aespa jadi girl grup baru favorite aku 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍

    26. oikawaii toru

      black mamba will never be the worst debut song y'all wanted to be.

      1. mel

        @𝗦𝗮𝗻𝗮♪ Chola mais

      2. Stranger

        @NICK lmao they didn't disband. They are still twice

      3. Starevluv

        @𝗦𝗮𝗻𝗮♪ then why are you here listening to it? Obsessed much?

      4. Jin’s windshield laugh blown me away !!!!!

        @NICK why are you hating on twice now....

      5. Itzel Ayala

        @𝗦𝗮𝗻𝗮♪ shut up once toxic

    27. apjlaurie

      영원히 상징적 인

    28. コーヒーゼリー

      I'm addicted 끊임없이 말을 걸어주는 나의 에스파 이런 교감 너의 존잰 날 다른 차원으로 이끌었지 난 세상 중심에 You're in the FLAT 내 모든 Action 어린 너의 힘을 키워 넌 언젠가부터 SYNK out 노이즈같이 보여 더 이상 못 찾겠어 널 유혹해 삼킨 건 Black Mamba Ma Ma Ma Mamba Woo oh oh Ma Ma Ma Mamba Oh eh o eh o 넌 광야를 떠돌고 있어 (Aya ya ya ya ya ya) 나의 분신을 찾고 싶어 (Aya ya ya ya ya ya) Hey Ma Mamba I hate Ma Ma Ma Mamba Hate Ma Ma Ma Mamba I'm ejected 선함 만으론 너의 거대함을 이기지 못해 I'm exhausted 너의 존잰 모든 탐욕들을 먹고 자라 났지 에스파는 나야 둘이 될 수 없어 Monochrome to colors 이건 Evo Evolution Oh 위험한 장난을 쳐 매혹적이지만 널 부정할 밖에 모든 걸 삼켜버릴 Black Mamba Ma Ma Ma Mamba Woo oh oh Ma Ma Ma Mamba Oh eh o eh o 넌 광야를 떠돌고 있어 (Aya ya ya ya ya ya) 네게 맞서 난 질 수 없어 (Aya ya ya ya ya ya) Hey Ma Mamba 거울 속의 나는 네가 아닐까? 일그러져버린 환영인 걸까? 다시 너와 연결될 수 있다면 너를 만나고 싶어 이제 모든 걸 삼켜버릴 Black Mamba Ma Ma Ma Mamba Woo oh oh Ma Ma Ma Mamba Oh eh o eh o 넌 광야를 떠돌고 있어 (Aya ya ya ya ya ya) 네게 맞서 난 질 수 없어 (Aya ya ya ya ya ya) Hey Ma Mamba

    29. ae 💜

      I hope they bring back this colorful set for the next comeback

    30. Emi chan


    31. rana

      i swear they're so pretty and even though i'm not a fan of beat drops, the choreo for it is so cool. aespa 2021 roty !!

      1. Diane Elle

        Ikr. The beat drop is so satisfying..

      2. SMALL Youtuber

        @jeslyn they will brokke it

      3. pinkblood 💗

        @jeslyn let's go... fighting

      4. Andrea Palen

        Hi, can you watch my Short Dance Cover Aespa “Black Mamba”? thanks!!

      5. Love Sweet 💖Help! Thanks!💖

    32. EXOL & MY

      Congratulations for 4M likes

    33. crisallee tañedo

      4th gen queens ♥️👑

    34. Esra Bayram

      Best debut song

    35. Johnny Stann

      no olviden de darle like

    36. DaDa Vlog

      I really appreciate with Ningning high note. And all of them are stunning.

      1. LOOK AT ME

        'Badly Perform AESPA On Concert' "YOU MUST KNOW IT"

      2. 8d Ferra

        8d ver

    37. MYsKarina

      Love youuu aespa

    38. David Burgos Roura

      best debut song

    39. darkangel


    40. w_w

      best debut song👑

    41. ismais

      When the whole group can be main vocalists, main dancers, visuals and i think almost everyone can be rappers.

      1. Cute


      2. Mama Aidah

        Dear SM family !!!! don't forget tomorrow (23rd Nov) NCT U 90's love MV drop at 6pm KST in SMTOWN yt channel. STREAM !!!!

      3. DOM

        @juyeon lover if you want to, do it, but be aware that there are people that won't listen to you or will reply with very mean comments towards you, so be ready because what I wrote will be taken with a laugh because people can't understand what internet actually is

      4. NR

      5. juyeon lover

        @DOM can i copy to reply to haters comment?

    42. aespaontop

      Best debut song

      1. no blacktwice no life


    43. Débora Mujica♡BTS♡

      4M de likes ♡ Felicidades chicas ♡

    44. kossoema

      ini lagu gaada lawan sih menurut gue, lagu debut terbaik di gen 4!!!

    45. aespa - Girls

      Mys, παρακαλώ μην δίνετε σημασία στους haters είναι όλοι γελοίοι πεντάχρονα παιδάκια απλά. Γελάω 😂😂 Ας λένε ότι θέλουν. Εμείς τα Mys θα κάνουμε ότι κάνει και η aespa στους haters "μην δίνετε σημασία γιατί η ζωή είναι μικρή"

    46. Tanned Haechan


      1. hutan meme

        [ULTRA SMOOTH] aespa 에스파 'Black Mamba' MV 60fps

      2. Batu Hak


    47. aespa - Girls

      Mys, παρακαλώ μην δίνετε σημασία στους haters είναι όλοι γελοίοι πεντάχρονα παιδάκια απλά. Γελάω 😂😂 Ας λένε ότι θέλουν. Εμείς τα Mys θα κάνουμε ότι κάνει και η aespa στους haters "μην δίνετε σημασία γιατί η ζωή είναι μικρή"

    48. Ultimate Game

      Nice song.

    49. Gabriela Vieira

      Amo minhas meninas

    50. Trange 💙

      Black mamba best song Aespa best group

    51. 기민장강아지

      MYs!!!!!! Our girls are nominated for Gaon Music Chart Award. This award is only counted for digital data not including vote and physical sales.... So please stream the MV more MYs. Our girls have great chance to win this award. Keep streaming and don't forget to vote on SMA app. Let's forget about the gap . Let's just do what we can do for the girls. Fighting MYs . Let's make 2021 a great year for our girls and us.

      1. 기민장강아지

        @Tiara Zamroni I am voting for the girls with all my accounts dear but the gap keep decreasing.. We need to focus more T_T

      2. Tiara Zamroni


      3. faeze sh

        @Eli Minjeong_ah i didnt say they would flop. i just say they would not be number1:(

      4. Eli Minjeong_ah

        @faeze sh babe there is NO SM Artist that becomes FLOP from first Gen till now so calm down lmao:) Only SM Artist got a lot of Royalties name in K-pop "Honorific Tittles" BOA- Queen of K-pop, TVXQ Emperor of K-pop, SUJU King of Hallyu Wave, SNSD Nation's Girl Group, SHINee Prince's of K-pop, EXO Nation's Pick, RV Nation's Representative Group and hopefully NCT and aespa will make their names in K-pop industry also just like there seniors:) Lastly they're making music for us My's not for achievements okayyy?

      5. faeze sh

        @Eli Minjeong_ah ah ok but do you think their achievements will continue?? i mean ygngg + big hit ngg are coming so so powerfully and im really nervous that aespa wont have a chance to be a top gg...i dont wanna see them underrated and dont wanna see their talent waste just because of bh ang yg ngg..i know yg and bh ngg are ver very know i dont wanna see aespa being like rv in comparison to twice and bp.rv did great but they were underrated in comparison to twice and bp.i wanna see aespa being like snsd in 2nd gen being queen of the girl groups in their own gen..but i see in kpop predictions pages that most predict number 1 will be yg ngg nmuber 2 will be bh ngg and then aespa!just like disappointed

    52. serendyy Pity

      No matter what happen I still support them and love them - my favorite girl group ever

    53. C

      best debut ever

    54. Blink

      #aespa #æspa #BlackMamba

    55. jendeugi

      i will rewatch all aespa mv because i miss them 🥺🤞

    56. josh

      even if you dont like this song...its still iconic luvs

      1. Giant Keh

        @SunRise 1q

      2. Olive

        OMG SAME

      3. SunRise

        Exactly, this is just about everyone’s type of music tho.

    57. - Babi !

      aespa as maiores

    58. x_stiven_pro_x


    59. Phyo San

      Debut song is amazing. Strong voice&best performance. Aespa😍

    60. beRis Love

      Эспа очень харизматичны

    61. M

      aespa fans ignore the hate, they are kpop antis, i am blink and bp received so much hate and look where they are now - so big, so just stream, vote and suport your faves and ignore haters

      1. Maulana Rifky Fahreza Alsevilla

        thank youu

      2. LKR0

        This group is better than aespa

      3. ꪖꫀડρꪖ᭙ꪗꪀ᥊

        Thank youuu

    62. serendyy Pity

      aespa is the most popular 4thgen girl group in south korea - Proud to be MYs

    63. pina_heng

      Happy 4M likes for Black Mamba Happy 100M views for Girls Congratulation Mys. Love you and keeo going

    64. Echan-Tan


    65. æAlasca


    66. Tahajudd Lover

      They are the whole package everyone got a killer part and winter’s vocals were really strong giving me Jessica and Tiffany vocals.

      1. wan ifti

        TRUEE AFFF

      2. minah bang

        True af! Sobs my hearts

      3. Putri Sion Manalu

        @The Instigator ningning?

      4. Tahajudd Lover

        @cats the blonde one

      5. moonlight

        Popular opinion→AESPA QUEEN

    67. leticia.


    68. AxYz

      Best concept debut

    69. Ten Chitapphon

      Padahal udah sering denger & ngeliat loh... tapi masih suka heran sama MV ini... beneran WAAAHHHHH😭😭❤❤❤❤

    70. Banda Putri


    71. ae-czennie

      aespa, 데뷔 뮤직비디오 2억 돌파를 미리 축하드립니다!! 우리 MY는 항상 당신을 위해 최선을 다할 것입니다! 우리는 너를 너무 사랑해!

    72. AxYz

      Winter cantik banget di era ini

    73. Yến Anh

      I get goosebump every single time it comes to NingNing’s high note. Baby you’re amazingggg

      1. 정진

        your mom ~

    74. Jocelyn Kaur

      I like this song so much 🥰🥰🥰

    75. sparklyramen

      the visuals are crazy. aespa and their team never fails - this is gorgeous. 🛐💖

      1. ستاي . ماي للابد ♠️


    76. kpop multistan

      Another group to stan. I like how everyone was waiting for their debut even haters

      1. Nisa Annisa

        Baby Winter Aespa ♥

      2. Star Areeba go

        ESPECIALLY HATERS Theywere ready before debut lol

      3. Various songs↗↗

      4. big hit labels

        الرئيس الأمريكي جوبايدن يغني بلعربي مبروك مبروك🤣ا

      5. BLackpink Fans

        الرئيس الأمريكي جوبايدن يغني بلعربي مبروك مبروك🤣

    77. Park Baekhyun

      keren banget ini girl group woy😭😭🔥🔥

    78. 01z MEme

      Never old all aespa songs and I hopefully aespa will still performances all songs with full Energy away

      1. ae 💜


    79. milky way

      Love this song so much

    80. ferdinand marcos

      impresionante vídeo musical ❤️

    81. ᄏGulya

      Karina-my love. NingNing-my princess. Winter-my life. Giselle-my baby.

      1. hey missy you're so fine

        @Hannah Wu you're calling me rude when you're calling other people "idiots with stupid turkey brain". Work on yourself before even talking to me with your horrible grammar honey.

      2. sonds m ...... .

    82. Clara 81

      Best debut

    83. ♡Sniper Fox 나나♡

      I really love this song, i never got bored listening to it. Aespa & MYs don't care about these haters, they are just jealous

    84. beRis Love

      Продолжаем стримить клип!

    85. Iry

      The best debut song!!!!

    86. Winter

      Congratulations to aespa on winning 'Female Rookie of the Year' at the 2021 Brand of the Year awards!

      1. adila

        @Its_sofiaaaa first i dont know what did he write but i know he wrote something bad saying bp is better but you are not sending hate to blackpink but it is nothing with them it is not their wrong one comeback in 1 yeqr it is yg’s so even he/she was wrong your making a wrong as well with hating bp for his/her comment when bp dont have anything with that

      2. Mona Madonna


      3. ashlynn 💭🎧

        @Agust D shut up

      4. Streamer Kpop

        @jen ツ huh okay sorry ...

      5. jen ツ

        @Streamer Kpop the person was dumb for commenting that but please use a different argument then the daeseng. most people who bring it up don’t even know the requirements to win one which is to have a full album. blackpink recently released their first one.

    87. daddy chen

      AESPA CURRENT MV VIEWS Black Mamba - 232.6M Forever - 49.9M Next Level - 245.2M Savage - 215.1M Dreams Come True - 87.8M Life's Too Short - 48.5M Girls - 99.7M

    88. only love can hurt like this

      aespa jjang!

    89. EXO-L Nctzen My

      Best debut

    90. daisy flowes

      happy 4M likes

    91. p sk

      this is more like just Introducing Song. there is much more to come. seriously looking forward to their journey

      1. Kimmy

        @Alexray Stolyar oh no.

      2. Alexray Stolyar

        Yass, let's all be ready coz there's a rumor SM are adding 3 more members and one of them is the popular trainee Helen.

      3. p sk

        just to show how powerful ÆSPA is with all these mass dislike and hate replies 😂

      4. ⛅ sulliver

    92. Irene Rv

      I love Aespa so much!!! Aespa Jjang

    93. JTV Originals


      1. Kimie김희진


      2. ♡Sniper Fox 나나♡


      3. kirkman

        All kpop Fans are so cringe and pathetic

    94. Lea

      4M QUEENS

    95. марк

      Лучший дебют 4 поколения 😉

    96. Girl Who is SM stan Aespa, EXO, NCT, Red Velvet


      1. Renato Almeida

        @Lazily preparing my audition for SMTOWN com 8uo6oi

      2. Lazily preparing my audition for SMTOWN

        stan æspa guys you won’t regret it!

      3. Tricia Honey Pepito

        I just listened to this song (not a fan) and it's already stuck in my head ...

      4. CyberVinLouis

        I agree. I didn't like it at first but now it just can't get out of my head. Lol

      5. stan talented idols

        yeeees this is literally me

    97. Han Bomii


    98. Phyoe Phyoe Nilar

      Slowly and slowly, I'm getting addicted to aespa and their songs.

    99. Belajar masak

      Love you ae

    100. Zyna Jevkaya

      Ter legend sih debut nyaaa aespa